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No 'official' list of the burials in the County Home cemetery is known to be extant. The following list has been made using many sources and should not be considered a complete list of the forgotten souls buried in the cemetery. It is a work in progress! Additions or corrections should be emailed to the Clayton Co. IAGenWeb coordinator (email address is on home page).

Sources used to compile the burial list:
~Gravestone inscriptions - Phyllis Peterson visited this cemetery in 2012 and found only one gravestone. She has posted photos of the gravestone & of the cemetery on the Iowa Gravestone Photo Project. Note: there are now 2 stones, the newest erected by descendants of the deceased.
~WPA (Works Project Administration) information that might have been taken from gravestones existing in the cemetery during the 1930's. Some of the WPA records indicating burial in the Poor Farm cemetery are incorrect and all should be verified.
~Obituaries and death notices will be linked to the names on the burial list as time permits. Also: Search for obits on the Obituary Board
~Census records - census & other information about the Clayton County Poor House have been transcribed - located in the Odds & Ends section
~Newspapers, Death Certificates, Clayton county death records (CCDR) and other misc. references

What Happened to the gravemarkers?
"Smoothing up" an old cemetery at the clayton County Care Facility so the area could be mowed has raised the ire of the clayton county Concerned Citizens once again. The one acre site, barely known to exist before its location became the most recent battlefield for Concerned Citizens, was "nothing but sunken graves," according to Louis Kjosa, St. Olaf, caretaker at the cemetery.

He reported that his mower had nearly tipped over several times because of the condition of the ground. Most graves were unmarked and records of those buried there were either lost or never kept. About six metal markers placed there by undertakers had been moved to facilitate mowing. A tombstone unearthed after Carla Kessler, Care Facility Administrator, stumbled over it one day while walking through the area, sits in an adjacent field waiting relocation.

Several loads of dirt were hauled in to level the ground and make it of a similar condition with the land that surrounds it. Some four feet of dirt were necessary at the lower end to accomplish this. Georgia Downey, Guttenberg, a member of the Concerned Citizens' group feels this refurbishing of the cemetery was not necessary: "You are not allowed to cover a cemetery, period," she was quoted as saying in a Des Moines Sunday Register story. "I don't think anything had to be done. It was a cemetery, and they went in there with a bulldozer. There's a possibility there's a Civil War veteran out there."

Downey said that the cemetery should have been improved with better maintenance and drainage, but it should not have been buried under fill dirt. She also said the citizens group is considering legal action against the county for "malicious mischief." County engineer Milt Johnson said that a new woven wire fence will soon be placed aroung the old cemetery site with a gate and a drive, "which it never had before." The recently graded ground is now covered with button weeds because unusually wet August weather has delayed seeding efforts. ~Clayton County Register, August 29, 1979

Cemetery 'cover-up' stirs citizens
by Mary Burke, Gazette Eastern Iowa Reporter

Garnavillo - In the name of improvement this summer, Clayton County officials buried a cemetery and raised citizens' concern. Whether the officials - specifically, County Engineer Milton Johnson and County Supervisors Gerald Palas and Virgil Wessel - violated the state code or simply made some improvements is still up for debate.

Assistant County Attorney Gary Mick of Guttenberg said he finds no "criminal culpability" in the case. But members of "Concerned Citizens," a watchdog group with an eye on county expenditures and actions, don't plan to let the issue die. In the meantime, officials contend they are innocent of any wrongdoing. "We're not sorry we (did) it," Wessel told The Gazette in a recent telephone interview. He said county crews were unable to mow the unmarked county graveyard near the county care facility, near St. Olaf. "Whenever a grave was dug, the dirt was piled up and they were unable to mow. It wasn't that we wanted to make a big ruckus," he said, adding later, "our only intent was to improve it." "It was kind of washed out. To me, it was getting thin on top," explained Palas, chairman of the supervisors.

So in late June, when county crews were clearing dead trees from a nearby gully, approximately four inches of soil was dumped on top of the old cemetery. Virginia Gilmore, the other supervisor was on vacation when the action was taken, but later indicated she didn't believe it was right. Her suggestion would have been to build a retaining wall around the graveyard if the soil was eroding, as reported. "Now everyone says it looks like a cemetery rather than a weed patch," Wessel said.

That "everyone" doesn't include Georgia Downey of Guttenberg or Don Koss of rural Garnavillo, members of Concerned Citizens. At the cemetery site nearly two months after the "improvements" they pointed to the bumpy hill where wildly growing buttonweed surrounded a dug-up headstone.

