Mills County, Iowa
1881 Mills County History

Biographical Sketches
Madden, John H.,
Farmer and stock raiser, section 14, P.O. Malvern; born May 1, 1833, in Muskingum county, Ohio, where he remained until about eighteen years of age, and then moved with his parents to Putnam county, same state. He arrived in Iowa, June 29, 1864, after a weary journey of thirty-three days, and located in White Cloud township. Two years later he came to Rawles township, and settled on the farm where he now lives. Was married November 5, 1857, to Miss Mary, daughter of John and Rachel Fickle, of Perry county, Ohio. They have had four children, three of whom are now living: Rachel, Emma L., Mary E. and Lydia (deceased). He is a member of the M. E. church and has always been identified with the school interests of his community. He has served his township officially almost constantly since his arrival here. He owns a farm of 160 acres, with good dwelling house, fine orchard and other substantial improvements. Mr. Madden is a man of strict integrity and has the confidence of all his neighbors. p. 610 Rawles Township

Madison, William W.,
Farmer, section 22, P.O. Tabor; born November 1, 1839, in Crawford county, Pennsylvania, where he lived until eleven years of age, when he moved with his parents to Lorraine county, Ohio, and there grew to manhood. He attended the public schools of Pennsylvania and Ohio and later attended the Tabor schools, in which he received the principal part of his education. After coming to this county he learned the carpenter trade, and followed that occupation until the beginning of the late war, when he enlisted November 17, 1861, in company F, 15th Iowa volunteer infantry. He participated in the battles of Pittsburg Landing, Corinth, Jackson, Vicksburg and Grand Junction, and was with Sherman on his "March to the Sea". He veteranized in 1863, and was discharged July 25, 1865, at Davenport, Iowa. On the 4th of July, 1866, he met with an accident which caused the loss of his right eye. In company with a party of young men, he was preparing to celebrate the fourth, by "shooting a log," and while he was arranging the fuse with an auger, the log exploded and the end of the tool struck him in the eye. Was married in February, 1876, to Mrs. Sarah Busenbark, of New York. Previous to this Mrs. Madison was married to Mr. Maynard Busenback, by whom she was the mother of three children, two of whom are now living: Earnest W. and Maynard. Mr. B. died at this place from disease contracted while in the army. Mr. Madison owns a good farm of 130 acres, well improved. p. 610/611 Rawles Township

Mains, Webster,
Farmer, section 25, P.O. Silver City; born in 1845 in Cass county, Illinois, where he was brought up on a farm and educated in the common schools. He came to Mills county, in 1868, locating the farm where he now resides, consisting of 122 acres, well adapted to stock raising, in which business he is extensively engaged. He was married in 1868, to Miss Martha C. Shaw, a native of New York. Mr. Mains has been closely identified with the township affairs since his residence here, having served two terms as township assessor, five terms as township clerk; is now serving as school director, and is also a prominent member of the I. O. O. F. p. 697 Ingraham Township

Marks, William,
Farmer, section 1, P.O. Council Bluffs; born February 22, 1854 in Hanover, Germany, where he grew to manhood. He was thoroughly educated in both German and English and prepared for professional life. At the age of nineteen he immigrated to America, and established his first permanent residence in this vicinity. On his arrival he was engaged as a teacher in the German families of the neighborhood. Later he went to Council Bluffs, where he was engaged as a clerk about nine months. He was married December 5, 1875, to Miss Mary Elizabeth Hoyer, a German lady of culture, which union has brought to them three sons: Gustave, Otto and Arthur. He enjoys the possession of a neat little farm of eighty acres. Mr. Marks is a young man of marked ability, and is respected and admired by the community in which he resides. p. 644 St. Mary Township

Martens, Herman,
Farmer and stock dealer, section 7, P.O. Council Bluffs: born March 16, 1857, in Stacy Hollenstine, Germany. When about a year old he immigrated with his parents to America, and immediately located in this vicinity, where he grew to manhood. He received his education in the common schools and at Tabor College, and is well advanced in both German and English. His father died in this county October 1, 1880, leaving a family of five children, of whom Herman is the eldest, who, with the other members of the family, Sophia, Lewis, Henry and Charley, resides on an excellent farm of 450 acres, well improved, with an elegant dwelling house, substantial barn, and a large and productive orchard. Mr. Martens has had charge of the farm since the death of his father, and has conducted it in an able manner. He is a young man of high moral character, an enterprising business man, and has a large circle of friends. p. 644 St. Mary Township

