Page County, Iowa Obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.

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Whaley, Grover "Doc" Online scans, #8330  
Wheat, Margaret M. Nelson    
Wheatley, Stephen Lester    
Wheeland, Minnie    
Wheeler, Alice M. Copeland    
Wheeler, Carl Leland Online scans, sb1647  
Wheeler, Donna Ruth Twigg    
Wheeler, Edgar Julia Johnson; Online scans, #852  
Wheeler, Grandma    
Wheeler, John Arthur Julia Johnson  
Wheeler, Katrina Caryl Online scans, sb3513  
Wheeler, Leo L. Online scans, sb3502  
Wheeler, Mary Gladys Online scans, #8578, #8613, #8617  
Wheeler, Matilda J. Clayton Julia Johnson  
Wheeler, Merritt Online scans, sb3311  
Wheeler, Patricia    
Wheeler, Pauline Garey Online scans, sb3252  
Wheeler, Ronald L.    
Wheeler, Ross, -1962 Julia Johnson  
Wheeler, Vera Shannon    
Wheeler, Ward Online scans, #8979  
Wheeler, Winnie    
Wheeler, Zola Deel Online scans, #155  
Whigham, Bessie L. Online scans, sb1507  
Whigham, Charles Online scans, #4008  
Whigham, Clarence Online scans, #8926  
Whigham, David    
Whigham, Gary Online scans, #546  
Whigham, George A. Online scans, sb125  
Whigham, Irma Pratt Online scans, #2033, #2036  
Whigham, James Maurice Online scans, sb5145  
Whigham, Nancy Borthwick    
Whigham, Ronald Lee    
Whigham, Roy Online scans, #8513  
Whigham, Wilma Cox Online scans, sb243  
Whipkey, George    
Whipp, Charles H. Online scans, sb418  
Whipp, Dan Online scans, sb297  
Whipp, Eldon "Bill" Online scans, sb3970  
Whipp, Forrest Farquhar    
Whipp, Isabelle Farquhar Online scans, sb299  
Whipp, Joseph Glenn    
Whipp, Mary E. Henning Online scans, sb3935  
Whipp, Patricia Marie Davison Online scans, sb132, #3  
Whipple, Dorothy Jean Kidney Online scans, sb493  
Whipple, Harry Ernest Online scans, sb6052  
Whipple, Lora Marjorie Hamilton Online scans, #8621, #8649  
Whipple, Maxine Mae Florea    
Whipple, Roscoe "Red" Online scans, #415, #417  
Whisler, Frances Elizabeth Gamble Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb460  
Whisler, Jeanette Bryte    
Whitcomb, Charles Julia Johnson  
Whitcomb, Joel Julia Johnson  
Whitcomb, Martha Kent Julia Johnson  
White, Allen B.    
White, Avis Online scans, sb3938  
White, Bernice Iola Ridnour Julia Johnson  
White, Bessie Marie Williams Online scans, sb1406  
White, Beverly Jean Black    
White, Carrol Online scans, #8520  
White, Charles H.    
White, Claire A. Online scans, sb3106, sb5156  
White, David    
White, Delbert Dean    
White, Diane    
White, Donald LeRoy    
White, Eva M. Cozad    
White, Everett George Online scans, sb1486, sb135, sb5869, #176  
White, Fannie Abbott    
White, Florence Weller Online scans, #9489  
White, Frank G. Online scans, #684  
White, G.N., -1887 Julia Johnson  
White, Harland Lester    
White, Harriet    
White, Harriet Addie Bartlett Julia Johnson  
White, Janet Anabelle Smith    
White, Jeff Online scans, #656  
White, Joseph Julia Johnson  
White, Larry James    
White, Lewis E.    
White, Lloyd    
White, Lois Marie    
White, Lydia Margaret Miller    
White, Margaret J.    
White, Marvin Dean    
White, Mary    
White, Minnie Mae Cash Julia Johnson  
White, Norma W.    
