Biographies Index

There are four groups of biographies available on this site:

(1) Individual or family biographies, from a variety of sources. Link to them by first initial of surnames here.
(2) Bios from Faces of Chickasaw County, 1919 History of Chickasaw and Howard Counties, link here.
(3) Famous and Notable Chickasawans, link here.
(4) Bios transcribed into the Biographies Messages Board. Link to the board here.

In addition, the following sources and stories contain biographical information:

Who's Who In Iowa 1940

Bradford Pioneers

Granger - Let Granger's Trip To West Coast

Hughes, Hammond, Rowley and Hayden Famlies

Keegan - Family stories from the 1930s and 1940s

Springer - Family's Role in Settlement Of County

1883 History of Chickasaw and Howard Counties

The Courts and Legal Profession of Iowa 1907

Bradford Township Pioneers
When Chickasaw County was first formed, it had a single township, Bradford. So the gentlemen in this picture represent the pioneers of Chickasaw County, not just the Bradford township. See Bradford Pioneers