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Bechtel - Brock


Shown below are veterans of the World War II known to have resided in Madison County, Iowa. Information courtesy of the Winterset Madisonian.
County Coordinator's Note:  Little effort has been made by anyone to compile comprehensive information regarding those who served in World War II.  The County Coordinators are therefore reliant on descendants for obtaining data for this list.  Your inputs are encouraged and welcome.


Name Service Branch Service Record
Bechtel, Gene    
Bechtel, Jack    
Bechtel, Junior D.    
Bechtel, Victor    
Bechtel, Virgil    
Beck, Stewart    
Bedwell, Gerald    
Beebe, Roland    
Beedle, Perry    
Beedle, Walter    
Beeler, Carl Eugene US Marine Corps Enlisted 1943, Regimental Combat Team 8, 2nd Marine Division. Served in combat operations in Saipan, Okinawa and Tinian.
Beeler, Charles, Jr.    
Beeler, Gene D.    
Beem, Elzia C. US Navy Communications Technician, Chief Petty Officer
Beem, Owen Leroy    
Beerbower, James    
Bek, Gerald C.    
Bell, Dale E.    
Benge, Carol    
Benge, Eddie US Army POW, captured at Faid Pass, Tunisia, Feb 1943
Benge, Herbert    
Benge, Leland    
Benge, Perry F.    
Benge, Richard    
Benge, Robert    
Benoit, Adolph    
Benoit, Robert    
Benson, Albert C.    
Benson, Ralph, Jr.    
Benson, Raymond    
Benson, Robert H. US Navy  
Benton, Melvin O.    
Berch, John    
Berch, William P.    
Berg, Stanley C. US Army Private First Class
Berry, Charles C.    
Berry, George C.    
Berry, Leslie L.    
Berry, Robert M.    
Berry, Walter    
Bertholf, Cheney    
Betts, Lawrence US Navy  
Beverlin, Ernest    
Beverlin, Jack    
Bindel, Leo    
Binder, Charles C.    
Binns, Gerald R.    
Binns, Leonard E. US Army Corporal
Bishop, Charles    
Bishop, John E. US Navy  
Bishop, Wayne    
Black, Robert    
Black, Roy Kenneth US Coast Guard  
Black, Victor H.    
Blackburn, Loren    
Blair, Merle Alexander US Army Air Corps Enlisted 10 Oct 1942, discharged Feb 1946
Blair, Robert Frederic US Navy Commander
Blomgren, Paul    
Bloomquist, Harold E.    
Boblett, Johnnie    
Bobst, Robert L.    
Boden. H. N.    
Bodwell, Melvin    
Bond, Lloyd R.    
Bond, Robert    
Bonham, Robert W.    
Boren, Robert E.    
Boswell, Monroe Jack    
Boudewyns, James    
Boudewyns, Theodore Eugene US Army Enlisted 03 Feb 1943 for duration plus 6 months
Boughton, Elias G.    
Bowlin, Charles L.    
Bowlin, Joseph J.    
Bowlin, Lester G.    
Bowlin, Lloyd F.    
Boyd, Guyn H.    
Boyd, Harland    
Boyd, Herbert    
Boyle, Dale R.    
Boyle, Lester    
Braden, Wayne F.    
Brafford, Everett    
Brayman, Floyd    
Brazzle, James W.    
Brazzle, Walter F.    
Breeding, Charles Farris    
Breeding, Earl Junior    
Breeding, Hubert Wayne    
Breeding, Orville C.**    
Breeding, Robert A.    
Breen, John    
Breen, Raymond    
Breen, Robert    
Bricker, Russell    
Bridenstine, Reese Wayne US Navy  
Briggs, James H.    
Brittain, Donald    
Brittain, Dow J.    
Brittain, Ernest    
Brittain, Gerald S.    
Brittain, Walter    
Brittain, William A.    
Brizzle, E. Edward    
Brock, Raymond L. US Army Air Corps 1943-46 2nd Lieutenant, 23rd Weather Squadron



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