West Liberty Iowa History
West Liberty History

One Hundred Years of History
* Commemorating a Century of Progress in the West Liberty Community *


This Centennial booklet was published on June 29, 1938. The entire book is now online, including all the photo's. Norma Rogers did all the transcribing and Dave Dunston scanned the photo's and put in the html coding so this information can be viewed online. This book should be a great aid to anybody doing West Liberty, Iowa research. Good luck in your search!!

Front Cover
Looking Backwards
Personal Recollections of the Early Settlement of Wapsinonoc Township--by Asa Gregg
Murder of Atwood or A Leaf from the Early History of West Liberty--Personal Recollections
West Liberty and its Progress for the last Ten Years
Chapter 1--The Passing of the Log Cabin
Chapter II--The Sac And Fox Indians
Chapter III--Wapsinonoc Creek
Chapter IV--A Log Cabin
Chapter V--The First White Settler On THe Wapsie
Chapter VI--The Mormons
Chapter VII--The Atwood Family
Chapter VIII--Other Settlers
Chapter IX--The Death of Enos Nyce
Chapter X--The Territory of Iowa
Chapter XI--Indian Town
Chapter XII--The Land Sale
Chapter XIII--A Prosperous Year
Chapter XIV--The First School House
Chapter XV--The Counterfeiters
Chapter XVI--The Home Life
Chapter XVII--Fishing
Chapter XVIII--The First Post Office
Chapter XIX--The First Saw Mill & Chapter XX--Evolution
Chapter XXI--A Prairie Fire
Chapter XXII--The First Windmill
Chapter XXII (Continued)--The Lost Child
Chapter XXIII--Buzzard's Glory
Chapter XXIV--The Local Preacher
Chapter XXV--The Prairie Breaker
Chapter XXVI--A Wolf Hunt
Chapter XXVII--Canada
Chapter XXVIII--Introduction of Blue Grass (Poa pratensis)
Chapter XXIX--The Plum Grove School
Chapter XXX--Conclusion
Eastern Star
Temperance League
4-H Girls' Club
Temperance Club
Co-Operative Shipping Association
Mansell L. Phillips Post No. 509, American Legion
Townsend Club
Ladies' Golf Club
Merry Maids
Chapter AH, P.E.O.
Boy Scouts of America
Choral Club
Pythian Sister Temple No. 189
West Liberty Rotary Club
I. O. O. F. Lodge
American Legion Auxiliary
Last of the G.A.R.
Adah Rebekeh Lodge
Masonic Bodies
Civic Organization, 42 Years Old
Iowa Shorthorn Breeders' Association
West Liberty Chapter American Red Cross
Knights of Pythias
The Chautauqua
The Parents Teachers Association
Women's Relief Corps
Never Sweat Club
History of the Forthightly Literary Club
W. C. T. U.
W. L. Girl Reserve Club
Society of Friends
Royal Neighbors of America
Asa Gregg
Lemuel O. Mosher
Pickering Family
Across Atlantic In A Sailing Vessel (Bio for John Potter)
Fred Shellabarger
Miller-Keith Clan One Hundred and Thirty Eight Years of their History by Hal Keith Miller
The Romaines
Peter Heath
The Bagley's (By Elly Louise Farquhar)
Sarah Ellen Tharp
Whitacre Biography
Nancy Wilkins
Thomas Richards
Stephen Mosher Family
Harold Childs and the Race Horse
Dr. Hinkhouse
Wapsie's Largest Family (Nichols)
Foreign Mission Worker (Miss Ortha Lane, Ph. D.)
"Dan de Quille" (Bio for William Wright)
Forty Years An Instructor (Bio for Linnie Harris)
Clark L. Mosher
Mining Company
Hotels of a Century
Our Oldest Building
Industries at West Liberty
United States Post Office
Kimberly Memorial Pool and Mary Kimberly Park
Morris Stores
Grist Mill
The Old Tavern
Gibson Commission Co.
Opera House
From Horse Opera to Movies
West Liberty Telephone Co.
Our Old Buildings
Volunteer Fire Company
Milk Factory Fire
Fire January 5th 1884
History of the Church of Christ
Methodist Episcopal Church
First Presbyterian Church
St. Joseph's Church
Fire Fighting Equipment
Soldier's Monument
First Blacksmith Shop
Highway Safety Patrol
Artesian Wells
Lawn Mowers
West Liberty Meteor
Carnegie Free Public Library
Polled Herefords
Golf Course
Lamp Posts
Rural Telephones
Grocery Site
Dedication Pavement and Lights
First And Only Steamboat Operating On The Wapsie, 1898
War Service Flag
Military Men
John Brown's Sword
America's Who's Who
Martha J. Rowlen
Swimming Holes
Never Took a Vacation
Early Music in West Liberty
The Springs
The West Liberty Fair
West Liberty Bands
West Liberty Boy Takes to the Air
The S. W. Jacobs Sale
A Foul Murder--Arthur Mead Shot Down by a Cowardly Robber--Newspaper Article May 14, 1903
The Newspapers
Items Taken From Local Newspapers
Newspaper Clippings
Henry Kelly
The Trusty Family
The Tenement House
Gulliver Wells
Dick and Hannah Anderson
Mayors of West Liberty
Legal Profession in West Liberty
Doctors of a Century
Dentists of West Liberty
How Many People Remember
Old Time Items
Do You Know?