Georgia Downey

"You just don't destroy a cemetery," said Koss, president of the Concerned Citizens. "What's right is right, and this isn't right." Downey cited Chapter 714.23 of the Code of Iowa, which establishes "injury to a cemetery" as a misdemeanor. Steve Eglseder of Guttenberg, a former state officer of Amvets, also was concerned about the action. He said a Civil War veteran may be buried in the small cemetery, but that hasn't been confirmed. He noted that according to Downey, courthouse records indicate at least eight bodies are buried in the cemetery. "We're in a blind alley right now, but I don't plan on letting it die. I just want the public to be aware of it before I start doing anything." Eglseder said.


In June 1979, under the direction of County Engineer Milt Johnson, county workers bulldozed the cemetery completely covering it with dirt. The gravestone of Gunnar Groning was moved to the side of the cemetery. The final burial was that of Cozette Van Zile in 1972. ~Clayton County Register, January 30, 1980 (letters to the editor column)


Name Birth Death Remarks
Aherns, Mary      
Allenstein, Frederick   10/11/1932 WPA record
Amling, Fred 1857/1858 01/28/1920 1920 census, Poor Farm = age 63y. Death notices
Anderson, Anna ca1835 unknown 1870 census, Poor Farm = age 35; included on a 1897 list of Insane Asylum inmates; not found on subsequent census or other records
Atchison, William ca1847 06/25/1905 aged 58y; Obituary
Beham/ Biliaux / Bildenk / Billigm / Billyer, Francis / Frank   08/30/1885 81y; CCDR Bk I, pg 45; surname spelled in CCDR as Bildenk, in death notice as Biliaux, enumerated as Francis Billyer on the 1870 census, as Francis Billigm 1880 census and on 1885 Iowa State census as Beham. Death notice
Bailey, Sam 1868 04/26/1933  
Barnhart, Ben ca1860   1920 census, Poor Farm = age 60y
Barnhardt, William   02/15/1885 57y 5m; CCDR Bk 1, pg 48; Note: Death notice gives surname Barghart
Baug / Bang, Charles W.   01/04/1884 64y; CCDR Bk I pg 36. Death notice
Becker, August 'Gus' 1865 06/06/1938 aged 73y; Obituary
Behrens, Frank 1844 03/07/1913  
Beyer, Albertina     Note: the name Lena Beyer appears on the 1897 list of patients at the County Insane Asylum & may be the same woman as Albertina Beyer
Beyer, George 1835 08/29/1921 1920 census, inmate of Poor Farm, age 85y; death cert = aged abt 87y
Beyer, Sophia ca1820 07/??/1890 Death notice in the Elkader Register says she died at the County Poor Farm, and had formerly resided in Elkport. Note: burial in the County cemetery has not been verified, and was not given in the referenced death notice
Beyman / Beynon, John 1836 - 1844 12/13/1921 1920 census, Poor Farm = age 84y/o. WPA cemetery records have 2 John Beynon's, both with essentially the same dates but one buried in the County Home cemetery & the other in the Gooding cemetery where there is a gravestone with his name & dates (1845-1921). [Notes by S. Ferrall: Confirmation should be made, but I believe that John died at the County Home but is buried in Gooding (or was reinterred from the home cemetery to Gooding) where his sisters Martha & Mary are buried. In 1912 the siblings home burned to the ground while John was at the Sanitarium in Knoxville, IA. Martha perished in the fire. I also believe that he was more likely born in 1835/6 than in 1844/5.
Boab, Joe 1837 08/15/1908 WPA record
Boals / Bolls / Boles, Eliza 05/??/1871 11/07/1922 1900 census = Bolls, age 26; 1920 census, Poor Farm = Boles, age 51; death cert.= Boals
