Mills County, Iowa
1881 Mills County History

Biographical Sketches
Daugherty, Christopher C.,
Miller, P.O. Malvern; born October 10, 1844, in McDonough county, Illinois, where he remained until twenty years of age. In 1864, he emigrated to Mills county, Iowa, first locating at White Cloud, where he remained about ten years, engaged in farming and milling. He then assisted in constructing the Buffington Mills, where he is now engaged as chief miller. Mr. Daugherty was married January 1, 1870, to Miss Eliza Hughes, a native of Mills county, Iowa. They are the parents of two children; Lillie L., and Verrill A. p.649 White Cloud Township

Davis, Coradon,
Farmer and stock raiser, section 31, P.O. Silver City; born in Ohio in 1833. When eighteen years of age he went to Quincy, Illinois, where he remained about seven years. He then came to Mills county, and with the exception of three years spent in Montana Territory, has since resided here. He was married January 17, 1853, to Miss Martha McCoy, who was born in Pennsylvania, June 23, 1838. They are the parents of three bright and intelligent children: Margaret Jane, Thomas B. and Nellie M. He is one of the most successful and enterprising farmers in the township. He owns a beautiful farm of 155 acres, on which are many modern improvements, all obtained by his own individual exertions. p. 693 Ingraham Township

Davis, M. T.,
Farmer and stock raiser, P.O. Malvern; born March 5, 1847, in Jackson county, Ohio. When about eight years of age he emigrated with his parents to Montgomery county, Iowa, locating about six miles south of the present site of Red Oak, remaining there but a short time and then came to Mills county and located about three miles west of the town of Emerson. After residing in various parts of the county, he finally located on section 30, White Cloud township, where he now resides. His farm is peculiarly adapted to stock raising, in which he is extensively engaged. Mr. Davis is an active, energetic business man. He was a member of Captain Tubbs' home cavalry company, which was organized for home protection during the war. Mr. Davis has considerable stock in the bank of Strahan, Davis & Bentley, known as the Page County Bank, located at Blanchard, Page county, Iowa. Was married August 16, 1871, to Miss Mary J. Aistrope, a native of England. They are the parents of three children: Minnie, Maggie, and Mary E. p. 648 White Cloud Township

Davis, Stephen D.,
Farmer and stock raiser, P.O. Malvern; born October 25, 1820, in Jackson county, Ohio, where he remained until twenty-one years of age. He came to Iowa in 1855, and located about six miles south of the present site of Red Oak, in Montgomery county. He remained in Montgomery county a few months, and then came to Mills county and located near where the town of Emerson now stands. After residing in various parts of the county, he finally located in Spring Valley, White Cloud township, in March 1861. Here he purchased a farm of 400 acres and has since made several purchases adjoining, until his farm now consists of 2,000 acres, 1,200 acres of which is tame pasture and meadow land. He has on his farm a spring of water which has a flow of about forty gallons per minute. He has constructed a fine fish pond. which is supplied by water from this spring, and contains an abundance of fish. Mr. Davis is one of the most extensive farmers in Mills county. He pays particular attention to stock raising, and has sold this season 194 head of fat cattle, and as many fat hogs. He has an extensive interest with the banking house of Strahan, Davis and Bentley, known as the Page County bank, located at Blanchard, in Page county. Was married April 7, 1842, to Miss Mary Parker, who was born in Virginia, September 17, 1821. They have five children living: Granville T., Marion T., Tacy L., Minervia A. and Charles F. p.648/649 White Cloud Township

Davis, Sterling,
Farmer and stock raiser, P.O. Malvern; Mr. Davis was born in Livingston county, New York, in 1822. In 1831 his parents moved to Ohio, where he lived twelve years, receiving, in the meantime, a common school education. In the spring of 1847 he came to this county, and is one of its earliest settlers. Four years previous to his coming to this county he had married Miss Maria Shoemaker, of Quincy, Illinois. They are the parents of seven children: Warren W., Amelia, William, Sarah, Catharine, Lillie P. and Wallace. The farm of Mr. Davis contains one hundred and sixty acres. A further account of those days and scenes which Mr. Davis found on coming here is elsewhere given. p. 596 Center Township

