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Dice - Faust


Shown below are veterans of the World War II known to have resided in Madison County, Iowa. Information courtesy of the Winterset Madisonian.
County Coordinator's Note:  Little effort has been made by anyone to compile comprehensive information regarding those who served in World War II.  The County Coordinators are therefore reliant on descendants for obtaining data for this list.  Your inputs are encouraged and welcome.


Name Service Branch Service Record
Dice, Chester Lee US Army Private First Class
Dice, Lester Ord US Army Air Force  
Dick, Ernest    
Dick, Stanley Franklin US Army Enlisted 02 Mar 1943, Los Angeles, California, discharged: 25 Oct 1945
Dickey, George P.    
Dickey, Jack    
Diser, Gleason Maurice    
Dod, Max Eugene    
Dodd, Joseph Charles    
Dodd, Wilbert E. **????   KIA
Dooley, Carl    
Dooley, Clarence    
Dorrell, Billy    
Dorrell, Ronald    
Dorrell, Woodrow W.    
Doty, Emma Irene US Army Nurse Corps  
Douglas, Raymond    
Douglas, Robert    
Douglas, Verlin US Navy Signalman 3rd Class, enlisted 27 Oct 1942, discharged 29 May 1943
Downard, Charles W.    
Downard, Edward    
Downard, Harold    
Downs, Harvey Paul    
Downs, Kenneth J.    
Downs, Verne    
Draman, James K.    
Draman, Melvin    
Draper, Clair Elwin US Army Air Force Corporal
Draper, Willis R.    
Dudgeon, Marvin    
Dudney, Lyle G.    
Duff, Allen F.    
Duff, Bert N.    
Duff, Gail A.    
Dugger, Claire R. US Army Tech 5, AAA Gun Battery, 411th Battalion
Dunbar, Clarence    
Dunbar, Gerald A.    
Dunbar, William    
Dunham, Jewett    
Dunmire, Alfred    
Dunn, Pat    
Dunn, Robert E.    
Dutton, Marvin Dale US Navy  
Earp, Darrell    
Easter, Jack L.    
Easter, Robert    
Eckstein, George    
Eckstein, John R.    
Edgington, Bessie    
Edgington, Russell R.    
Edgington, Thomas A.    
Edwards, Earl C.    
Edwards, Lloyd M. US Army Enlisted as Private 19 Aug 1944, 47th Infantry, 9th Division, killed in action, 17 Mar 1945, Henri-Chappele, Belgium
Edwards, Marian E.    
Edwards, William**    
Egy, David    
Ehm, Herbert J.    
Eivins, Harold E.    
Elderkin, Frank J.    
Elderkin, John    
Emerson, G. Dean    
Emerson, Harold J.    
Emerson, Martin A.    
Epperson, V. Merle    
Erickson, Elmer Cole US Navy Storekeeper, 2nd Class, Pearl Harbor survivor
Ervin, Donald P.    
Estell, Audry James US Army Air Corps 15th Air Force, served 22 Oct 1942 to 03 Feb 1946
Estell, Ellis Wayne US Army Air Corps Sergeant, served 12 Apr 1942 to 05 Jan 1946 
Estell, Floyd Leo US Army Company E, 840th Signal Lng Battalion, served 12 Jul 1943 to 09 Feb 1946
Estell, Harry US Army Headquarters Detachment Service Command 1925, served 11 Jan 1943 to 06 Jul 1943
Estell, Oscar Odean US Army Company A, 640th Tank Destroyer Battalion, served 13 Oct 1941 to 27 Sep 1945
Estell, Ralph A. US Army Company C, 1279th Engineer Battalion, served 06 Feb 1945 to 31 Oct 1946
Evans, Ivan US Army POW, captured at Faid Pass, Tunisia, Feb 1943
Evans, John C.    
Evans, Robert F.    
Eyerly, Carol M.    
Eyerly, Donald    
Eyerly, Elwyn Howell US Army Enlisted Feb. 4, 1943
Eyerly, Gene    
Eyerly, Iola Maxine Cadet Nursing Corps Lieutenant, 10 Mar 1944 - 29 Sep 1944
Eyerly, Ryman    
Fairholm, Leo    
Fairholm, Leon A.    
Farley, Melvin W.    
Farlin, Robert L.    
Farlow, Bill    
Farlow, Carl    
Farlow, Eldred Eugene US Navy  
Farlow, Ralph R.    
Farmer, Charles, Jr.    
Farmer, Lewis    
Farr, Gene W.    
Farris, Raymond    
Farver, Clell    
Farver, Durward    
Farver, Robert    
Farwell, William R.    
Faust, Charles    
Faust, Claude W.    
Faust, Dean F.    
Faust, Howard R.    
Faust, John E.    




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