Martin, Cintha E.,
P.O. Hastings; was born February 14, 1833, in Upper Canada. At the age of thirteen years she came with her parents to the U.S. and located in Mills county, a few miles north of Glenwood. Some time thereafter they moved to Fremont county, and located near Sidney. Two years later they moved to Council Bluffs, where she married Moses Martin, January 6, 1857. Mr. Martin was a native of Vermont. He died February 28, 1878. They were the parents of nine children: William N., George E., Martha E., Lydia M., Anna M., Lewis L., Charles F., Albert E. and Russell C. p. 700 Deer Creek Township

Martin, H.,
Foreman in car shops C. B. & Q. and K. C. R.R., was born November 26, 1847, in Schenectady county, New York. He passed his youth in acquiring an education and in learning the trade of a machinist. At twenty-one he became a foreman in the locomotive works in his native city. In 1869 he went to Utah, where he remained a year and a half; he then became an engineer on the Missouri Pacific R. R., which business he followed for one year. He then went to Laramie City, Wyoming Territory. He afterward returned to New York, and then again came to the west, locating at Creston, Iowa, in the employ of the C. B. & Q. R.R. In September of 1880, he came to Pacific Junction as foreman. He was married in November, 1873, to Miss Elizabeth Whalon, of Albany county, New York. They are the parents of four children: Maggie, Ellen, Annie and William R. p. 663 Plattville Township

McCammon, Charles C.,
Stockman and farmer, P.O. Glenwood; is a native of Morgan county, Illinois. He was born in 1832, and in 1836 came to Iowa to Van Buren county, receiving a common school education. In 1852 he started overland for California, and remained in that state sixteen years, engaged in mining, freighting, and staging. He was married in 1871 to Miss Ella Scott, a native of Putnam county, Indiana, born in 1850. they have one child, James C., born in March 1872. The farm of Mr. McCammon is a fine one of two hundred and forty acres, like most other farms in the county, well improved. p.598 Center Township

McClain, Arthur,
Farmer and stock raiser, section 15, P.O. Emerson; born April 16, 1837, in Knox county, Ohio. Moved with his parents in 1852, to Adams county, Indiana. In 1858 he returned to Ohio and remained one year, and then returned to Indiana, locating in Rush county. Enlisted September 18, 1861, in the Thirty-seventh Indiana infantry and remained in the service three years; was taken prisoner May 1, 1862, by General Morgan's cavalry. He participated in the battles of Buzzard's Roost, siege of Buzzard's Roost, Resaca, New Hope Church, Pine Mountain, Kenesaw, Chattahoochee River, Peach Tree Creek, and the siege of Atlanta. After being mustered out he returned to Indiana; came to Mills county in 1875, and located on the farm where he now resides, which consists of two hundred and sixty-six acres of the best land in the township. Was married in May, 1866, to Caroline C. Murray, a native of New York. They are the parents of four children: Albert M., John H., Carl A. and Marion F. p. 716 Indian Creek Township

McCormick, P.,
Farmer, P.O. Malvern; was born in Ireland in the year 1837. In 1847 he came to the United States and located in St. Lawrence county, New York where he resided eleven years. In 1858 he went to California, engaged in mining for some four years; then to Idaho, remaining another period of four years, at the expiration of which he returned to New York. He shortly afterward came to this county, attended Tabor College two terms, and then located on the farm he now owns, containing two hundred and thirty acres. In February, of 1870, he was married to Miss T. Weldon, formerly of Monroe county, New York. p. 598/599 Center Township

McCoy, C. O.,
Farmer, section 19, P.O. Silver City; born in 1829, in Pennsylvania. When thirteen years of age he came to Iowa, locating in Scott county, where he remained about three years and then went to Cedar county. In the fall of 18?1 he came to Mills county, and has resided here since that time. He owns a beautifully situated farm of 545 acres, well under cultivation and adorned with all the modern improvements. Mr. McCoy is one of Mills county's oldest settlers, and has proved himself one of her most successful farmers. p. 697 Ingraham Township