Bowman, Angeline   03/26/1920 1920 census, Poor Farm = age 76y. Burial Strawberry Point cemetery on 3/29/1920 (source: "Iowa Deaths and Burials, 1850-1990," database, FamilySearch.org) Obituary
Bruce, Dan   03/14/1928 Death cert. = aged abt 64y, father Harvey Bruce
Bruce, Elizabeth 1823 02/13/1891 WPA record is incorrect, burial is at County Corners cemetery
Bruce, George 1865 11/04/1912 WPA record is incorrect, burial is at County Corners cemetery
Bruce, Georgette   1865 WPA record is incorrect, burial is at County Corners cemetery
Bruce, Nelson ca1859 06/15/1933 Death cert & WPA = give burial in County cemetery on 6/16/1933; age = abt 74y
Butts, Henry S. ca1870 01/22/1942 1940 census, Poor Farm = age 70, was also there 4/1/1935. Notes from Steve & Neva Nelson: His obit states services were at the Co. Home chapel, so burial place is very likely the County cemetery. His only sibling, George Butts, and other family are buried at Elkader Eastside cemetery, but Henry does not appear on a burial listing for that cemetery. (DOB & DOD from the Nelson's also). Updated 6/28/2020 by S.F.: Death cert. gives burial in County Home cemetery, fell 12/23/1941 & fractured both hips, died at the McGregor hospital a month later. Obituary
Carlisle / Carlsile, Thomas   02/23/1886 81y 4m 10d; CCDR Book I, pg 47; Death notice
Carnicle, Wesley 06/26/1889 01/16/1936 WPA record, should be cked for accuracy, death cert not located
Caster, Charles 1869 11/01/1909  
Centha / Centrha, Maria   02/??/1890 aged abt 80y; Obituary
Courtwright / Cartright, John   05/27/1884 CCDR Bk I pg 39= 89y 9m; obit = 87y; 1880 census Poor House = 83y; Obituary
Curtis, James P.   08/02/1884 38y; CCDR Bk1, pg 40
Daugherty, John   02/02/1889 60y; CCDR Bk 1, pg 65
Davis, Hiram 'Hy'   10/30/1885 60y; CCDR Book I pg 46; Civil War soldier Co B, 68th OH Inf.; Additional info.
De Hanen, William      
Dill, Phoeba ca1854 02/04/1919 Death Certificate (familysearch.org) = died County Asylum of [illegible] & Insanity; single, aged about 65y; parents names blank, burial County Cemetery
Dunn, George 1860 02/05/1935 WPA record
Dunn, Thomas 1835 02/03/1920 1920 census, Poor Farm = age 85y
Eckhardt, Niles      
Elsworth, Earl Henry 'Err'   05/15/1941 1st w/ Mary Etta Hill, 2nd w/ Louisa Schmidt. Note: burial here is not confirmed.
Elsworth, Louisa 'Liza / Lizzie' Schmidt   02/05/1941 2nd w/o Earl H. Ellsworth. Note: burial here is not confirmed, she may be buried in the Zion or Clayton Center cemetery. Dates are from a Family Tree posted on Ancestry
Eno, Charles 1858 05/02/1918 WPA record; he may be buried in Pleasant Grove, McGregor
Fairman, Henry R.   08/08/1880 96y 1m 4d; CCDR Bk 1, pg 3
Falb, Carl   01/19/1916 Death Certificate = age abt 78y, b. Switzerland, inmate of County Asylum 36 yrs., buried County cemetery
Ferrand, Lyman ca1847 05/24/1930 1920 census, Poor Farm = age 73y/o; 1930 census, Poor Farm = age 84y/o
Ferrand, Lyman ca1847 05/24/1930 1920 census, Poor Farm = age 73y/o; 1930 census, Poor Farm = age 84y/o
Fitzgibbon, John   07/18/1879 died at poor house, 1880 mortality schedule indicates he was a pauper; likely, but unconfirmed burial here
Flemming, Margaret 'Maggie' 1835 12/13/1915 WPA record is in error, buried at McGregor. Obituary
Floyd, John   09/17/1926 Find-A-Grave record, no source given
Frazer, Sam   09/02/1932 1930 U.S. census: age 64, inmate County Home
Fritz, Lena   04/02/1887 22y 11m 20d; d/o August Fritz; CCDR Bk 1, pg 56
Gaines, Egbert   12/23/1888 86y; CCDR Bk I pg 65
Glass, Hugh ca1858 11/25/1926 1920 census, Poor Farm = 62 y/o
Glazier, Walter E.   03/29/1918 Death Certificate = age abt. 55y, DOB & place unkn., single, cause of death: anemia & insanity, buried County cemetery