Deacon, E. T.,
Farmer, section 22, P.O. Glenwood; born January 31, 1828, in Burlington county, New Jersey, and there grew to manhood, receiving his education in the common schools. when fourteen years of age he was apprenticed with Louis Leeds to learn the trade of a blacksmith, with whom he remained seven years. He had by this time accumulated means sufficient to go into business for himself, and thus continued for twelve years, when, owing to ill health, he engaged in farming. He came to Iowa in 1867, and located on the farm where he now resides. Was married January 4, 1852, to Miss Mary Jane Scott, a native of New Jersey. Was married a second time, November 22, 1856, to Ruth Ann Glover, of New Jersey. Seven children have been born to them, three of whom are now living: William B., Isaac Ellsworth and Laura S. Mr. and Mrs. Deacon are members of the M. E. church. He is a member of the I.O.O.F., and of the Centennial Life Association. His life has been one of trials and hardships. Death claimed for his own two promising sons, recently, who were looked upon as a help and comfort to Mr. and Mrs. D. in their declining years. He owns a neat little farm of 120 acres, well improved. p.676 Glenwood Township

Dean, Seth,
County surveyor, Glenwood; was born in Mills county, Iowa, October 20, 1851. His life was passed on the farm until 1872, when he went to Ohio to engage in the study of civil engineering. In 1874 he went to Kansas, where he remained but a short time. He has enjoyed the respect and confidence of the public, having been chosen at various times to fill public offices, among which are those of county surveyor, to which he was elected in 1877, and again re-elected in 1879; and sheriff, to which office he has been elected several times; the evidence of his popularily consisting in the fact that although the county is largely republican, Mr. Dean has always been elected as a democrat. In addition to the public positions held by him, he is also a member of the western society of civil engineers of Chicago, and the Park Benjamin expert association, of New York. He was also an observer in the Iowa weather service for three years. His education was received at the common school and Tabor college. His present wife was Annie Baxter, of Glenwood, Iowa, to whom he was married April 9, 1879, he having been previously married to Mary L. McClanathan, of Washington county, Ohio, February 14, 1856. He has been the father of seven children, all boys, three of whom, Collier, Harry and J____, are now living, the others having joined his first wife on the other shore. He has been very successful, financially being the owner of a well improved farm of three hundred and seventy acres, the result of his exertions. p. 677 Glenwood Township

Dean, William E.,
Farmer and stock raiser, section 11, P.O. Glenwood; born January 23, 1821, in Barnard, Vermont, where he grew to manhood and obtained his education in the public schools. When fourteen years of age he was apprenticed to Benjamin Jacquist to learn the trade of a tanner. He served an apprenticeship of four years, when his health failed him, and he embarked on a whaling voyage on the "Henry Clay" December 17 1839. He sailed around Cape Horn, through the southern seas, landing at the Cape Verde Islands. He arrived home in February 1844, after a voyage of more than four years. During this voyage he became an accomplished seaman, and in May following, he shipped in a merchant vessel for the West Indies. He made many voyages and returned to Boston in the spring of 1849. He then went to Ohio and remained there until September of that year, when he came to Iowa and located in Mills county. He immediately entered a claim, which is a part of one of the farms he now owns. At that time his store of worldly goods amounted to about $100, but by industry and perseverance he has succeeded in accumulating the fine lands now in his possession. He owns 800 acres of land which is admirably adapted to the raising of stock, in which enterprise he is largely interested. It is adorned with an elegant dwelling house, three good barns, an orchard and other improvements. He is now extensively engaged in the lumber business. Mr. Dean is one of the first settlers of the county, and when the county was organized he was elected coroner and drainage commissioner, and has since been township assessor several terms. Was married August 15, 1849, to Miss Susan, daughter of Benjamin and Susanna Briggs. She was born April 11, 1822 in Barnard, Vermont. They have six children: Paul, born May 1, 1850; Seth, born October 20, 1851; Harry, born November 15, 1853; William H., born April 18, 1856; Benjamin B., born December 24, 1858; Alvia E., born January 8, 1861. Mrs. Dean died March 31, 1872. Mr. Dean was married a second time November 4, 1875, to Eliza J. Briggs, who was born in Vermont, October 2, 1828. The Deans are an old Vermont family and are related to the distinguished historian of that name. p. 620/621 Lyons Township