I Remember!
Do You Remember?
West Liberty High School Graduates-1938
High School Band
Future Farmers
West Liberty School
West Liberty High School
High School Alumni
Quill & Scroll
Athletic History
West Liberty First Grade School Band
School Building Burned
Third Street Looking East From Spencer
Third Street In 1888, Looking East From The West End
Calhoun Street North From 3rd---1908
Calhoun Street Looking North From 3rd
Business District Looking East On 3rd
Spencer Street, Looking North From 3rd
Business District, Third Street, Looking West From Spencer Street
Northeast Corner Calhoun and 3rd Streets, 1908
Thomas Birkett
Peter Polders
Gad James
Jacob D. Romaine
Pioneer Barclay
Parry Family
Ira G. Baker
Hise Families
P. R. Evans
Joseph M. And Pamela Wright Gibson
Hon. John A. Evans
George Jackson Bowlsby
Conrad Hormel (1837-1915)
Walker Family
Galentine Gatton
William C. Evans
Samuel Hendrickson
Enos and Charlotte Barnes
Grand Children of First Settlers
John Lafrentz
Mercer M. Hall
John S. Smith
North Prairie
South Prairie
Town of West Liberty
Cedar Valley
Union Valley
Page One West Liberty State Bank ~ R. S. Kirkpatrick, Pres.; James C. Carey, V.P.; Irwin Msher, Cashier; Charles E. Mackey, Teller; Nellie Schooley, Stenographer; John Fitzgerald, Bookkeeper; Ed E. Pries, Custodian; Directors: Robert Brooke, Preston W. Brown, Chas. J. Mackey, HOward Simpson, Jesse H.Swart, James C Carey, R. S.Kirkpatrick
Page Two Sketch of Town Hall ~ Chas. J. Mackey, City Manager; Dr. W. B. Jayne, Mayor; Irwin Mosher, Treasurer; Town Council: John Boden, F. T. Lawton, M. a. Sander, Ed Sullivan, J. H. Swart
Page Three Morris Furniture Store; Shuman Meat Market; Earhart Hardware
Page FourW. L. Auto Parts & Salvage Company, L. E. Lewis Co.; Irey & Nichols Lunches, Tobacco, Candies, Cigarettes
Page Five Ruess Bros. ~ Pure Bred Pland China Hogs; Carlisle's Garage; A.L. Dice & Co. Building Supplies
Page Six Tivoli Café and Shell Service Station; L. R. Wiese Garage; Benteco Food Stores
Page Seven John G. Kleinert Garage; Star Drug Company; West Liberty Sheetmetal Works
Page Eight L. E. Papenthien Co. ~ Chevrolet Cars & Trucks; Scotty's Service Station and Lunch Room; West Liberty Index
Page Nine Wapsie Produce Co. ~ buyer of Poultry, Cream & Eggs; L.H. Forsyth Transfer ~ Local & Long Distance Hauling for Livestock and Household Goods; Ashton's Hatcheries ~ Baby Chicks, Started Chicks, Broilers
Page Ten Compton's Cold Storage and Locker Service; M. P. Reed; Ray Wuestrenberg Insurance Agency
Page Eleven W.W. Anderson ~ Grocer
Page Twelve West Liberty Co-Operative Creamery Company
Page Thirteen Policy Holders Mutual Casualty Co.
Page Fourteen West Liberty Shipping Association of Livestock; Morris & Eister ~ Printing, Office Supplies & Equipment Sales; Howard Simpson, Dry Goods
Page Fifteen New York Life Insurance Company ~ Ray Whittacre, Rep.; Potter & Weber Coal & Ice; West Liberty Group of Professional Men ~ Dr. L.A. Royal, M.D., Dr. T.A. Robertson, M.D., Dr. J.E. Kimball, M.D., Dr. A.E. Ady, M.D., Dr. H.A. Knott, Dentist, J. E. McIntosh, Attorney at Law, Harold O. Keele, Attorney & Counselor at Law
Page Sixteen Dr. J. Carey, Veternarian; F. L. Rust, Chiropracter; Little's Lunch Room; Mrs. Elmer Faires ~ Dealer in Antique Glass & Furniture; Mike Ryan ~ Carpenter & Builder; Hendrick's Barber Shop; George Hines ~ Painting and Paper Hanging
Page Seventeen W. C. Anderson & Son ~ Breeders of Shorthorn Cattle and Poland China Hogs; Smith's Corner Care; Shell Service Station ~ E.W. Dunker, Prop.
