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Shown below are veterans of the World War II known to have resided in Madison County, Iowa. Information courtesy of the Winterset Madisonian.
County Coordinator's Note:  Little effort has been made by anyone to compile comprehensive information regarding those who served in World War II.  The County Coordinators are therefore reliant on descendants for obtaining data for this list.  Your inputs are encouraged and welcome.


Name Service Branch Service Record
Umsted, Charles    
Underwood, Ezra    
Utsler, Elmer    
Utsler, Merle    
Vance, Donald    
Vance, Hubert    
Vance, Walter Rex US Army Air Corps Captain, received Flying Cross and 4 Air Force medals
VanRossum, Weldon    
Vaughn, Willard    
Veltman, Dean    
Veltman, J. F.    
Vert, Lee M.    
Vierling, C. C.    
Vierling, Jack    
Vincent, Robert    
Vowell, Harrison Scott US Navy  
Wade, Rex    
Walker, Andrew    
Walker, Harley K.    
Wallace, Melvin D.    
Wambold, Claire C.    
Ward, Hugh E.    
Wawrnock, Richard R.    
Warren, Donald    
Warren, Helen I.    
Wasson, Frank E. US Navy  
Wasson, Jay    
Watson, Ben L.    
Wealot, Johnnie H.    
Wearmouth, Lucile    
Wearmouth, Loyd E.    
Weaver, Glen    
Weaver, James E.    
Weaver, Ralph    
Webster, Shirley A.    
Weems, Percy B.    
Weeter, Lowell L.    
Weigand, Gordon    
Welch, Howard H.    
Welch, Joe    
Welch, John    
Welch, Wano L.    
Welty, Merl M. US Army

Inducted 18 Apr 1941, KIA Nov 4, 1943, Italy

Wetrich, Vernon O.    
Wheeler, Glen    
Wheeler, Harley    
Wheeler, Wallace Chester "Chet"    
White, Arthur    
White, Everett L.    
White, Francis    
White, Robert J. US Merchant Marine Unknown, service mentioned in Obituary
White, Sidney    
White, Walter    
Whitecotten, Russell    
Whitworth, Milford L.   Sergeant
Wicks, R. L.    
Wight, Bernard Eugene    
Wiley, Carroll L.    
Wilkinson, Bill    
Wilkinson, Jimmy    
Wilkinson, Ralph C.    
Wilkinson, Robert E.    
Willcox, Bevan    
Willcox, Irl F.    
Williams, Albert    
Williams, Donald E.    
Williams, James W.    
Williams, John R.    
Willougby, Golden    
Willrich, Ted    
Wilson, Athyl E.    
Wilson, Darrell    
Wilson, James    
Wilson, John    
Wilson, Marvin N.    
Wilson, Riochard    
Wilson, Walter K US Navy  
Wing, Forrest    
Wintrode, John H. US Army Sergeant, Rainbow Division
Wipperman, Keith    
Witt, Russell Eugene US Navy Enlisted 02 Oct 1942, discharged 14 Oct 1945
Wood, Curtis, Jr.    
Wood, Ivyl/Lvyl    
Woodall, Glenn James US Army POW, captured at Faid Pass, Tunisia, Feb 1943
Woodruff, William C.    
Woods, Albert A.    
Woody, William    
Woolery, Charles    
Wright, Hugh E. US Navy Aviation Ordnance man 2nd Class, lost in action in the Pacific 20 Dec 1944
Wrightsman, Franklin E.    
Wynkoop, Zenis Avery US Army  
Yates, Burton    
Yates, Gerald    
Youmans, Gene Franklin    
Young, Gene A.    
Young, Horace    
Young, Lloyd E.    
Young, Oakley    
Young, Norman A.    
Young, Robert Milton    
Zeigler, Arthur    
Zeliadt, Carl    
Zeliadt, Lawrence K.   Discharged Oct 3 1944
Zink, Robert    
Zink, S. William    
Zlonke, LaVern E.    



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