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Shown below are veterans of the World War II known to have resided in Madison County, Iowa. Information courtesy of the Winterset Madisonian.
County Coordinator's Note:  Little effort has been made by anyone to compile comprehensive information regarding those who served in World War II.  The County Coordinators are therefore reliant on descendants for obtaining data for this list.  Your inputs are encouraged and welcome.


Name Service Branch Service Record
Smothers, T. Wayne    
Smull, Kenneth    
Snyder, Rex M. US Army Technician 5th Grade, 205th Infantry Battalion
Speer, Warren G.    
Spence, Wallace    
Spencer, Ralph    
Spencer, Robert Henry    
Sprague, Ralph K.    
Squires, John    
Stalcup, Wesley    
Stegall, Lloyd    
Stephenson, Francis P.    
Stephenson, John    
Stevens, Emil E.    
Stewart, Billy J. U.S. Army Inducted 10 Oct 1943.  Killed in action July 12, 1944, in Normandy Invasion.  Buried in American Military Cemetery #1 St. Laurent Sur Mars, France
Stewart, Phillip    
Stewart, Thad M.    
Stockwell, Dale    
Stockwell, Nolan    
Storck, Neil    
Storck, Paul G.    
Storrs, Jerry    
Stout, Dale    
Stout, George    
Stout, Kale    
Stout, Marvin    
Stout, Miles    
Stout, Rufus F.    
Stover, Darvin L.    
Stover, Glenn S.    
Strable, Clifford    
Strable, George D.    
Strable, Myron E.    
Strable, Wayne    
Strawn, Dale William US Army 1941-1945
Strong, Floyd James US Naval Reserves Seaman 2nd Class, USS LST 611, drowned at New Orleans, Louisiana 07 Jun 1944
Strong, Jack    
Stuart, John C.    
Stuart, L. Raymond    
Stump, Aaron**    
Stump, Ivan D.    
Stump, Marion    
Sumner, Robert B.    
Sumner, Roy    
Sykes, James E., Jr.    
Tate, Charles O.    
Taylor, Verne Leon U.S. Army Served from 17 Oct 1941 to 03 Dec 1945. Postal Clerk, served in Rhineland, central Europe from Nov 1944-Nov 1945
Templeman, Russell William U.S. Navy  
Terry, Arthur    
Thomas, Donald U.S. Army POW, captured in the Philippines, participated in Bataan Death March
Thompson, Charley    
Thompson, Dana    
Thompson, Glenn    
Thompson, Harley    
Thompson, Harold Edwin U.S. Army  
Thompson, Lyle    
Thompson, Rex    
Thornburg, Roy    
Thorngren, Dale E.    
Thornton, James G.    
Thurman, Alva    
Tierman, Francis    
Tierman, James T.    
Tipton, David    
Todd, Rex    
Tolby, Melvin    
Tomes, Henry Lee, Jr. US Army TEC5 Company A, 104th Medical Battalion, 29th Division, enlisted 26 Jun 1943
Tomlinson, George R.    
Tompkins, Clyde    
Torbet, Kenneth    
Tracy, George W. US Army Sergeant, South Pacific, 1942-1945
Tracy, James E.    
Tracy, Raymond    
Tracy, Thomas J.    
Travis, Ernest    
Travis, Ira    
Travis, Kendall Harding    
Trester, Royal T. US Army Enlisted 13 Oct 1943 at Camp  Dodge, Iowa, discharged 12 Nov 1945
Tucker, Arnold    
Tucker, Blaine    
Tucker, Charles    
Tucker, Ted R.**    
Turnquist, Paul    
Turnquist, William    
Twidt, Leonard L.    
Tyler, Calvin    
Tyer, Roscoe F.    



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