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H - Hircock


Shown below are veterans of the World War II known to have resided in Madison County, Iowa. Information courtesy of the Winterset Madisonian.
County Coordinator's Note:  Little effort has been made by anyone to compile comprehensive information regarding those who served in World War II.  The County Coordinators are therefore reliant on descendants for obtaining data for this list.  Your inputs are encouraged and welcome.


Name Service Branch Service Record
Hackett, David    
Hadley, E. Phillip    
Hadley, John R.    
Haigh, Harry Vernon US Army Air corps 3rd Army, 12th Corps
Haines, Merle    
Hale, Edward Everett, DDS. US Army Dental Corps, Enlisted 10 May 1941, discharged 29 Nov 1944
Hamilton, Archie A.    
Hamilton, Harry    
Hamilton, James E.    
Hamner, Walter    
Haney, Howard    
Hansen, Elmer P.   Corporal
Hansen, Kenneth W.    
Hardy, Earl Leon US Army POW, captured at Faid Pass, Tunisia, Feb 1943
Harkin, Cyril Ralph US Navy Enlisted 15 Aug 1942, discharged 20 Aug 1943, specific assignment unknown
Harkin, Edward P. US Army Enlisted 08 Jun 1942, discharged 17 Oct 1945, 832nd Engineer Battalion
Harkin, John Michael US Army Enlisted 13 Oct 1943, discharged 26 Mar 1946, 314th Infantry, 79th Division; 813th Army Postal Unit; 174th Army Postal Unit
Harkin, Joseph Benedict US Army Enlisted 03 Sep 1941, discharged 17 Sep 1943; Engineer Replacement, Training Center. Fort Leonard Wood; 7th Service Command, Fort Leavenworth; 42nd Infantry Division, Camp Gruber
Harper, Floyd M.    
Harper, Jack    
Harpole, Archabald D.    
Harpole, Francis W.    
Harrell, James A.    
Harrell, Perry    
Harrell, Robert G.    
Harris, John C.    
Harris, Ted    
Harris, Verne    
Harrison, Rex V.    
Hart, Forrest M. US Army Enlisted 10 Sep 1942, discharged 9 Feb 1945
Hart, Harold    
Hart, Lyle L.    
Harthimmer, Lloyd    
Hartsook, Curtis    
Hartsook, Howard    
Hassel, Maurice    
Haxton, Oliver Perry    
Haxton, Robert B.    
Hayden, Dick J.    
Hayden, Merle US Navy Specialist First Class
Hayes, Arthur E., Sr. US Navy Enlisted 06 Apr 1944, discharged 26 Dec 1945
Hayes, Lawrence Willard US Army Air Corps Also served in Air Force Reserves, retiring as Lt. Colonel
Haymond, Chester Carl US Army Air Corps Enlisted 13 Jan 1942
Haymond, Woodrow W.    
Haynes, Bernel L.    
Heald, Herbert    
Heifner, Jack B.    
Hendrichsen, Elias ????    
Hendrichsen, Rolland J.    
Hendrichsen, Ronald    
Hendricks, Clyde W.    
Hendricks, Harold E.    
Hendrickson, Elias Anthony    
Hendrickson, Rola W.    
Henry, Edwin E. US Navy Specialist 1st Class, killed in action off the Philippines, 12 Nov 1944
Henry, Harold    
Henson, Edwin J.    
Henson, Wilmer R.    
Herman, Edd    
Herman, Forrest    
Hermon, Max Embree US Army Air Corps  
Hern, Ralph    
Herrick, Fred L.    
Hess, Boyd    
Hess, Guy A.    
Hester, Howard    
Heubrock, Jess    
Hewett, Merle A.    
Hiatt, Carroll    
Hidlebraugh, Ralph R.    
Hildebrand, Neil    
Hildebrand, Orson W.    
Hill, Albert George Jerome US Army Enlisted, 20 Aug 1945, Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas
Hill, Dick    
Hircock, Carl L. US Army Enlisted May 1941, He participated in the Algerian-French Morocco, Tunisian, and Central Europe Campaigns and was awarded three bronze stars for those campaigns along with a Good Conduct Medal. He was captured at Faid Pass, Tunisia, Feb 1943.
Hircock, Delbert R.    
Hircock, Edward Charles US Army Air Corps Enlisted as Private in Army Air Corps. Mustered 13 Jan 1942 at Fort Des Moines. Served in 242nd Fighter Squadron, overseas duty from 15 May 1943 to 26 Sep 1945, honorably discharged 08 Oct 1945



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