Page County, Iowa Obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.

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Frakes, Charles Henry Online scans, sb5705  
Fraley, Hazel Thompson Pat O'Dell  
Frame, Floyd F. Online scans, sb122  
Francis, Adeline Lavoie Online scans, sb6408  
Francis, Hannah Opal Online scans, #1077, #1079, #1008  
Francis, Millo Online scans, #9003  
Francis, Mr    
Francis, Terry Lynne Miller    
Frank, Albert, 1848 - 1894 Julia Johnson  
Frank, John    
Frank, Sarah Pat O'Dell  
Franklin, Lorene Howell Online scans, #339  
Franklin, Robert Online scans, sb435  
Franks, David Lee    
Franks, Howard Ralph    
Franks, Icyle Lillian Connell Julia Johnson  
Franks, Kelly D.    
Franks, Lelia Marie Brown    
Franks, Richard Lee Online scans, sb5685  
Franson, Harry "H.O." Oscar Online scans, sb1717  
Franzen, Martha Arlene Whigham    
Frazier, Anna McPherrin    
Frazier, William Albert    
Freberg, Mary Louise Alley Wallin    
Frederick, Isabel    
Frederick, Jessie W. Reid Julia Johnson  
Frederick, Johnie William Online scans, sb1674  
Frederick, Opal Irene Smith Online scans, sb2812  
Fredricks, Irene Louise    
Freed, Flossie Ruth Stitt Julia Johnson; Online scans, #112  
Freed, Leslie John    
Freed, Minnie Rachel Johnson Julia Johnson; Online scans, #350, #368  
Freed, Paul Online scans, sb5874, sb187  
Freed, Ruth Diane Workentine    
Freedman, Bessie K. Julia Johnson  
Freeland, Robert Hughes    
Freeman, Alice J. Hall Online scans, #8475  
Freeman, B.W.'s SON    
Freeman, Benjiman    
Freeman, Connie Jo    
Freeman, Della Gertrude Stoner    
Freeman, Donald A. Online scans, sb468  
Freeman, Donald L. Pat O'Dell  
Freeman, Edward Orth Online scans, sb5229  
Freeman, Elizabeth Online scans, #8997  
Freeman, Enoch Carl Julia Johnson  
Freeman, Hope Arleen    
Freeman, Lucy Ann Downing Online scans, sb5250  
Freeman, Margaret Nadgwick    
Freeman, Mary Online scans, #8642  
Freeman, Noros Martin Online scans, sb3826, sb3779  
Freeman, Opal Maude Online scans, #271  
Freeman, Orth Online scans, #235  
Freeman, Oscar J.    
Freeman, Samuel    
Freeman, Samuel, Mrs    
Freeman, Samuel Williamson, 1853 - 1904 Julia Johnson  
Freemyer, Alice Mae Philbrick Online scans, sb5396, sb5400  
Freemyer, Truman Orval Jerry Hamm  
Freeze, Charlie Morris    
Frehse, Paul William Online scans, #550  
Freiermuth, John Jacob    
Freiermuth, Magdalina K.    
French, Annette "Louise" Online scans, sb207  
French, JB    
French, Joseph, 1824 - 1891 Julia Johnson  
Freuck, Kenneth E. Online scans, sb5230  
Freudenburg, Alvin Online scans, #8579  
Freudenburg, Anna Meyer    
Freudenburg, Bertha - Rebekah Margaretha Bertha Sump    
Freudenburg, Carl E. Online scans, #262, #269  
Freudenberg, Catherina Henrietta Dickhouse    
Freudenburg, Ernest    
Freudenburg, Esther N. Niermeier Online scans, sb6045  
Freudenburg, George Henry    
Freudenberg, Gerhard Julia Johnson  
Freudenburg, Helen Dorothy Hartstack    
Freudenberg, Henry's BABE    
Freudenburg, Henry John    
Freudenburg, Herman Henry    
Freudenburg, Leona Louise Wagoner    
Freudenburg, Marie Minna Steinbeck    
Freudenburg, Marie Wilhelmine Lackemann Julia Johnson  
Freudenburg, Melvin William    
Freudenburg, Ralph Herman    
Freudenburg, William Ernest    
Frey, Clarence O.    
Frey, Francis L. Online scans, sb2612  
Frey, Frank Judy Stewart  
Frey, Frank    
Frey, Letha Davison Judy Stewart; Online scans, sb3515  
Frey, Lowell Ray Judy Stewart  
Frey, Mae Feese Judy Stewart  
Frey, [Melissa] Mrs M.A. Judy Stewart  
Frey, Norma Jean Query    
Frey, Walter Curtis "Curt"    
Frey, Walter Leore Judy Stewart; Online scans, sb3930  
Fricke, Anna Marie Sophia Dorothy Rabe    
Friedman, D., Mrs' MOTHER    
Friedman, David    
Frieling, Frieda Stunkel Online scans, #146  
Friend, Abraham    
Friend, Alfred Lee Julia Johnson  
Friend, Bonnie Berniece Gray Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb3844, sb3781, sb880, sb4811, sb1918  
Friend, Carrie Belle Online scans, sb178  
Friend, Elmer Cecil Online scans, #3016, #3001  
Friend, Isaac Thomas    
Friend, Nathan    
Friend, Otis Hadley    
Friend, Rachel Evelyn “Eva” Farrens Julia Johnson  
Friend, Raleigh Julia Johnson  
Fiesz, Ella Online scans, #9079  
Friez, Kate Online scans, sb175  
Frink, Mabel    
Frink, O.H.    
Frisbee, Russell, Mrs, -1891 Julia Johnson  
Frist, Orpha Geesaman Online scans, sb273  
Fritz, Philip R. Online scans, sb5308  
Frizzell, Carroll Wayne Online scans, sb5306, sb5313, sb5331  
Frodsham, Carrie A. Freemole Online scans, sb3962  
Frodsham, Harry Edgar "Ed" Online scans, sb5144  
Frodsham, Wilma Edith Murren    
Fruits, Ann Julia Johnson  
Fry, Bertha Haney    
Fry, Samuel F.    
Fry, Sophia Emma Baetge McMichael    
Frye, James Fredrick    
Frye, Merle Edwards Online scans, sb225  
Fryer, William D.    
Frymire, Mary L. Griffie