Goodheil, Ed   09/13/1934  
Goshlin / Goslin, Emmy   05/10/1884 30y; CCDR Bk I pg 38
Graham, Louis 1842 11/29/1911  
Graman, Henry 1871 04/14/1919  
Greiner, John   04/06/1931  
Grigsby, Otant   10/04/1933  
Groning, Karl Gunnar 1899 1940 born Gustafs, Sweden; his is the only existing gravestone at the cemetery but does not mark his grave, having been moved to the side in 1979 when the cemetery was bulldozed
Gulsvig, Eva 1852 05/21/1914  
Grutzmacher, Herman   02/11/1920 Death certificate = age abt 67y, DOB or place unkn., single, buried County cemetery
Hamlet, John 11/16/1862 12/24/1909 Death notice
Hammond, John 1846 09/24/1918  
Hanks, Nancy 1826 06/18/1921 1920 census, Poor Farm = 95y/o
Hanly / Hauley, Robert   06/22/1881 37y; CCDR Book I pg 20
Hartman, William      
Haught, Sarah Ann   12/14/1888 51y; CCDR Bk I pg 65; Note! The county death records give burial place as poor farm cemetery, but her name appears on Brown cemetery records as being buried there with many other Haught family members. Death notice
Haven, Will D. 1850 04/01/1917  
Haxler, William      
Healy, Thomas   05/11/1882 70y; CCDR Book I pg 23
Heck, Lizzie   1890 died at the poor farm; unconfirmed burial in county cemetery Obituary
Henderson, William      
Henning, Con     Male
Henry, Y.B.   01/13/1882 69y; CCDR Bk 1 pg 20
Herman, Joseph   08/19/1883 64y; CCDR Bk I pg 33
Hicks, Samuel 1852 01/18/1918  
Hill, John   07/16/1904 age 77y; McGregor resident. Obituary
Horsch, August 'Dick' 10/29/1860 03/14/1935 Obituary
House, Eliza 1837 09/20/1910  
House, Samuel      
Hunt, Ed     May be same as below
Hunt, Edward     May be same as above
Jensen, John 1865 11/22/1936  
Joceylen, Henry   09/18/1880 69y 6m 10d; CCDR Bk 1, pg 4
Johnson, Elsa   May or June 1915 Note: she appears on the 1897 list of patients at the County Insane Asylum
Johnson, P.O.   12/20/1887 40y; CCDR Bk 1, pg 58; Death notice
Johnson, Sarah 1862 01/15/1934  
Jones, Eliza 05/??/1871 06/24/1923 1900 census = age 29; 1920 census = age 45y
Jones, Finley   01/15/1884 80y; CCDR Bk I pg 36; Obituary
Josling, Ellen ca1824 10/22/1926 1920 census, Poor Farm = 96y/o
Joyce, Kate 1832 01/20/1918  
Kaiser, Dominick   07/??/1933 body found in railroad culvert; Obituary
Kapple, Karl 04/11/1851 10/16/1931 h/o Friederika 'Rika' Stephan; Obituary
Keese, Frances 1843 10/19/1912  
Kelley, Kate 1852 09/19/1916 Note! There are two Catherine / Kate Kelley's found in WPA records with nearly identical dates. Catherine 1849-1916 & Kate 1852-9/10/1916. The former buried St. Mary's, McGregor & the latter at County Home. Death Certificate for Kate Kelley states died at the County Home, inmate for 20y, no DOB on certif. & burial St. Mary's. Confirmation is necessary, but the 2 women are likely the same & burial is in St. Mary's. Obit not found.
Kessler, Joseph   06/07/1922  
Kies, Frances   10/19/1916  
Kipp, August 1852 02/08/1912  
Knoble, Anton 1861 08/02/1934  
Kraus, Rose      
Krueger, Mary 1839 02/22/1913 Death notice
Lamler, William   01/18/1888 24y; CCDR Bk 1 pg 60
Lane, Patrick 1865 12/07/1927  
Langman, Frederick   01/08/1888 80y; CCDR Bk 1 pg 60. Death notice
Lauere, Joe   07/16/1911  
Lewis, Henry   12/28/1933 Death Cert. = aged abt 77y, widowed, died at County Home, residence of home for 3yr 21d
Linendall, Charles W. 01/06/1870 03/01/1933 s/o Charles H. & unkn. (Death Cert.)
Linderman, Henry 1847 10/19/1914  
Locknane, Cecila 'Delia'   02/10/1915 w/o Miles
Locknane, Miles   04/23/11897 h/o Delia; Note! Burial here should be confirmed. Obituary
