Madison County


Sage - Smith


Shown below are veterans of the World War II known to have resided in Madison County, Iowa. Information courtesy of the Winterset Madisonian.
County Coordinator's Note:  Little effort has been made by anyone to compile comprehensive information regarding those who served in World War II.  The County Coordinators are therefore reliant on descendants for obtaining data for this list.  Your inputs are encouraged and welcome.


Name Service Branch Service Record
Sage, Eddie    
Salsbury, Delbert    
Saulsbury, Jesse W.    
Samp, Tom    
Samp, William J.    
Sandusky, Charles A.    
Sandy, Russell    
Satterlee, Burdette    
Satterlee, Howard    
Sawyer, Carl    
Sawyer, John Burns US Navy Commissioned officer, fighter pilot
Saxton, Harry E.    
Sayre, Rex    
Scarberry, Olen R.    
Schelkel, Minnekus    
Scherdin, Lewis T.    
Schirm, Dale R.    
Schirm, Phillip E.    
Schoenenberger, James    
Schoenenberger, John H.    
Schoenenberger, John Philip US Army Company C, 316th Engineers, mustered 12 Nov 1942, discharged 02 Mar 1946
Schoenenberger, Nickolas    
Schoenenberger, Paul    
Schoenenberger, Robert Eugene Merchant Marine Warrant officer - radio operator
Schoonover, Dale E.**    
Schoonover, Russell D.    
Schutt, Russell, Jr.    
Scott, Earl    
Scrivner, Alvin Grant    
Scrivner, Charles    
Scrivner, Guy B.    
Scrivner, Ivan Edward US Army  
Seams, Wayne    
Seidel, Gaylord    
Seidler, Walter H.    
Shade, Calvin    
Shaklee, Lyle    
Shambaugh, Gordon    
Shambaugh, Hubert J.    
Shambaugh, Ralph    
Shambaugh, Robert    
Shaw, Ivyl, Jr.    
Shearer, Dale    
Shearer, Donald C.    
Shearer, Shirley    
Shehen, Wilfred H.    
Shetterly, Rolland    
Shoff, J. Herman    
Shoults, William J.    
Showers, Chester I.    
Showers, Frank G.    
Shriver, Robert    
Sirdoreus, Roscoe "Rocky" US Army  
Silliman, Don    
Silverthorn, Gerald    
Silverthorn, Marvin    
Simmerman, Gerald W.    
Simmerman, Nelson    
Simmons, Charles D.    
Simmons, Clark E.    
Simmons, Claude E.    
Simmons, Lowell    
Simmons, Paul W.    
Simmons, Vernon**    
Simon, Lee R.    
Simms, Lee???    
Simpson, Laurel    
Simpson, Vern    
Sinn, Myron R.    
Slavens, Donald    
Slavens, Guy    
Slavens, John F.    
Slavens, Roy W.    
Slight, Raymond E.    
Smalley, Anson    
Smalley, John    
Smalley, Wendell A.    
Smith, Burton Juston US Army Enlisted 27 Jan 1943 at Camp Dodge, Iowa
Smith, Carl H.    
Smith, Courtney    
Smith, Dale    
Smith, Edwin    
Smith, Gerald    
Smith, Harold E.    
Smith, Harold E.    
Smith, Harold L.**    
Smith, Hubert M.    
Smith, Ira S.    
Smith, John S.**    
Smith, James B.    
Smith, Kenneth    
Smith, Lee H.    
Smith, Leland R.    
Smith, Levi B.    
Smith, Raymond E.    
Smith, Russell W.    
Smith, Willard A.    



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