McKnight, G. R.,
Farmer, P.O. Bartlett; born February 21, 1824, in Kentucky. At an early age he moved with his parents to Jackson county, Missouri, and there grew to manhood, and was educated in the common schools. When seventeen years of age he learned the trade of a wagon-maker, which trade he followed six years. In 1853 he came to Mills county, Iowa where he remained five years, and then went to Parker county, Texas, and two years later returned to Iowa. In 1865 he emigrated to Kansas, and from there he again went to Texas, residing in various sections of that state until 1879, and in this year he came for the third time to Mills county. Was married in 1848 to Miss Julia A. Keith, a native of Ohio. Ten children have been born to them, seven of whom are now living; William A., Joseph F., Sarah J., Amelia E., Martha E., Jonathan M. and Alice A. Mr. McKnight lived four years in Gentry county, Missouri, and during that time served a term as sheriff of that county with credit. p. 625 Lyons Township

McPherron, Alfred B.,
farmer and stock raiser, section 17; born in Knox county, Tennessee, April 22, 1820, where he grew to manhood and was educated in the private schools of that county. His youth was passed in working on a farm, which occupation he has continued until the present time. He came from that place to this county in 1852, and has resided here ever since. He was married September 7, 1872, to Mrs. Eliza King, daughter of Benjamin and Matilda Utterback. She was married to Mr. Geo. W. King, by whom she was the mother of two children. In 1863 he enlisted in the 8th Iowa Cavalry, and later in the Fourth Artillery. He remained in the service about two years and was discharged at Davenport in July 1865. Mr. M. has been elected from time to time to most of the township offices. He owns a well improved farm of one hundred and sixty acres. p. 612 Rawles Township

McPherron, William,
farmer and stock raiser, P.O. Tabor; born November 18, 1815 in Knox county Tennessee, where he worked on a farm and attended school until he grew to manhood. In 1836 he came to Henry county, Iowa, and remained one year and a half, and then returned to Tennessee. He again emigrated to Iowa and settled on his present location May 31, 1851. Was married February 21, 1839, to Miss Mary A.S. Graves, a native of Tennessee. They are the parents of eight children, seven of whom are now living: Caroline T., Asbury S., John Melville, William S., Henry A., Nancy E. and Alfred Monroe. His two sons, Asbury and John, served in the war of the rebellion, and were honorably discharged. The family are members of the M.E. church, and Mr. McPherron has been for a number of years identified as church steward and class leader in that denomination, and has also been superintendent of the Sabbath school. He was for a time engaged in teaching school and was one of the pioneer teachers of the township, and has held numerous township offices. He owns a good farm of 160 acres, well improved. p. 612 Rawles Township

Meadows. Isaac,
Farmer and stock raiser, P.O. Glenwood; was born March 13, 1813, in Washington county, Virginia, where he resided until mature. His youth was passed in agricultural pursuits, and hence his education was limited to the common school. In 1835 he moved to Saline county, Missouri, where he remained until 1853, when he became identified with Mills county interests as a resident farmer. He was married in 1842 to Miss Rhoda Warren, a native of Tennessee. His first wife to whom he was married in 1840, was Miss F. Cooper, who died in the year following. As the fruit of his second union there were born to him nine children, six sons and three daughters: Harvey, Nathaniel, Benjamin J., William, George, Sarah, Gilla A., Belle and Joel. p. 669 Oak Township

Merritt, Rufus L.,
Farmer and stock raiser, section 1, P.O. Glenwood; born February 15, 1835, in Caswell county, North Carolina. At an early age he moved with his parents to Kentucky, remaining there three years, and then went to Cedar county, Missouri, where he remained until 1859. In October, 1859, he arrived in Mills county and located in Lyons township, and was one of the first settlers of the township. He grew to manhood in Missouri, and was educated in the subscription schools. His father, Benjamin F. Merritt, like all early settlers, very unwisely located in the timbered sections of the county, and consequently much labor was required to bring his farm under cultivation. His father had a family of three children: Alvis, Sidney and Rufus L. Rufus was married June 15, 1854 to Miss Nancy J. Grizzle, a native of Missouri. Six children have been born to them, five of whom are now living: Edna B., Mary E., John L., George A., and Sarah A. His father died in this county November 1, 1853, which was one of the first deaths in the township. His mother, Mrs. Edna Merritt, now makes her home with him. He owns two hundred and forty acres of land in a good state of cultivation, with good dwelling house and other substantial improvements. He has held the office of township trustee thirteen years to the entire satisfaction of the people. p. 626 Lyons Township