White, Paul Online scans, #268  
White, Port, Mrs    
White, Richard Paul Online scans, sb3232  
White, Rollin S. Online scans, sb5708  
White, Ruth Alice Stinemates    
White, Silas    
White, Thomas    
White, Vera Velma Online scans, #8853, #8850  
White, W. Wilbur Online scans, #744  
White, Willard    
White, Zelma A. Cunning    
Whited, Mary Jane Preeo Online scans, sb6403, sb5355  
Whitehead, Dusty Lee    
Whitehead, Helen Esther Pullen    
Whitehead, Horace Online scans, sb498  
Whitehead, John Gordon    
Whitehead, Kathryn "Faye"    
Whitehead, Laury Online scans, sb146, #187  
Whitehead, Lee H. Online scans, #189, #197  
Whitehead, Lucille L. Miller Online scans, sb3710, sb4251, sb3710  
Whitehead, Marie Online scans, #8845  
Whitehead, Milo D. "Mike" Online scans, #8644  
Whitehead, Raymond A. Online scans, sb3778, sb3829  
Whitehead, Shirley A. Hughes Online scans, #327, #321, #527  
Whitehead, Sue Carole Underwood    
Whitehead, Tilda Ann Bennett Jerry Hamm  
Whitehill, Ada Barrett    
Whitehill, Aldean May "Deanie" Brown    
Whitehill, Allen Online scans, #827  
Whitehill, Darrell Lee    
Whitehill, Donald    
Whitehill, Donna Shields Online scans, #647, #616  
Whitehill, Dorothy Mace    
Whitehill, Eleanor C. Hall    
Whitehill, Ethel Online scans, #214  
Whitehill, Evah Online scans, #8842  
Whitehill, Gwendolin Pearl Bayless    
Whitehill, Gwyneth "Gwen" Ann Denney    
Whitehill, Hazel A. Long Online scans, sb1426  
Whitehill, Ida Lenore Stevenson    
Whitehill, James Arthur    
Whitehill, James Edward    
Whitehill, James Holmes    
Whitehill, Janet Kathleen Smith Gruber    
Whitehill, Keith R.    
Whitehill, Lillian Ester Online scans, sb3510  
Whitehill, Margaret J.    
Whitehill, Mary Eldora Carnagey    
Whitehill, Matthew Julia Johnson  
Whitehill, Nancy R. Keele    
Whitehill, Rex Gaylord    
Whitehill, Rhonda Jean    
Whitehill, Robert Donald Online scans, #190  
Whitehill, Robert "Bob" L.    
Whitehill, Robert Lee Online scans, sb177  
Whitehill, Rodney Gene    
Whitehill, Thomas R.    
Whitehill, Thomas' WIFE    
Whitehill, Tom    
Whitehill, Vera Opal Chambers Dinsmore Online scans, sb3784, sb1928, sb1940  
Whitehill, William H. Online scans, sb271  
Whitehill, William Harold "Jeff" Online scans, sb1896, sb1908  
Whiting, Lucy J.    
Whitmore, A.H., Mrs    
Whitmore, Arlouine Rose Wiar    
Whitmore, Augusta Ann Rice    
Whitmore, Cassie M. Online scans, #9016  
Whitmore, Clyde    
Whitmore, Delia Waters    
Whitmore, Elinor Ackerman    
Whitmore, Faye T. Cheshire Online scans, sb3934, sb5040  
Whitmore, Floyd Forrest    
Whitmore, Frances Online scans, #8516  
Whitmore, Joyce Nelson    
Whitmore, Junia Ella James    
Whitmore, Martha "Mattie" Irvin Online scans, #241  
Whitmore, Mayne Edward Online scans, #230  
Whitmore, Stella B. Online scans, #506  
Whitmore, Vern Online scans, #213  
Whitmore, Wayne Wendell    
Whitnah, Burl    
Whitnah, Fenton    
Whitnah, Mary Campbell Julia Johnson  
Whitney, B.F.    
Whitney, Francena Castle Online scans, #3034  
Whitney, Grant C. Online scans, sb6365, sb5405  
Whitney, Harrison Henry "Harry" - 1898 Julia Johnson  
Whitney, Henry Harrison, 1838 - 1892 Julia Johnson  
Whitney, J.C.    
Whitney, Mary Ellen Moore Online scans, sb3937  
Whitney, Phyllis Jean Draper    
Whitney, Samuel    
Whitney, Steven Douglas Julia Johnson; Online scans, #14  
Whitney, William F.    
Whitslar, James Robert    
Whitson, Lois Mae Gamble Online scans, sb5149  
Whittaker, Robert, 1820 - 1888 Julia Johnson  
Whittaker, Ruth H. Hargis Online scans, sb2558  
Whittaker, Susan Wilkes    
Whittaker, William E.    
Whyte, Gertrude Johnston Online scans, sb1497  
Whyte, Walter William Online scans, sb1409