Chickasaw County Cemetery List

This page represents significant research to identify all of the cemeteries existing in Chickasaw County in 2017. If you are aware of other sites or other names for these sites, please contact the County Coordinator. A list of historical cemeteries is also included at the bottom of this list.

We are seeking to verify which of these cemeteries qualify for pioneer status (no more than 12 burials in last 50 years per Iowa statute). Most likely candidates (in the opinion of the county coordinator) are shown with a blue background color below.

An active Pioneer Cemetery Commission works to restore these pioneer cemeteries. In 2016, they began work on the Maple Grove Cemetery.

There are two a very nice external websites for cemeteries in the county - for the Oak Hill and Greenwood Cemeteries. Take a look at - Oak Hill Cemetery and Greenwood Cemetery .

Here's a visual look at all the cemetery locations - display created as a Google Fusion Table.

Cemetery NameAlso Known AsTranscriptionLatitudeLongitudeLocationActive Dates
Boyd CemeterySt. John's Lutheran Cemetery196543.0047222-92.2288889Pembroke Avenue, Fredericksburg, IA 50630Estb abt 1880
Cagley Cemetery WPA42.9855556-92.4961111 2599 Cheyenne Avenue, Nashua, IA 50658<Pioneer Cemetery, Active 1856 - 1924
Calvary Cemetery WPA43.1980556-92.4238889 298-328 West Weber Street, Alta Vista, IA 50603Estb abt 1883
Cedar View CemeteryChickasaw CemeteryWPA43.0391667-92.50666671201-1239 220th Street, Ionia, IA 50645Estb abt 1852
Crane Creek Lutheran CemeteryNorth Saude Cemetery, Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery, Crane Valley CemeteryWPA43.1555556-92.23416672606-2658 140th Street, Lawler, IA 52154Estb 1889
Deerfield Cemetery WPA43.1630556-92.49611111347-1375 Cheyenne Avenue, Alta Vista, IA 50603Estb abt 1865
Greenwood Cemetery WPA42.9541667-92.51805562757 Beaumont Avenue, Nashua, IA 50658Estb abt 1855
Jacksonville Cemetery 196543.1119444-92.20888891696-1718 Quinlan Avenue, Lawler, IA 52154Estb abt 1858
Jerico Lutheran Cemetery WPA43.185-92.25722222501-2517 120th Street, Lawler, IA 52154Estb abt 1890
Little Turkey CemeteryMethodist Cemetery2017 Complete43.1305556-92.10166671563-1573 Windsor Avenue, Waucoma, IA 52171Pioneer Cemetery, Active 1850 - 1909
Maple Grove CemeteryKidder East Cemetery2017 Complete42.9616667-92.16083332727-2731 Stevens Avenue, Fredericksburg, IA 50630Pioneer Cemetery, Active 1860 - 1964
Mount Carroll CemeteryRowley Hill Cemetery, Bassett Cemetery1964&WPA43.06-92.49611112035-2045 Cheyenne Avenue, Ionia, IA 50645Estb 1857
New Hampton CemeteryGraceland CemeteryWPA Partial43.0563889-92.3213889201-305 South Maple Avenue, New Hampton, IA 50659Estb 1857
North CemeteryLawler Cemetery, Utica Township Cemetery, Diagonal Road CemeteryWPA43.0833333-92.16361112901-2919 190th Street, Lawler, IA 52154Unknown
North East Iowa Garden of Memories CemeteryJones Cemetery196042.9724767-92.27878812611-2699 Newell Avenue, New Hampton, IA 50659Pioneer Cemetery, Active 1862 - 1960
Oak Hill Cemetery 2017 Partial42.9405556-92.5355556Somerset Court, Nashua, IA 50658Estb 1855
Our Lady of Mount Carmel CemeteryMount Carmel Cemetery, Lawler Catholic Cemetery2018 Complete43.0661111-92.15138893000-3048 Iowa 24, Lawler, IA 52154Estb 1876
Pearl Rock Catholic CemeteryOld St. Michael's Catholic CemeteryWPA42.92-92.54555563001-3017 Addison Boulevard, Nashua, IA 50658Pioneer Cemetery, Active 1867 - 1924
Richland Township CemeteryRepublic CemeteryWPA42.9586111-92.37694442704-2764 Ivanhoe Avenue, Ionia, IA 50645Active 1858-1993
Rose Hill CemeteryFredericksburg CemeteryWPA42.9744444-92.19361112624-2628 Jackson Street, Fredericksburg, IA 50630Estb 1886