Merwin, Charles, Rev.,
Is a native of Yankeedom, where he lived until four years of age. He first saw the light at Fairfield, Connecticut, October 1, 1810. With his people he emigrated to western New York, which was then considered "west," and settled in Victor, Ontario county, where Mr. Merwin continued to reside until he reached young manhood - twenty years of age. After quitting the common school, he pursued a collegiate course in the University of New York, and also a theological course in the Auburn (New York) Theological Seminary, preparatory for the ministry. At the age of thirty years - June 10, 1840 - Mr. Merwin married Miss Amelia Oliphant, at Auburn, New York, who died in December 1871. He married October 15, 1873, as his second wife, Sara Randall, of Buffalo, New York. He has four living children, three by the first marriage: Charles H., Amelia F., and Sarah F.; and by the second marriage, one, Abbie F. Mr. Merwin was the first pastor of the Presbyterian church of Malvern. Among other worldly effects Mr. Merwin has a farm of 160 acres lying in White Cloud township, Mills county. p. 638 Malvern Township

Metz, Pierce,
Is a native of Schuylkill county, Pennsylvania. His career of life began July 12, 1852. In 1855 he, with his parents, came to Marion county, Iowa where he remained until the age of twenty-five, when, in November, 1877, he moved to Malvern. He was married in Marion county, to Miss Josie L. Rungan, May 13, 1875. His education was received from the common school. His occupations were somewhat varied. He paddled his own canoe from the age of about nine years, and his first voyage was in a woolen factory, which continued for five summers. Next he worked at the carpenter trade for some three years, then taught school three years. Since the last period he has pursued the mercantile business, which has brought him a good measure of success. He belongs to Silver Urn lodge of the Masonic fraternity. p. 638/639 Malvern Township

Mickelwait, Hon. James,
Farmer, P.O. Hillsdale; born March 27, 1827, in Yorkshire, England. He emigrated to this country with his parents when four years of age. He first located in Morgan county, Illinois, where he remained about eleven years. He next moved to Henry county, Iowa, resided there five years, and returned to Morgan county, Illinois. In February, 1849 he started for the gold fields of California, and arrived in the state August 25, of the same year. He remained in the mines about fourteen months, and then returned to Henry county, Iowa. He arrived in Mills county about April 15, 1851, and has continuously resided here since that time. In 1874 he engaged in the grain business at Hillsdale, in company with his son-in-law, Mr. W. M. Coats. They have erected a good elevator at that point, and handle a large amount of all kinds of cereals. Mr. M. was Mills county's representative in the Fifteenth General Assembly. He was elected on the anti-monopoly ticket, and served with credit to himself and constituency. During his long residence in the county he has won the esteem and admiration of the people by his earnest efforts in all matters having the advancement of the interests of the county. He was married March 7, 1852, to Sarah A. Baylis, of Champaign county, Ohio. Five children are the fruits of this union, of whom three are living: Lizzie, Wilbur W. and James M. He resides on a fine farm of 192 acres, beautifully situated and well improved. p. 599 Center Township

Mickelwait, Joseph,
Farmer and stock raiser, P.O. Hillsdale; was born in Morgan county, Illinois, in 1833. In 1840 he came to Henry county, Iowa, residing there until 1863, when his residence in Mills county began. In November 1858, he was married to Miss Nancy Barr, of Henry county, this state. She was born in October 1836, in the state of Ohio. They are the parents of five children: George H., Lucy., John, Mary A. and Joseph. The farm of this gentleman contains two hundred and sixty acres. p. 598 Center Township

Mickelwait, Richard,
Section 36, P.O. Glenwood. A prominent farmer of Mills county, who owns a fine farm of five hundred acres well stocked and improved, with a large house and a commodious barn. He deals extensively in stock, and is connected with his brother in Glenwood in the brokerage business. He was born in England, in September, 1831. His parents immigrated to America when he was a year old, and settled in Morgan county, Illinois, remaining about ten years; they then moved to Henry county, where our subject engaged in farming and attending school. In 1851 he came to this county; after remaining a short time he went in 1852 to Oregon, and thence to California, where he engaged in mining and dealing in stock. In 1861 he returned to Mills county, locating north of Glenwood, where he remained about four years, then coming to his present home. He was united in marriage October 1, 1861, to Miss Mary E. Morrison, of Lee county, this state, who was born January 9, 1842. This union has brought them five children: Maggie M., Eva J., Ralph R., Lula M., and Emma J., deceased. p. 681 Glenwood Township