Page Eighteen Prudential Life Insurance ~ Mrs. Myrtle B. Sessel; Standard Oil Co. Products ~ Mel Sander, Distributor; Conner Funeral Home & Private Ambulance ~ Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Conner
Page Nineteen Hotel Moylan ~ F. J. Moylan, Prop.; Nichols Furnance, Air Conditioning Systems, Welding and Plumbing; Elmenhurst Farm, George Steen ~ Farming & Livestock Breeding
Page Twenty Walter Mackey Insurance & Real Estate; Schaapveldt's Repair Shop; North Point Trailer and Cabin Camp ~ Mr. & Ms Vernon Meyer, Props.; E. T. Stokes Barber shop; A. L. Sissel ~ Cigars, Tobacco, Beer; Mike Sullivan Trucking; Nickle Inn ~ Sandwiches, Drinks; Booke Beauty Shop; Danny's Barber Shop
Page Twenty-One H. J. Grandjean ~ Painting and Decorating; Dr. E.E. Hale ~ Dentist; Robert Brooks ~ General Pratice of Law in State and Federal Courts; J. M. Addleman, Insurance Agency
Page Twenty-Two Mr. & Mrs. S. C. Snider ~ Licensed Embalmers & Funeral Directors; Evans Cleaners; West Liberty Motor Sales ~ F. J. Moylan in Sales and C. J. Laton in Service
Page Twenty-Three Globe Café ~ 1886-1938; Guthrie & Brooke Texaco Products ~ Andrew Gutrie & Findlay Brooke; Scott & Carter Paint and Body Repair Shop
Page Twenty-Four Cline Farm Equipment Co.; Liberty Café ~ J. S. Milton, Prop.; Schafer Grain Co.; Henderson Shoe Shop
Page Twenty-Five Ruthenberg Clothing Co. ~ W.G. Eichensuer, John G. Boden & Edwin Baldwin
Page Twenty-Six Article on Here Come The Jerseys, Breed by five members of Jesey Parish District No. 4 ~ L. A. Whitacre, Jones Bros, Roy Tipton, A. M. Spencer & Ivan N. Gates
Page Twenty-Seven The Muscatine Journal; L. E. Bingham ~ Plumbing & Electrical Work; West Liberty Fair Union District Agricultural Society 1862-1938 ~ Leslie Stein, President Ray Wuestenberg, Secretary
Page Twenty-Eight Boone Wrecking Co.; Diamond Products ~ J. J. Mathews - station service, Earl Jehle - task wagon service; S. I Kirby Monuments & Markers
Page Twenty-Nine Swart & Brooke Texaco Station
Page Thirty Ditmars, Kerr & Co. ~ Selling Lumber Coal and Implements
Page Thirty-One Smarts Jewelery & Gift Store; W. T. Johnson & Son ~ Local & Long Distance Hauling; Hutchinson's Ice Cream
Page Thirty-Two Jumbo Heath ~ New Pulic Address System for Fairs, Celebrations, Merchants & Political Rallies; Ames Hybrid Seed Corth ~ J. G. Heath; Ben Franklin Department Store ~ owned by C. H. McDermott
Page Thirty-Three Fred B. Nesper, Sheriff of Muscatine County; Ida E. Grimm, Muscatine County Recorder; Ballard B. Tipton, Muscatine County Clerk of District Court; A. J. Nichols Muscatine County Treasurer
Page Thirty-Four B. F. Snyder, Muscatine County auditor & Secretary of Baord of Supervisors; George Sauer, F. G. Wolford, Fritz Belter, John Foley & Ralph P. Evans, Supervisors of Muscatine County
Page Thirty-Five Bennett Transfer ~ Local & Long Distance Hauling; Dr. W. B. Jayne, Dentist; Watters Drug Store ~ Precriptions and Soda Fountain
Page Thirty-Six Peter Pan Fresh Bread; West Liberty Oil Co. Conoco Tank Wagon Service ~ Call Fedale McIntosh at Kirby's Service Station
Page Thirty-Seven The P. N. Gibson Commission Company Livestok Auction ~ P. N. Gibson, Fred Almin, Dewey Gibson, L. C. Fitzpatrick, S. A. Buckman, Clara Beckman, Althea Geison
Page Thirty-Eight Eliason Seed Sales ~ Allen Eliason; The A. B. Chesebro Market Groceries & Meats
Page Thirty-Nine Peterson Hardware; Hazlett's Dairy ~ D. C. Hazlett, Prop.; Sinclair Oils ~ Roy E. Misel
Page Fourty Carr's LunchCar; The Strand Theatre ~ Paul Tobias, Mgr.; West Liberty Telephone Co.
Page Fourty-One J. Leroy Farmer Canning Company
Page Fourty-Two Bates Studio

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