Deaver, G. W. F.,
Is a native of Maryland, where he first became a conscious mortal, January 26, 1823, in Harford county. There upon his native heath he spent the first forty-seven years of his life, where he acquired his education in the public school, and where he learned the occupation which he has pursued for the past thirty years, that of a carpenter and bridge-builder. In 1869, he came "west," stopping in Henderson county, Illinois, for two years. From thence he went to Burlington, Iowa, where he remained about five years, after which he pushed westward to Malvern, Mills county, where he has resided since about October 1875. He married Mary J. Baxter, in Harford county, Maryland, October 13, 1853. The result of this union is a prolific one - ten children living - Annie L., George G., James T., John McK., Charles W., Edwin L., Mary V., Hannah M., Benjamin F. and Harvey W. He is a member of both the Masonic and Odd Fellow orders, and of the M. E. Church. He is also one of the present "city fathers" of Malvern. p. 634/635 Malvern Township

Delavan, Alfred, Jr.,
Farmer and stock-raiser, section 11, P.O. Malvern; born December 18, 1852, in Indiana. Moved with his parents when very young to Cass county, Missouri, and came to Mills county, Iowa, when eleven years of age. Here he grew to manhood, and spent his youth attending the public schools and working on his father's farm. He also took a course in Tabor College. Was married December 25, 1873 to Miss Nancy Estes, a native of this county. They are the parents of two children: Ada and Desda. He owns a fine farm of 200 acres, well, improved, and with superior facilities for stock-raising, in which enterprise he is extensively engaged. Mr. Delavan is a young and enterprising farmer, and his efforts have thus far been crowned with success. p. 605/606 Rawles Township

Delavan, Rev. Alfred M.,
Farmer, section 18, P.O. Tabor; born near Jersey City, New Jersey, July 27, 1808, where he attended school until fifteen years of age. He then entered a store in New Jersey as a clerk, and remained there for four years; after which he served a two years' apprenticeship as a carpenter, which trade he followed until 1839. In this year he went to Ohio and afterward to Indianapolis, Indiana. In 1840 he bought a farm in Morgan county, Indiana, where he resided for nineteen years. While there he was elected to both branches of the State Legislature, serving one term in the lower house and two in the State Senate. He was afterward appointed by Governor Wright, commissioner of swamp lands in Morgan county, and was otherwise identified with the interests of his county and state. In 1850 he went to Cass county, Missouri, and lived in different sections of that state until 1863, when he came to Mills county, where he has since resided. Was married July 9, 1834, to Miss Olive Shaw, a native of Dayton, Ohio. They are the parents of eight children, six of whom are now living: Lydia, Edward C., Hiram A., Horatio N., Samantha E., and Alfred M., jr. Mr. and Mrs. Delavan have been members of the Christian Church since 1835. Mr. M. was ordained as a minister of that denomination at Indianapolis in 1839, and continued preaching until 1875, when his health failed. He owns a good farm of eighty acres. p. 606/607 Rawles Township

Delavan, H.A.,
Farmer and stock raiser, section 20, P.O. Tabor; born January 14, 1845 in Morgan county, Indiana, where he lived until twelve years of age. He then moved with his parents to Cass county, Missouri, where he remained until he reached his majority, and then, in 1863, located in Mills county, Iowa. Was married September 1, 1870, to Miss Margaret, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Estes, and a native of this county. They have by this union two children: Richard C. and Edward C. They have been members of the Christian church for the past twelve years. Mr. Delavan received his education principally in private schools. His youth was passed working on a farm, which occupation he has since been engaged in continuously, with the exception of fifteen months, when he was employed as a school teacher. He has several times been elected to the offices of his township, which he has filled to the entire satisfaction of his constituents. He owns 240 acres of land, well improved, with good facilities for stock raising. p. 606 Rawles Township

