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Shown below are veterans of the World War II known to have resided in Madison County, Iowa. Information courtesy of the Winterset Madisonian.
County Coordinator's Note:  Little effort has been made by anyone to compile comprehensive information regarding those who served in World War II.  The County Coordinators are therefore reliant on descendants for obtaining data for this list.  Your inputs are encouraged and welcome.


Name Service Branch Service Record
Fee, Walter C.    
Fee, Willard W.    
Feldman, Robert    
Felton, Norman R.**    
Fenimore, Dick    
Fenimore, Kay    
Fenimore, Paul J.    
Fenimore, Roger G.    
Fenn, Ronald    
Fenton, Burness    
Ferguson, Gleason S.    
Ferrall, Robert    
Fickes, Fred    
Field, William Richard US Army Enlisted 29 Aug 1942, discharged 10 July 1945
Finch, Gerald P.    
Finney, Claire    
Finney, Kenneth    
Finney, Willard    
Fish, Harold L.    
Fisher, David    
Fisher, Levi T.    
Fisher, Ray    
Flannery, Paul J. US Army Air Corps Technical Sergeant
Flaugh, Clyde W.    
Flaugh, Harold    
Fleming, Carl    
Fleming, Lou    
Fletcher, AI. M.    
Flood, James Russell US Army Air Corps Private, enlisted 12 Oct 1942, discharged 22 Mar 1943
Flood, Verle    
Fogler, Frank    
Foley, Earl, Jr.    
Ford, Frederick J. US Navy Specialist 1st Class
Foster, John W.    
Fox, Edward L.    
Fox, Lloyd    
Frank, Dale Laverne US Army Air Corps Enlisted 13 Dec1941, Mechanic - 8th Air Force 34th Bomb Group, England
Frank, Ross H.    
Frank, Woodrow W.    
Frederick, Benjamin Morgan    
Frederick, George B.    
Frederick, Victor    
Frederickson, Roderic W.    
Freeburg, John J.    
Frey, Glen C.    
Frey, Harold Junior    
Frey, Merlyn R.    
Frey, Russell J.    
Frey, Vernon E.    
Friesner, George    
Fry, Charles W.    
Fuson, Delmer    
Fuson, Verle    
Gardner, Raymond N.    
Garland, Leslie    
Garner, John W.**    
Garrett, Eldon    
Garrett, Marvin    
Garwood, Macy E.    
Geitner, Richard H.    
German, Harold    
Gifford, James Albertice US Army Major, also served in Korea and Viet Nam
Gifford, Rose Janette (nee Bird) WAC 1941-1945
Gilbert, Delbert    
Gillespie, Cecil E. US Army Air Corps  
Gillespie, Francis J.    
Gillespie, John US Army Air Corps Served in Europe with the 9th Air Force as a C-46 Crew Chief
Gillespie, Leo    
Givan, John F.    
Givan, Lyle Lloyd US Army Tec 5
Givan, Robert    
Goeldner, Verne F.    
Goettsch, Gilbert C.    
Goode, Loren    
Goodman, Leslie H.    
Goodman, Lester E.    
Goodman, Wesley    
Goodwin, Fern    
Goodwin, Fred J.    
Gordon, Francis    
Gordon, Tommy J.    
Gordon, William "Bill" Wallace US Coast Guard Enlisted 1942
Gorman, John Edward US Army Air Corps 1944-46
Goshorn, Arthur, Jr. US Army Air Corps 28 Jun 1941 to 16 Jan 1946; 562nd TSSq, Jefferson Barracks, Missouri; 305th B. Sq. 85th B. Group; 520th Fighter Bomb Squadron; 267th FPTS, Ft. Sumner, New Mexico; HQ 2nd Air Force, Colorado Springs
Gowin, Howard C.    
Gracey, Foss M.    
Gracey, John J.    
Graham, James A.    
Graham, Joe    
Graham, Robert L.    
Graham, Wyman L.    
Graves, Donald Holmes   Enlisted 28 Jul 1942, discharged 12 Oct 1945
Graves, Harold    
Graves, Helen    
Green, John G.    
Greenwood, Gene    
Greenwood, Ira G.    
Greenwood, Walter    
Griffith, Frank C.    
Griffith, Wayne Archibald US Army  
Gripp, Kenneth    
Gripp, Lloyd E.    
Griswold, David    
Grout, Claude    
Grout, John B.    
Grout, Loren    
Grout, Russell E.    
Groves, Berton    
Gubser, Darwin    
Guenther, William C.    
Guilliams, Gene    
Guion, Robert R.    
Guisinger, James    




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