Madison County


Cochran - Dewitt


Shown below are veterans of the World War II known to have resided in Madison County, Iowa. Information courtesy of the Winterset Madisonian.
County Coordinator's Note:  Little effort has been made by anyone to compile comprehensive information regarding those who served in World War II.  The County Coordinators are therefore reliant on descendants for obtaining data for this list.  Your inputs are encouraged and welcome.


Name Service Branch Service Record
Cochran, Vaun W.    
Cochran, William Kirk    
Cockayne, Kenneth Myles US Army Private, enlisted 08 Jun 1944, discharged 24 Mar 1945
Coen, Howard    
Coen, Rex W.    
Coffman, Walter, Jr.    
Coffman, William O.    
Coghlan, Curtis E.    
Coghlan, Lowell    
Coghlan, Marion L.    
Coghlan, Maurice W.    
Coglan, Roland    
Cohee, Ivan    
Colbert, Ernest A.    
Cole, Scott Leland US Army Airborne Enlisted Jul 22 1942; KIA Sep 25 1944 in Holland
Collins, Clifford    
Collins, Merland Wayne "Rip" US Navy  
Coltrane, Eugene M.    
Commer, William    
Comp, Howard    
Comp, Raymond    
Comp, Russell    
Compton, Glenn    
Conner, C. C.    
Conner, James J. US Army  
Conrad, Lloyd    
Cook, Daniel W.    
Cook, Fred    
Cook, John F.    
Cook, Martin James US Army Enlisted 25 Jan 1942, discharged 31 Oct 1945
Cooksey, Ed    
Cooper, Alvin M.    
Cooper, Byron    
Cooper, Emory    
Cooper, Frederick    
Cooper, George R.    
Cooper, Harold    
Cooper, Howard Miles US Army Enlisted 27 Nov 1943, wounded at Okinawa
Cooper, Wayne    
Corkrean, Phillip G.    
Cornelison, Darrell R.    
Cornelison, Fred    
Corsbie, Rex F.    
Corso, Max    
Couldter, Grocer E.    
Coulter, Ernest    
Coulter, Gerald R.    
Courtney, Walter    
Cox, Alson Lee    
Cox, George    
Cox, John F.    
Cox, Ross L.    
Cox, Willis    
Cozad, Wayne    
Crabbs, Dallas E.    
Craig, Basil L. US Army Private, Military Policeman, MP Detachment, ASFTC, 26 Nov 1943 - 20 May 1946
Craven, Floyd Monroe   Jan 18 1945
Craven, Frank, Jr.    
Craven, Lester    
Crees, Robert    
Creger, Jack I.    
Creger, Wilbur D.    
Criss, Gerald    
Criss, Joseph    
Croft, Frank C.    
Croft, Phil    
Croft, Raymond    
Crosswait, Joseph    
Crouse, Paul V.    
Crouse, Robert    
Crow, John M.    
Crow, Nelson    
Cumings, Alvin R.    
Cummings, Kenneth C.    
Cummings, Robert J.    
Cummins, Guy    
Cunningham, Lesly    
Cunningham, Roy    
Curnes, Russell    
Dabner, Jack    
Daggett, John Darrell US Coast Guard Petty Officer 1st Class
Dahl, John    
Danforth, Hal    
Danner, Earl    
Darr, Charles C.    
Daur, Lloyd O.    
David, David    
Davidson, Robert    
Davis, Donald E.    
Davis, Erwin S.    
Davis, Frank M.    
Davis, Harley    
Davis, Herschel    
Davis, John    
Davis, Lesly    
Davis, Melvin    
Davis, Robert    
Davis, William Russell US Army Enlisted Jan 12 1944; KIA Apr 13 1945
Dawson, Robert    
Day, Lyle    
DeBok, Herbert Dale US Army Technical Sergeant
Decker, Elmer E.    
DeShong, Gerald H.    
Detty, Gordon    
DeVault, Marion C.    
DeVries, Joe    
DeWitt, Richard    




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