Miller, Isaac,
Farmer, P.O. Clark; born March 3, 1807, in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. In 1818 he moved to Westmoreland county, where he remained until 1844, and then went to Armstrong county, residing there twelve years, and afterward lived two years in Indiana county. He then left Pennsylvania and went to Rock Island county, Illinois, arriving in June 1858. Here he remained until 1870, and then came to Mills county, Iowa, and located one mile south of the present town site of Clark, where he makes his home with his daughter, Mrs. Hilton. Was married August 15, 1843, to Miss Ann McCutcheon, who was born in Pennsylvania, August 5, 1807. They had two children: J. C., and Mary M. Mrs. Miller died March 1, 1870. p. 652 White Cloud Township

Miller, J. C.,
Farmer, P.O. Clark; born September 30, 1844, in Armstrong county, Pennsylvania. At the age of thirteen years he went with his parents to Rock Island county, Illinois, locating near Port Byron, where he grew to manhood. In 1870 he came to Mills county, Iowa, and located in White Cloud township. He is a single man, and makes his home at the house of his brother-in-law, Mr. Hilton. He is the present clerk of his township, and is serving his third term in that capacity, and has filled the position to the entire satisfaction of his constituents. p. 652 White Cloud Township

Miller, J. M.,
Farmer, P.O. Glenwood; was born in Buchanan county, Missouri, June 16, 1840. In 1853 he came to this county as one of its early settlers. August 13, 1862, he enlisted in the Twenty-ninth Iowa, company B, and was in the battles of Helena, Little Rock, Saline River, Spanish Fort, and the taking of Mobile. He was married to Miss Harriet E. Graves, a native of Knox county, Tennessee, born November 22, 1838. She came to this county in 1852. They are the parents of six children, two living: Marietta and Ada Pearl. The farm of Mr. Miller contains 160 acres. What has been said of other old residents of the county is equally true of him, and need not be here repeated. p. 598 Center Township

Mitchell, Howard A.,
Painter, P.O. Pacific Junction, is a native of Warren county, Illinois, where he was born March 5, 1840. He began to learn his trade in 1864, and has followed the same until the present time. He came to Mills county in 1868, and located at Malvern. In 1880 he came to Pacific Junction, and entered upon his trade. He was married in 1871 to Miss Laura Stafford, a native of Indiana. They are the parents of four children: Martha J., Albert E., Abbie and Howard A. Jr. p. 663 Plattville Township

Moffitt, W. H.,
Farmer and stock raiser on section 24; born on the 6th of March 1843, in Randolph county, North Carolina. In 1849 his parents came to Jefferson county, this state. In 1852 they went to Pottawattamie county, and in 1865 Mr. Moffitt came hither, and has been since that year, a continuous resident. The farm he now occupies was purchased in 1872. December 30, 1863, he was married to Miss Electa R. Anderson, a native of Illinois, born October 16, 1845. They are the parents of five children: Lewis A., born October 23, 1864, Olive N., born June 19,1866; Ulysses Y., born May 11, 1868; Ira H., born June 12, 1871, and James A., born November 6, 1878. Mr. Moffitt is one of the most successful farmers in the county. P.O. Glenwood. p. 668 Oak Township

Moon, Henry,
Farmer and stock raiser, section 25, P.O. East Plattsmouth; was born May 1, 1818, in Ireland. At the age of twenty five he came to the United Sates and located at New York. Shortly afterwards he went to New Orleans, where he remained five years. He lived in various states and cities previous to coming to this county. He is one of the early settlers of this county, and has contributed to its growth and prosperity. He was married November 12, 1856, to Miss R. McParland. they are the parents of nine children, six of whom are living: Mitchell, Hugh, Henry, Annie M., William J. and Rosa C. The farm of Mr. Moon comprises some two hundred acres, all in a splendid state of cultivation, attesting his skill as a farmer. p. 664 Plattville Township

Moon, T. J.,
Farmer And stock-raiser, section 34, P.O. Tabor; born January 22, 1830 in Cortland county, New York. When seven years of age he moved with his parents to Steuben county, where he grew to manhood, attending school and working at farm labor. Went to Lee county, Illinois, in the spring of 1852, and in the spring of 1857 went to southern Kansas and participated in the border warfare, which at that time was at its height, and acted with great credit in the interest of freedom. In 1859 he moved to Madison county, Iowa and remained there until 1864, when he came to Fremont county, and one year later located in Mills county on the farm where he now resides. Was married November 8, 1860, to Miss Emma, daughter of Franklin and Lucy Jane Bosworth of Trumbull county, Ohio. They are the parents of eight children, seven of whom are now living: Mary E., George W., Lora B., Ura G., Myrtie E., Lydia L. and Emma P. Mr. Moon and family are members of the Congregational church. He has been several times elected to the various township offices and at present is acting in the capacity of constable. He served in the state militia, and was for two years captain of a company of home guards. He owns a good farm of 120 acres, well improved. p. 611 Rawles Township