Sacred Heart CemeteryReilly Ridge Cemetery, St. Ignatius CemeteryWPA43.1547222-92.181400-1406 Stanley Avenue, Lawler, IA 52154Established 1857
Saude Lutheran Cemetery WPA43.2061111-92.16666672923-2999 Stevens Trail, Lawler, IA 52154Established about 1857
St. Boniface CemeteryIonia Catholic CemeteryWPA43.0436111-92.45527782176-2182 Exeter Avenue, Ionia, IA 50645Estb 1901
St. John's Dresden Township CemeterySt. John Frederika Cemetery, Dresden Township Cemetery2005 with Location Table42.9222222-92.30861112245-2249 300th Street, Fredericksburg, IA 50630Estb 1880
St. John's CemeterySt. John's Lutheran Cemetery, Lawler Lutheran Cemetery196643.0269444-92.09777782274 Windsor Avenue, Waucoma, IA 52171Estb 1866
St. John's German Lutheran Cemetery 2016 Complete43.0636111-92.14611112015-2035 Union Avenue, Waucoma, IA 52171Pioneer Cemetery, Active 1889-1987
St. Joseph's CemeteryCalvary CemeteryWPA43.0694444-92.31Pleasant Hill Avenue, New Hampton, IA 50659Estb 1876
St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery of Little TurkeySt. Mary's Assumption Cemetery, Little Turkey Catholic Cemetery2017 Complete43.1261111-92.10111111601-1611 Windsor Avenue, Lawler, IA 52154Estb 1903
St. Mary's CemeteryNorth Washington CemeteryWPA43.1127778-92.42333331661-1675 170th Street, New Hampton, IA 50659Estb 1897
St. Mary's of the Visitation CemeterySt. Mary's Catholic CemeteryWPA43.0536111-92.3219444498-502 Garfield Street, New Hampton, IA 50659Estb 1897
St. Michael's Cemetery WPA42.9555556-92.5258333Catholic Cemetery Road, Nashua, IA 50658Estb 1875
St. Patrick's Catholic CemeteryJerico Catholic Cemetery, Jerico Lutheran CemeteryWPA43.1847222-92.25527782519-2523 120th Street, Lawler, IA 52154Pioneer Cemetery, Active 1913 - 1962
Stapleton Township CemeterySouth Lawler Cemetery 2017 Contribution43.0083333-92.12583333168-3172 240th Street, Fredericksburg, IA 50630Pioneer Cemetery, Active 1858-1910
Union Cemetery - Alta VistaAlta Vista Cemetery, Mikkelson Cemetery2017 Complete, WPA43.1955556-92.4175193-313 South White Avenue, Alta Vista, IA 50603Cemetery Active 1857 - Present
Union Cemetery - Fredericksburg No43.012402-92.2086742355-2399 Quinlan Avenue, Fredericksburg, IA 50630Estb 1882
West CemeteryFredericksburg Cemetery2017 Partial42.9602778-92.2136111Plum Creek Trail, Fredericksburg, IA 50630Pioneer Cemetery, Active 1856-1965
Yankee CemeteryBaptist Cemetery2017 Partial43.1555556-92.2380556 2600-2604 140th Street, Lawler, IA 52154Pioneer Cemetery, Active 1859-1910
Cemetery NameAlso Known AsTranscriptionLatitudeLongitudeLocationActive Dates
Chickasaw County Poor Farm CemeteryChickasaw County Home CemeteryNo43.0258086-92.3179551Historical - unknown if there are graves at this location in 2017Active 1882-1935
Children of Israel Cemetery No43.0583333-92.3252778Historical - no graves at this location in 2017 
Christian Prairie Cemetery Narrative42.934742-92.099564Historical - no graves at this location in 2017Active 1884 - 1903
Eggleston Farm Cemetery No43.0916667-92.3502778Historical - no graves at this location in 2017 
Ionia Cemetery No  Historical - no graves at this location in 2017Active 1880 - 1883
North Washington CemeteryNo  Historical - unknown if there are graves at this location in 2017About 12 stones 1950, many removed to Deerfield
Pearl Rock Lutheran Cemetery WPA42.9166438-92.5001835Historical - no graves at this location in 2017Active 1870-1880
Sargeant Farm Cemetery No43.1777778-92.2613889Historical - no graves at this location in 2017Active Prior to 1935
Other Unknown Cemeteries WPA  Not a specific location 
OLMC circa 1900