Devore, J. W.,
Farmer Stock raiser, P.O. Henderson; born February 17, 1848, in Tuscarawas county, Ohio, with his parents in 1850 he moved to Wabash county, Indiana, and in 1856, came to Mills county. He was educated on a farm, and like most farmer boys worked the farm in summer and attended school in winter. He was married November 27, 1872, to Florence, daughter of William and Harriet Van Vliet. That year he located in Indian Creek township, but in 1877 came to his present residence, having purchased the homestead of his father. He has four children, three living: William E., Royal V. and Ata Maude. p.702 Anderson Township

Dill, Andrew,
Farmer and stock raiser, section 27, P.O. Glenwood; born January 15, 1850 in Vinton County, Ohio, where he remained until fourteen years of age, and then went to Whiteside County, Illinois. Four years later he came with his father to Mills County, Iowa, and the following year went to Nebraska, where he remained a short time and then returned. His youth was passed chiefly in mechanical pursuits, his father owning a foundry. He remained with his father until 1872, and then commenced business for himself. Was married December 31, 1872 to Miss Leathy, daughter of Judge J. F. and Mary M. Williams, a native of Holt County Missouri. This happy union has brought to them three children: John, Mary M. and one yet unnamed. Mr. Dill is an active member of the Christian church, and a respected member of society. He owns a good farm of 160 acres, with an elegant dwelling house and superior facilities for stock raising, in which enterprise he is largely interested. p. 675 Glenwood

Dill, Benjamin,
Farmer and stock raiser, section 30, P.O. Pacific Junction; was born in Vinton county, Ohio, March 11, 1820. In 1847 he engaged in the tanning business, and followed this until 1858. He then purchased a foundry, which proved a successful venture until 1862, but continuing operations he was obliged to suspend business in 1865. He then became a resident of Whiteside county, Illinois, and for two years following was engaged in farming. The succeeding two years he conducted a meat market, and at the close of 1867 came to Mills county. He subsequently went to Cass county, Nebraska, but remained a short time, when he again returned to Mills county. In 1875 he came to his present home. He owns a finely improved farm of some one hundred and fifty acres. He was married March 12, 1840, to Miss A. Cathin, a native of Vinton county, Ohio. They are the parents of eight children: Clinton, Sanford, Ellsworth, Andrew, Esther J., Minnie, Benjamin F. and Mitchell E. His father, Andrew Dill, was a native of Ohio; his mother was the daughter of Benjamin and Eliza Yhetter, and was born January 1, 1801, in Pennsylvania. They were married in May, 1819, and were the parents of eight children, the oldest of whom is the subject of this sketch. Mr. Dill has held many local offices of trust, and filled them all with complete satisfaction. p. 659 Plattville Township

Dobney, R.,
Farmer and stock raiser, section 22, P.O. Tabor; born September 15, 1824, in Lincolnshire, England, where he grew to manhood. His youth was passed in working on a farm. He emigrated to America in 1855, and located in Ohio. Soon after he went to Adams county, Illinois. Came to this county in March 1864, and has lived here ever since. Was married August 1, 1849, to Miss Elizabeth, daughter of Abram and Susan Bell. She was a native of Stanford, England. They are the parents of five children, four of whom are now living: Frank, Mary E., Sarah and George Wm. Mr. Dobney offered his services to his country during the rebellion, but was rejected on account of disability. He came to this county a very poor man, but by industry and patient toil, and by the help of his good wife has amassed considerable property. He owns a farm of 200 acres in Rawles township, with an excellent dwelling house and other substantial improvements. This farm is especially adapted to stock raising, in which he is largely engaged. He also owns twenty acres of timber in Lyons township, and a farm of 160 acres in Cass county, Nebraska. p. 606 Rawles Township

Dolbow, John B.,
Farmer, section 2, P.O. Hillsdale; born April 18, 1840 in Brighton, Illinois, and there grew to maturity. Considering the educational facilities of his native place, he succeeded in securing a very passable education. Was married in October, 1862, to Miss Lydia, daughter of Warren and Sarah Phillips. She was born near Belfast, Maine. They are the parents of six children living: Amanda E., George W., Ida A., Erick Bennett, Clara A., Lydia L., and Sarah F. (deceased). Mr. Dolbow is a member of the Methodist Protestant church, and is closely identified with the interests of that denomination. He owns a farm of eighty acres, with a good orchard and vineyard. His parents Erick and Rachel Dolbow, are of German descent and natives of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They are very aged, and now live in Illinois. p. 605 Rawles Township

Donner, C. A.,
farmer and stock raiser, P.O. Hastings; born December 25, 1834, in Prussia. He came to America and located in Chicago in 1852, and engaged in a brickyard, remaining for some four years. He was married April 6, 1858, to Miss Henrietta Porter, born in Prussia, February 2, 1837. He located where he now resides in 1874. He is the father of twelve children, eight now living: Alice Y., Caroline H., Alvena H., Mary J., Agnes H., Walter C., Alberta M. and B.C.