Lucy, Oscar   07/23/1920 1920 census, Poor Farm = 72 y/o
Lundow / Lunon / Lunow, William   02/13/1883 WPA = 27y; 1880 census Poor House = 31y/o; CCDR Bk I pg 31
Lutje / Linta, Maggie 05/??/1850 02/15/1901 aged 52y; 1900 census = Lutje, Obituary = Linta
Madison, August 1861 07/22/1911  
Markerd, Peter   08/26/1884 64y 5m 14d; CCDR Bk 1, pg 40
Marshall, Fritz ca1798-1804 12/10/1880 WPA=76y; 1870 census Poor House = 72y/o; 1880 census Poor House = 75y/o
Marty, Matt   03/02/1929  
McAndrew, Rosa 1855 11/18/192? 1920 census, Poor Farm = McAndrews, age 65y/o
McAndrew, Thomas 1832 07/10/1916  
McCaffery, Mike 02/22/1863 05/19/1947 A gravestone for Henry P. McCaffery in the Immaculate Conception cemetery, North Buena Vista, is inscribed: "In Memory of Michael 'Mike' McCaffery Buried at Clayton Co. Home". The dates are also on the stone.
McCrea, Thomas      
McCurdy, George   05/??/1903 age 76y; Obituary
McGlyn, John   10/??/1908 "died at county asylum" "no relatives found"; burial here is assumed & should be independently verified
Mecklenbert, Joe      
Melander, Henry 'Hy'   11/??/1900 b. Stockholm, Sweden. Obituary
Mendg, William   07/15/1909 WPA record
Meyer, W.F.   02/04/1917  
Miller, Henry 'Butcher Miller'   04/27/1905 obit in Elkader Register = 75y, Elkader Argus = 82y. Obituary
Moser, Simon 1836 1917 Death notice gives burial in Strawberry Point cem.
Mueller / Miller, Fritz   06/08/1882 82y; 1870 census, Poor House = 69y/o, surname spelled Miller; CCDR Book I pg 23
Murphy, James 1843 02/02/1914  
Nagle / Nagel, Lilly   07/03/1880 2y 6m; 1880 census Poor House = is listed w/her mother Luise Nagel; CCDR, Bk 1 pg 2
Noble, L.W.   1890 age 78y; unconfirmed burial, died at poor farm. Obituary
Nolan, Mike 1843 07/19/1914 Note: although he died at the County Home, both his obituary & Iowa Death Certificate give burial in St. Joseph's cemetery, Elkader. Obituary
Oldberg, Ole   03/04/1908 65y
Oleson, Andrew   11/13/1885 CCDR Bk I, pg 48=28y 5m; 1870 census, Poor House = age 60y; Note: age at death should be confirmed, WPA record is likely incorrect
Olmstead, Henry 1837 03/10/1912  
Olsen, Mary   04/08/1903 aged abt 78y Obituary
Omade, August      
Ossius, Ed   07/05/1909 aged about 56y
Ouerly, G.W. 1870 09/20/1936  
Pacard, Mili   07/09/1920  
Palster / Palester, Lizzy 1824 05/04/1909 Death notice
Parsons, Amos   03/26/1889 Age 84y; Unconfirmed burial place, he died at the county poor house, but obit does not specify where he's buried
Peterson, Carlina 'Carrie'   08/13/1914 Iowa Death Certificate gives burial in the County cemetery; obit does not specify. Death notice
Potts, Richard   12/29/1927 72y; Obituary
Pruess, male 1837 11/16/1910 DOD may be 11/16/1919
Quade, August ca1842 05/01/1917 aged abt. 75y; DOD & burial place per Iowa Death Certificate (familysearch.org); Additional information; served in Co. I, 75th IL Inf.; see also Civil War Honor Roll in the military section of this website
Racard, Nili     may be same as Mili Pacard above
Ray, Dave 1851 03/07/1938  
Regal, Benjamin      
Reinhart, Embert / Rhinehart, Emmet 1875 01/26/1914 s/o Jackob. Conflict! Elgin Echo "...had the misfortune of being a cripple and had never enjoyed good health"; Register & Argus: "He was laid to rest beside his mother in the Patterson cemetery in Wagner township."
Roberts, Albert   09/12/1889 35y; Death notice
Ronquist, Hattie   03/16/1906 Obituary
Rohwedder / Rowedder, Frank   02/21/1885 WPA = 64y; 1880 census, Poor House = age 55; CCDR Bk 1, pg 42
Rubow, Elizabeth      
