Fun - Big Trees & Word Cloud

History and genealogy can get a little dry, and even stuffy. So these pages are an attempt to be a little light-hearted. This page is an index of the biggest trees in Chickasaw County, and this link will take you to a Word Cloud of the county's surnames.

The source of this tree information is the 2003 publication Big Trees in Iowa. The 5 trees listed were the biggest trees of their species in the state as of 2003.

We would love to add additional information to this section, including other fun lists, photos of trees and other characteristics of Chickasaw County. Please feel free to contact your county coordinator at the link above.

Big Tree in Cemetery

Species / Year NominatedCircumferenceHeightSpreadOwnerLocation
Rock Elm 19926 ft., 2 in.73 ft.39 ft.Howard's Woods2 miles northwest of Nashua at 2555 Addison Ave.
Nannyberry 19953 ft.31 ft.25 ft.David & Toni KerkoveNew Hampton
Choke Cherry 19951 ft., 4 in.28 ft.14 ft., 5 in.David TroynaNew Hampton
Pin Cherry 19951 ft., 6 in.25 ft.8 ft.David & Toni KerkoveNashua
Dotted Hawthorn 19952 ft., 10 in.21 ft.28 ft.Burton DietzNashua