Moore, John B.,
Druggist, P.O. Emerson; born in Cadiz, Harrison county, Ohio, October 23, 1842, where he spent his youth on a farm and received a common school education. From an early date until 1862 he was engaged in the occupation of a butcher. In the year last named he volunteered in company H, 126th Ohio infantry, and was soon promoted to orderly sergeant. He served three years and was in some forty-two battles and minor skirmishes, and among others was at Harper's Ferry, Antietam, Wilderness and Petersburg. Of the 103 men in his company who enlisted in the service in 1862, only seven were mustered out at the end of the war. At the close of his term of service he came to Bloomington, Illinois, and engaged in farming and stock raising, and up to 1874 had accumulated some $25,000; but then came reverses and his entire fortune was swept away. From 1874 to 1877 he was engaged in the real estate business in Bloomington. Then fire came to destroy his fortunes, when he purchased a grist mill moved the same to Kansas and began anew to make his way in the world. His venture proved a financial success. He sold it in 1878, and came to Emerson in August of that year, and entered the drug business. He was married June 19, 1866, to Miss Violet Niccolls, of Bloomington, Illinois; she died September 24, 1874, leaving three children: Albert B., Maria and Chauncey. He again married November 3, 1875, to Mrs. Maggie James, who had one child by her former husband: May. He has one child by his second wife: Jessie E. Mr. Moore is a member of the I. O. O. F. He is a respected member of the community and a man of exceptional business capacity. p. 716 Indian Creek Township

Moore, W. G.,
Druggist and chemist, Silver City, was born in Harrison county, Ohio, January 1, 1851. In 1872 he began the study of medicine with a view to practice general medicine, and pursued his studies for some two years. He was married in his native county, in 1872, to Miss Leah M. Billingsley, a native of Ohio. They are the parents of three children: Charles A., Laura May and Reno. Mr. Moore came to Silver City in the spring of 1879. The place then contained but a single store. He at once entered upon his business and erected the second store in the city. Active and enterprising he has entered heartily into every enterprise calculated to upbuild the place; has served on the school board, and been otherwise identified with the growth of the town. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. and A. F. & A. M. p. 696/697 Ingraham Township

Morris, J. D.,
Of the firm of Morris & Parish, publishers of the Republican Leader and Pacific Junction Gazette. Mr. Morris is a native of Monmouth county, New Jersey, where he was born January 12, 1834. Completing the studies of the common school, he further pursued his education at Burlington university and Franklin college. He graduated from the Chicago medical college in 1862, and began the practice of medicine in Vermillion county, Indiana. In 1868 he moved to Bedford, Taylor county, Iowa, continuing the practice of his profession until 1876. He then purchased the Bedford Argus and began his career as a newspaper man. After a year's successful publication he moved to Des Moines, and began the publication of the Beacon Light, a religious paper devoted to the interests of the Baptist denomination. This venture was not a financial success. In October 1877, he established the Capital City Record, which, in the summer of 1878 was changed to the Des Moines News. In February, 1879, he assumed the management of the Malvern Leader, a paper which, the following year, was consolidated with the Mills County Republican, under the title of the Republican-Leader. December 4, 1880, he established, in connection with Mr. Parrish, The Pacific Junction Gazette. He was married November 4, 1858, to Miss Mary J. Hancock, a native of Illinois. they are the parents of three children: Margaret E., Lydia L. and Joseph C. During his residence in Bedford he was a member of the city council, and mayor for a tern of two years. p. 663/664 Plattville Township

