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The Greater Sioux County Genealogical Society is compiling photo scrap books for each town and would appreciate anyone that has old photos of Sioux County such as families, businesses, and town scenes, please have them copied in good quality and send them to the GSCGS, 102 S. Main Ave., Sioux Center, IA 51250. Be sure to label them completely and who had them.

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Sandbulte family of Siblings, mid 1880s

Sandbulte, Arend Jan 1865 & Dirkje Holwerda Family

Sandbulte, Johan 1864-1941 & Johanna Lovink

Sandschulte, Bernard & wife, Mary family

Sarset, C. F.

Satterlee, L. D.

Scanlan, Dennis & wife, Jennie Castle & family

Schaack, George & Elizabeth Huberty Family


Schalekamp, H. J.

Schalekamp, Henry J. family

Schaul, Peter & Margerath family


Schelling, C.

Schelling, Leendert & Fannetje Bos

Schemmer, A. F.

Schemmer, Albert & Katie Richter family

Schemmer, Henry & wife, Catherine Kramer


Schipper, Cornelius & Jennie De Groot


Schlueter, W. G.

Schmidt, Christian T. & Anna G. Gosch

Schmidt, George

Schmidt, John D. 1838-1908


Schneider, John Sr. & Catherine Thelen family

Schneider, Nicholas & Anna Baw family

Schoep, Gerret H. 1830 & Johanna Berkhoff Family

Schoep, P. L.

Scholten, J. A.

Schouten, Peter & wife, Grace Veenis

Schreur, Ted family

Schroeder, Jno.

Schroeder, Peter

Schuiteman, Art 1862 & Wilhelmina Rensink 1870 - Family

Schuiteman, Gerrit 1865 & Hattie Groeneveld 1874 - Family

Schuiteman, Jan 1815 & Eibertje Ponsteen 1827 - Family


Schut, Sander 1839-1921 & Fennetje TenHouten 1840-1899

Schutt, J. P.

Schutte, Claus & Anna Marie

Scott, Walter


Selig, John Adam & Agatha Gerst Family

Shimp, Wm. E.

Simons, Merle & Jessie Hawkins Family

Sipma, Sjoerd Aukes

Sipma, Sjoerd Aukes, Land Seeker Pioneer - Part I and Part II

Sipma, Sjoerd Aukes, Land Seeker Pioneer - Part III

Slife, C. A.

Slikkerveer, H.

Slothouber, Gerrit & Antonia Willemsen Family

Smedley, E. D.

Smith, Caleb Engle 1823-1897

Smith, Hal

Smith, J. A.

Smith, Jno.

Smith, Melvin B. & Emma Woods Family


Smith, Phillip H. & Elizabeth Brigle Family

Smith, Walter W.

Snell, R. W.

Sneller (related photos)

Sneller, Egbert 1855-1921


Sneller, Henry H. & Tena

Sneller, Rijk Egbert & Maatje

Snieder, Steven 1862 & Helen Deiters Family

Sohl, Johann & Minnie family

Spykerman, G.

Stafford, Arthur T. & Ada Cooper Family


Steffen, A. F.

Steichen, John & son, John Family

Stephens, John & Ellen Gallagher Family


Stevens, Joe

Stone, David O.


Stone, Rufus 1831-1881 & Almira Porter

Storts, David & Ruth

Stover, Wm.

Streff, Mathias & Susan Frantzen Family

Strubbe, Alphonse 'Al' & Marie Blauwet

Struck, Cort & Bertha Zimmerman Family

Stuart, A.

Stuckenbruck, Joe & wife, Mathilda Family

Sumner, W. L.



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