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Shown below are veterans of the World War II known to have resided in Madison County, Iowa. Information courtesy of the Winterset Madisonian.
County Coordinator's Note:  Little effort has been made by anyone to compile comprehensive information regarding those who served in World War II.  The County Coordinators are therefore reliant on descendants for obtaining data for this list.  Your inputs are encouraged and welcome.


Name Service Branch Service Record
Abrahams, Charles Willis US Marine Corps Enlisted Jun 07 1944, discharged May 31 1963
Abrahams, George Frederick US Air Force Enlisted Sep 15 1941
Abrahams, James Westcott US Navy Served  19  months
Acheson, Frank James US Army Enlisted Apr 18 1941
Ackelson, Garland Emory US Army Private First Class, Company M, 319th Infantry, enlisted 22 Mar 1943, KIA in Italy 21 May 1845
Ackelson, Ilot    
Adam, Carl Edwin    
Adams, Charles Russell US Army Air Corps  
Adams, Clayton L. US Army Ammo Bearer, Private, Company M, 2nd Battalion, 133rd  Infantry, KIA 29 Oct 1944, Florence, Italy
Adams, Gordon Lewis US Army  
Adams, Loyd Elvin   Enlisted 20 Dec 1942, discharged 06 Jan 1945
Addy, Alexander    
Addy, George Wayne US Army Enlisted 19 Jul 1944, Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas
Addy, Guy Randal, Jr. US Navy Enlisted 27 Apr 1941, 30 years service. Served aboard USS Langley.
Addy, Joy Burton US Army Enlisted 24 Jun 1942, discharged 23 Oct 1945
Addy, Orvy Dodd, Jr. US Marine Corps Technical Sergeant
Addy, Ralph Eugene US Navy  
Addy, Ray Burton US Navy Enlisted 18 May 1943, discharged 09 Nov 1946
Addy, Victor Woodrow US Army Private, Medical Department, Enlisted: 17 Aug 1943, discharged 27 Feb 1944
Addy, Walter    
Addy, Wilbur Edwin US Army Private First Class
Agan, Everett Wesley   Enlisted 30 Dec 1942, discharged 04 Jan 1946
Agan, James Lewis US Navy Enlisted 09 Jul 1943, discharged 19 Apr 1946
Alexander, Claude Raymond, Jr. US Army Enlisted 10 Jan. 1942, discharged 21 Dec 1945
Alexander, Erwin Joseph   Enlisted  20 Jan 1944, discharged 05 July 1946
Alexander, Joe    
Alexander, Myles Walker    
Alexander, Paul Henson US Army Air Corps Entered the cadet program as a bombardier and graduated from bombardier training school located at Midland, Texas in Jun 1943. After a leave of absence, he was transferred to Arizona, then to Lowery Field for a B-29 Armament program. This program was later cancelled and he was transferred to a bomb crew aboard a B-17. He went to Washington and was assigned to the 8th Air Force, 92nd Brigade, 326th Squadron and was then transferred to Grand Island, Nebraska. In Nov 1943 he traveled across the Atlantic aboard the Queen Mary. Upon arriving in England, he was based at Poddington, England. His first mission flight was 01 December 1943. On the 8th mission, during a "Big Week Mission,"  the flight was in route to Schweinfurt, Germany and was attacked by 70+ German fighters, mostly FW190's. His plane (Serial number 42-31180) was by hit 20mm cannon, which ripped the right wing off the plane. The plane rolled to the right and its fuselage broke in two pieces. He parachuted safely and was captured by the Germans. He spent the remainder of the war (15 months) in the North 1 compound of Stalag Luft I. He was liberated by the Russians on 01 May 1945.
Algreen, Lloyd Carl US Army He entered the Armed Services 23 Jan 1945. He served in Saipan and was honorably discharged on 16 Jan 1946. He re-enlisted and served in Europe until his discharge 15 Dec 1948. He was in active reserve and was recalled in Sep 1950 and served in Washington until Nov 1950.
Allen, Bernard    
Allen, Charles    
Allen, Chester    
Allen, Harold    
Allen, Herbert Fred US Army Sergeant
Allen, Homer    
Allen, Jack    
Allen, Joe L.    
Allen, John S.    
Allen, Kenneth    
Allen, Myron P.    
Allen, Robert R.    
Allen, Ronald    
Alley, Harry Raymond US Army Staff Sergeant, Rainbow Division, 7th Army, France
Allsup, Max    
Almquist, Glen    
Almquist, Irwin    
Almquist, Robert    
Anderson, Francis G. US Army Private
Anderson, Gerald    
Anderson, Howard R.    
Anderson, James R.    
Anderson, Paul M.    
Anderson, Willis H.    
Andrew, Clarence    
Andrew, Robert L.    
Anker, Earl    
Anker, Merle    
Anthony, Bill    
Anthony, Teddy    
Archer, Robert    
Armstrong, Elwyn Max    
Armstrong, Harley Francis US Army  
Armstrong, Jesse K.    
Armstrong, Mervyn    
Arnold, Aaron    
Arnold, Harold    
Atkins, John Marion US Army Air Corps Enlisted 27 Jan 1943 at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri; retired from US Air Force as a Major
Austin, James D.    
Austin, Jerry    
Austin, Leonard    
Badgerow, Delbert    
Bailey, Charles E.    
Bailey, Hugh R.    
Baker, Dwight    
Baker, John    
Baker, Marcy    
Baker, Marvin P.    
Baker, Rollin    
Ball, Kenneth M.    
Ballard, Keith    
Bane, Doyle    
Banks, Joe    
Banks, Murray    
Barber, Russell    
Bare, Robert    
Barnes, Kenneth L.    
Barngrover, Walter J.    
Barr, Charles H.    
Barr, Jay    
Barrows, Stanley    
Barrus, Charles, Jr.    
Barrus, Dale    
Barry, Hubert    
Bartholomew, Clark R. US Army  
Bates, Earl B.    
Bates, Lloyd C.    
Beach, Philip Ross US Army Officer in the 12th Armored Division in France, OCS in 1943.
Beaman, Orris E.    
Bean, Roger    
Beardsley, Wilbur J.    
Beattie, George K.    



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