Morrow, Allen,
Farmer and stock-raiser, section 30, P.O. Malvern; born in Jackson, county, Ohio July 23, 1840, at which place the principal part of his youth was passed. During his youth he was greatly afflicted with disease and consequently did not enjoy the educational facilities to any great extent. In 1857 he moved with his parents to Page Co, Iowa and three years later came to this county, first locating in Lyons township and afterward near Glenwood. During that year he came to the farm where he now lives. He then went to the gold regions of the west and engaged in mining, but soon returned to Lyons township, and has since followed the occupation of a farmer. His parents, Andrew and Sarah, had a family of fifteen children, thirteen sons and two daughters. Five of the sons served in the war of the rebellion. Allen was not among these, owing to ill health. Was married April 13 1869 to Miss Mary C., daughter of Stephen and Mary Davis of Vinton County Ohio. They were the parents of two children: Louisa and Frank. Mrs. Morrow died April 22, 1876. Mr. Morrow is a member in good standing of the Baptist church. He owns an excellent stock farm of 240 acres, well improved and systematically arranged, with good house, barn and orchard. p. 652 White Cloud Township

Morrow, Andrew,
Born February 8, 1814, in Athens county, Ohio. He went to Jackson county when quite young where he grew to maturity, and received his education in the pioneer subscription schools of that county, and, as Mr. Morrow expresses it, "sitting straddle of a split log." In 1851 he went to Pike county and in 1857 to Page county, Iowa, remaining there four years and then came to Mills county. He remained in this county until 1870 and they went to Cass county, Nebraska. In 1874 he moved to Harrison county, Iowa, where he now resides. Was married in 1836 to Sarah Dill of Jackson county, Ohio. Fifteen children were born to them: George, William, Catharine, John, Thomas, Clinton, Rozelle, Henry, Jane, Benjamin, Alexander, Samuel, Andrew and Amos. p. 625 Lyons Township

Morrow, George,
Farmer, section 5, P.O. Pacific Junction; born January 23, 1837, in Jackson county, Ohio, where he grew to manhood, and received his education in the common schools. When twenty years of age he moved with his parents to Iowa and located in Page county, and resided there four years, and from there came to this county. He enlisted October 10, 1861, and was mustered into the service November 17 at Keokuk. He was engaged in the battles of Shiloh, Corinth, Vicksburg, Atlanta, and all other minor engagements in which his regiment participated. Was discharged November 17, 1865. Was married February 11, 1866 to Miss Mary E. Haynie. They are the parents of four children, three of whom are now living; Howard, Mary and John. He owns a well improved farm of two hundred and twenty acres, and is one of the successful pioneers of Mills County. p. 625 Lyons Township

Morse, Edwin,
Grain dealer, Silver City; was born in Summerset county, Maine, April 20, 1852. He followed the business of lumber merchant in Summerset and other counties of his native state until the spring of 1876. He then visited the Black Hills and engaged in mining, a venture proving very remunerative to him. After a residence in the Black Hills of some six months, he returned again to Maine, but after a brief stay went to California. Here he remained until 1879, engaged in the mercantile business. In January, 1879, he went to Shenandoah, Iowa and entered the grain business. In September, of 1880, he came to Silver City, and has since built up a large business in grain. p. 697 Ingraham Township

Munger, James P.,
Entered life in Fulton county, Illinois, July 12, 1847. Here he spent the first eighteen years of his youthful days, during which period he acquired a common school education. In 1865 he removed to Hancock county, Illinois, where he remained until 1873, which year he sought Iowa as his future home, making a three year's sojourn in Adams county, where he engaged in the grocery trade. In the centennial year he moved to Malvern, Iowa, where he has since resided, continuing the grocery business until 1878, when he sold it out and entered the drug business with C. F. Goodwin, by purchase of the establishment where they now are. November 29, 1877, Mr. Munger married Miss Julia A. Newcomb, of Belfast, Maine. One child, a boy, Curtis B. brightens the parental home. Mr. Munger received the recognition of his fellow townsmen by being once elected recorder of the town, and once clerk of the township. Mr. Munger took a course in the Keokuk Commercial College, and graduated in 1870, and devoted himself to bookkeeping until he entered his mercantile pursuits. His perseverance and industry has secured him success and a comfortable capital in business. p. 639 Malvern Township

Munsinger, Charles,
Farmer and proprietor of Pleasant Hill nursery, section 27, P.O. Tabor; born near Hamburg, Germany, December 17, 1820. His parents immigrated to America when he was five years old, and located in Lorraine county, Ohio, where his youth was passed attending school and working on a farm. When twenty-one years of age he learned the trade of a tanner and currier, which occupation he followed for about fifteen years. He arrived in Iowa May 28, 1855, and located in Fremont county. In the year following came to Mills county, and in 1858 settled on the farm where he now resides. Was married October 23, 1849 to Miss Electa, daughter of John W. and Alvira Northrop; she was born in Livonia, Ontario county, New York. They have one child living: Evangeline; and two deceased. Mr. M. has been several times elected to the various township offices, which he has filled to the entire satisfaction of his constituents. He has been a member of the Congregational church since his arrival in the county. He owns a fine fruit farm of forty acres, and has now one of the most complete nurseries in the west. He also owns a good tract of timber land in Lyons township. (See Obituary) p.611/612 Rawles Township

