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Longer Historical Works

Excerpt from A. T. Andreas Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa1875A. T. AndreasLink
History of Chickasaw and Howard Counties Iowa1883W. E. AlexanderLink
Historical and Reminisces of Chickasaw County, Iowa1894J. H. PowersLink
History of Fredericksburg & Vicinity - Scanned1905W. S. PittsLink
History of Fredericksburg & Vicinity - Transcribed1905W. S. PittsLink
History of Chickasaw and Howard Counties Iowa1919Robert Herd FairbairnLink
Historical Introduction to the 1875 A. T. Andreas' Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa1970William J. PetersenLink

Short Narratives of Historical Interest

Town of Bradford1857North Iowa TimesLink
Gleanings from Notebook of Itinerating Editor1859Dubuque WeeklyLink
Town of Nashua1875A. T. Andreas Link
Town of Fredericksburg1919 & 19541919 History & Fredericksburg News Link, Link
Town of New Hampton1875A. T. Andreas Link
Names of Towns18941894 History, J. H. PowersLink
Lived in Nashua 1850s1906The Nashua ReporterLink
The Courts and Legal Profession of Iowa1907Chester C. Cole, E. C. EbersoleLink
Gathering Honey from the DeNoyelles Hotel1928The Nashua ReporterLink
Abandoned Towns1932Annals of Iowa, D. C. MottLink
Mrs. Norman Deal Writes of Her Childhood1933The Nashua ReporterLink
Nashua Reporter Will be Under New Ownership1941The Nashua ReporterLink
Opera House Torn Down1946The Nashua ReporterLink
First Houses Built1955The Nashua ReporterLink
Town of Republic (formerly Richland Center)1955The Nashua ReporterLink
Early Times In and Around the Town of Bradford1957Glen YoungLink
Chickasaw - An Early Village the Railroad Shunned1966Helen FullardLink
Old Chickasaw Landmark is Demolishedc1970Karen FreibergLink
Pearl Rockc1977Grace Colburn McGregorLink
Town of Saude2001Kermit HildahlLink
Town of Little Turkey2017Dave Baker, Iowa, The 29th StateLink

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