Donner, Richard J.,
is of foreign birth, a native of Germany, where he entered life, December 13, 1850. When five years old he came to America with his parents, and proceeded from New York to Kalamazoo, Michigan, where they remained until the spring of 1856, when they moved to Mills county, Iowa and lived upon a farm. Mr. D. here procured a common school education, during the winter season, and worked upon the farm until 1874, when he became one of the first settlers of Malvern, where he purchased a half interest in the grain elevator at that place; and with his brother carried on the grain business for some four years, during which period their elevator - the first built in the town - burned, but which they promptly rebuilt. Subsequent to this, Mr. D. made a trip to California, where he spent about a year looking at that golden country. p. 635 Malvern Township

Douglas, W. S.,
Farm and stock raiser, section 29, P.O. Hastings; born September 4, 1845, in Pennsylvania, where he remained until he reached the age of maturity, attending school and learning the trade of a carpenter. In 1868 he went to Illinois, and two years later came to this county, locating in Emerson. Was married January 1, 1874, to Emerilla Cheney, who died August 23, 1876, leaving one child. Mr. Douglas was married a second time December 20, 1877, to Mrs. Elizabeth Wienbar, widow of Edward Wienbar. He then located on the farm where he now resides. His farm contains two hundred and fifty-five acres, and is admirable cultivated with a good house and barn. He is the father of one child by his second wife, Nora. Has three step-children: James A., Francis T., and Mary S. p. 710 Indian Creek Township

Dyar, C. H.,
Merchant, P.O. Glenwood; was born in Washington county, Ohio, February 24, 1846. He came to Mills county in 1869, and engaged in farming. Soon after he began teaching, being employed at Hintonville, where he taught one term. In April, of 1870, he began the mercantile business with a capital of one hundred and sixty dollars. From this small beginning he has realized large results; being now among the foremost merchants of the county. His business has so increased that a branch house has been established at East Plattsmouth, and since 1878 has been doing a large business. To his mercantile pursuits he has added that of a farmer, and owns two farms, one in Ingraham and the other in Glenwood township; both are equal to the best in the county. He was married in 1874; in Indiana, to Miss Alice Martin, a native of that state. They have a family of three children: Oscar, Delia and Edgar. They are members of the Congregational church, and among its most ardent supporters. His business qualifications are too well known to need comment, and it may only be said they place him among the foremost merchants of the town. p. 676/677 Glenwood Township

Dyson, John,
Farmer, P.O. Malvern; born July 10, 1830, in Yorkshire, England, where he remained until twenty-one years of age. He then immigrated to America, first locating in McHenry county, Illinois, where he remained one year, and then went to Hancock county, Illinois, where he resided about eighteen months. He next came to Iowa, first locating in Lee county, and remained there engaged in farming about eighteen years. He then came to this county and located one mile south of Malvern on section 5, where he now resides. He has a good farm, upon which are many modern improvements. Mr. Dyson is a live, energetic man, and is at present a member of the board of supervisors, in which capacity he is giving entire satisfaction to his constituents. He was married May 8, 1852, to Miss Sarah Duckels, a native of England. p.648 White Cloud Township Ehrenhardt, Matthew, farmer, P.O. Clark; born September 14, 1856, in Biern, Germany, immigrated to America when ten years of age and located in Knox county, Illinois, near Knoxville, where he was engaged in farming for twelve years. He then came to Mills county and went to work for Mr. Hambsch, and has been with that gentleman ever since. He is a hard working, industrious young man, and will ere long be one of the substantial citizens of the township. p. 649 White Cloud Township

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