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Shown below are veterans of the World War II known to have resided in Madison County, Iowa. Information courtesy of the Winterset Madisonian.
County Coordinator's Note:  Little effort has been made by anyone to compile comprehensive information regarding those who served in World War II.  The County Coordinators are therefore reliant on descendants for obtaining data for this list.  Your inputs are encouraged and welcome.


Name Service Branch Service Record
Kale, Charles C. US Army Private, Quartermaster Corps, enlisted 13 May 1941
Kale, Jack    
Kale, Marvin D. US Army 5th Armored Infantry Battalion, enlisted 25 Mar 1944, discharged 04 Dec 1945
Kast, Charles Howard US Army Enlisted 20 Jun 1942, discharged 09 Feb 1946
Kaufman, Guy US Army Private, Battery D, 80th Field Artillery
Kaye, Kenneth    
Kelleher, Jack    
Kelleher, John    
Kelleher, Richard P.    
Kelley, Orlen Clayton US Marine Corps  
Kellogg, David    
Kelsey, Robert M.    
Kennedy, Dick    
Kephart, James A.    
Kerns, Gerald W.    
Kerns, Maurice    
Kerns, Merl    
Kerr, Deane Fulton US Navy Ship's Service Man (Barber) 2nd Class
Kerr, Leroy, Jr.    
Kiddoo, Benjamin, Jr.    
King, Forrest R.    
King, John    
Kingery, Albert L.    
Kinkennon, Ralph E.    
Kinnard, Raymond D.    
Kinney, Kenneth    
Kirkland, Edwin E.    
Kirkland, Eugene    
Kirkland, Wendall W.    
Kirsch, Everet    
Kirscher, Carroll    
Kittleman, Bob    
Klemm, James    
Knouf, J. Malcolm US Army Major, enlisted 02 Jan 1941, Silver Star recipient
Knox, Eugene C.    
Koehler, Charles    
Koehn, Cyril Otto US Army Enlisted 07 Nov 1942, discharged 01 Mar 1946, Captain, Dental Corps
Korb, Connell G.    
Korb, Raymond    
Kuntz, Frederick US Army Staff Sergeant
Ladd, Boyd    
Lake, Jacob    
Lallig, Cyrus B.    
Lamm, Merrill V.    
Lander, H. William    
Lander, Russell M.    
Landis, Jerry F.    
Lane, Bud    
Lane, Darrell E.    
Lane, Francis Rex US Army  
Lane, Orval E.    
Lane, Ward    
Lathrum, Doyle    
Lathrum, Lloyd    
Lathrum, Louis O.    
Lathrum, Robert E.    
Lawless, John G.    
Leach, Horace    
Leak, Gyle J. US Army Air Corps Sergeant
Lee, Charles A.    
Lee, Harry    
Lee, John F.    
Lee, Maurice H.    
Lee, Thomas W.    
Leech, Glenn R.    
Leeper, Cornell    
Leeper, Harold    
Leggett, Dale    
Lehman, William E.    
Lemon, Robert    
Lenocker, Bruce    
Leonard, Harry F.    
Leonard, Lucien R.    
Lewis, Frank    
Lewis, Reginald    
Libby, Merle    
Lienemann, Walter, Jr.    
Linnane, John J., Jr.    
Linville, Robert    
Little, Charles    
Little, Harold    
Little, Howard    
Little, Virgil A.    
Locke, Raymond E.    
Loehler, Albert    
Loehr, Doyle M.    
Logan, Donahue    
Lonnecker, Leon    
Lorton, James    
Love, Lloyd Elmer US Army Enlisted 29 Apr 1943 at Camp Dodge
Love, Robert Thomas US Navy Baker 1st Class
Low, Lawrence E.    
Lowden, Clarence    
Lowe, Jerry Weldon    
Lowe, Kenneth    
Lowe, Richard    
Lowe, Robert    
Lucas, George William US Navy Chief Commissary Steward
Lucas, Kale R. US Army Enlisted 18 Sep 1944, discharged 11 Nov 1945
Lucas, Richard    
Lucas, Robert    
Luddington, Vernon    
Luke, Willis Rex US Army Enlisted 27 Jan 1945, discharged 25 Oct 1946
Lull, Bobby    
Lull, Clarence A.    
Lull, Clyde    
Lull, Glenn    
Lull, Leonard    
Lull, Roy    
Lynn, Russell L.    
Lyon, Forrest D.    
Lyon, Linden Eugene US Army Served in US Army Engineers in the Aleutian islands
Lyton, Dale    



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