Musselman, David T.,
Wheelwright, P.O. Hastings; was born June 11, 1829, in Perry county, Ohio, where he learned the trade of his father, who was a master mechanic. In 1849 he moved to Genoa, Ohio and engaged in business for himself. July 2, 1852, he married Miss Emily Beckett, a native of Albemarle county, Virginia, born June 2, 1830. In 1861 he came to Iowa, locating in Clark county, at Osceola, and four years later to this county, and engaged in farming, which occupation he still follows. His wife died July 11, 1878, leaving seven children living: William, Elizabeth, Charles, Addie, Bert, Myrtle M. and Rob Roy. He had married for his second wife Mrs. Emma A. Stafford, daughter of James A. and Elizabeth Davis, born in Herefordshire, England, June 21, 1846. The date of this marriage was January 27, 1881. p. 716 Indian Creek Township

Nellen, Gerhard,
Farmer and stock raiser, P.O. Hastings; born in Germany, September 23, 1842. He was educated in the common schools of his native land. In 1856 he came to America with his parents, and located in Minnesota. The years 1862 and 1863 were spent on a steamboat on the Mississippi river. He was a member of the force that put down the Indian out-break in Minnesota in 1861. He was a farmer in Illinois from 1863 until 1869, when he made a journey through the west. He finally located where he now lives. He was married August 6, 1873, to Miss Rebecca Crouse, a native of North Carolina. They are the parents of three children: Nancy Anna, John H. and Matta A. p. 703/704 Anderson Township

Newman, G. W.,
Farmer and brick mason, P.O. Henderson; was born May 27, 1830, in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he served an apprenticeship in the brick-laying and plastering trades. His education was received in the common schools. In 1854 he moved to Ripley county, Indiana, where he married Miss Rebecca J. Kayton, September 4, 1856. She was born in Indiana, November 21, 1835. He located where he now resides in 1870 and has his farm under splendid cultivation. In 1862 he enlisted in the Twenty-ninth Iowa, and was discharged for disability March 8, 1863. He is the father of eight children, seven now living as follows: Mary E., Anna P., George H., John B., Ada M., Pearley P. and Atta J. p. 703 Anderson Township

Norrell, George W.,
Farmer, section 13, P.O. Glenwood; born October 31, 1808, in Buckingham county, Virginia, where he grew to manhood and was educated in the private schools. In 1834 he went to Marion county, Ohio, and shortly after went to St. Louis county, Missouri. He resided in various counties of that state and then came to Mills county. In October, 1852, he entered land in Rawles township, which was one of the first entries made in the county, and settled on the farm where he now lives in 1877. Was married 1838, to Miss Luvicy, daughter of Matthew and Luvicy Boyd of Cooper county, Missouri. they are the parents of ten children, five of whom are living: Mary, Martha, Thomas B., John and Joseph. Five are deceased: James, P. J., K. D., George jr., and Mary J. They are members of the M. E. church, Mr. Norrell having been church steward and trustee in that denomination. He has held several township offices with credit to himself. He owns a fine farm of one hundred and forty acres, with good buildings, orchard and other substantial improvements. p. 626/627 Lyons Township

Norris, William,
Is a native of Hoosierdom, where he first breathed the breath of mortality, May 22, 1821, in Clay county. At the age of twelve years he went to LaPorte, Indiana, where he remained until his twenty-third year, preparing for the battle of life before him. In 1844 he pushed on westward to Illinois, where he sojourned until 1871, where he pursued the carpenter trade for a livelihood. He was first married when but twenty-one years of age, to Miss Jane Mix, who died in 1848; again, December 25, 1849, he married Amanda Brock, his present wife. Jackson E. and Ethlena are the children of this marriage. He has carried on farming since June 1849; in 1871 he moved to Mills county, Iowa, where he still continues farming, his farm containing two hundred and fifty-five acres, all tillable, which he improved to its present condition with good buildings. In connection with his other farm work, Mr. N. feeds about one hundred and fifty head of cattle each year. p. 629/630 Silver Creek Township

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