Rust, Herman   11/05/1897 age 20 or 25y; Note: Unconfirmed burial place, he died at the county poor house, but obituaries do not specify where he's buried, although his parents (Christian & Dorothy) & at least one sibling are buried in the Guttenberg City cemetery
Samon / Sanon, Mary   05/08/1889 85y
Sandusky, Nate 1864 01/16/1914  
Sarver / Savven, Christopher   07/25/1882 72y; CCDR, Bk I, pg 24. Obituary
Schlete / Schlett, Susanna   03/20/1882 35y; CCDR Bk I pg 22
Schoeffe, John   12/17/1913  
Schram, George      
Schultz, Charles ca1849 07/04/1879 murdered at the poor house, where he'd lived for 13 yrs.; no family; most likely buried in this cemetery but not confirmed. Obituary
Scriven, John      
Seitz / Seits, Andros or Andreas   01/23/1883 85y; CCDR, Bk 1, pg 30. Obituary
Seward, Sarah ca1825 07/07/1926 1920 census, Poor Farm = age 95y
Short, Hiram 1859 10/10/1938  
Simmes, William 04/??/1835 06/21/1901 age 66y; resident of Giard twp.
Smother, James   07/21/1933  
Smothers, William   09/19/1901 age 23y
Sniter, George      
Springer, Nathan   07/21/1884 75y; CCDR Bk I pg 39; Note! The county death record may be incorrect to burial place, or he may have been re-interred after Mary's death in 1904 - they have a gravestone in the Friedlein cemetery. If not re-interred, the gravestone may be a cenotaph. Death notice
Stanley, Isaac 'Nick'   10/12/1916 Death notice & Death certificate
Stevens, Peter      
Sturm, Barbara 1850 08/10/1916 WPA record
Sturtevant, J.N.   01/07/1884 65y; CCDR Bk I pg 35; Death notice
Suiter, George 1872 07/02/1938 WPA record
Tapping, L.C.   10/21/1881 70y; CCDR Bk 1, pg 20
Tiede, Ludwig 'Louie'   11/29/1915 WPA records have 2 entries for Ludwig Tiede, same DOD, one burial in Poor Farm cem, the other in the Lutheran cemetery, Monona twp.; the latter is correct Obituary
Timmerman, Henry   01/06/1927 WPA record
Toler / Tolle, William 1803 10/17/1882 79y 9d; had been at the poor house since 1871; CCDR Bk I pg 27; Obituary
Townsend, M.J. or N.J. 1831 01/15/1905 WPA record
Valiquist, S. / Valiquet, John   03/29/1883 CCDR Bk I pg 30. Note! Age (90Y) given in the obit is in conflict w/CCDR. Obituary & research notes. It is very likely that he was a Civil War soldier.
Van Brocklin, Edward      
Van Alstine, Christ [Vanalstine]   11/??/1879 age 40y; Obituary
Van Sickle, William   05/11/1888 22y; CCDR Bk I pg 61. Death notice
Vanzile / Van Zile, Cozette Muriel nee Webber 10/23/1907 03/27/1972 w/o Roy; d/o Myron & Clara (Hanson) Webber; she was the last burial in this cemetery; Note: her obit implies another marriage to unkn. Moe
Velerswen / Vellersven, Peter   abt 02/13/1903 Obituary
Von Berger, Robert   09/01/1885 31y; died at Poor Farm, CCDR Bk 1, pg 45 says burial at Clayton Center
Voss, Ernest 1837 01/17/1920 WPA record
Wagner, John      
Wagner, Eliza Ann 'Liza' 06/??/1825 08/31/1902 aged 77y; 1900 census = surname spelled Vagner. Obituary
Wallace, Sol   05/14/1919 Note: WPA records indicate he is buried in the County cemetery. Death certificate gives Pleasant Grove cemetery, which is the correct cemetery. Death notice & Death certificate info.
Warnecke / Warneke, Henry   01/27/1883 CCDR Bk I pg 29; Obituary
Warner, Eliza N.   04/20/1902 age 96y; w/o E.S.; Note! Obituary does not give burial place, but the County cemetery is most likely
Warner, E. Steward   02/16/1901 age 97y; h/o Eliza; this may be Steward Warner & wife Eliza were at the home per the 1900 census & of the right age. Obituary
Wyman, Barbara      
unidentified woman     buried April 1935, body found in Mississippi River near Buena Vista; newspaper article


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