1866 City Directory

Source: Des Moines City Directory and Business Guide for the year 1866-67; Des Moines, Iowa; Mills & Co., Stram Printing House, 46 Court Ave.; 1866

Note: This book was written in a different age (1866), and may not be politically or morally correct by today's standards. No insult has been intended by the transcriber. Transcribed by Ralph Leonard III.

Av- Avenue, Ct- court, lab-laborer, nr-near, e s - east side, n - north, s - south, e - east, w- west, s s - south side, wid - widow, cor - corner, s f - second floor, h - house, res - residence, bds - boards, bet - between, bel - below, ab - above, clk - clerk, blk - block, fr - from, w s - west side, t f - third floor

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Wadkins John S., shoe maker and baker, h cor 4th & Vine
Wadkins John J., laborer, res J. S. Watkins
Waggoner Mr., cabinet maker, bds Mrs. S. J. Hall
Wagner Fred., barber, opposite Savery House, Walnut, bds Mrs, Whitney
Waitt A. H., (Stowe & Waitt,) bds cor 12th and Cherry
Waldron W. O., clerk, Luse & Mahanna, bds J. G. Weeks
Waldoon John, coal miner, h cor 9th and Williamson e s
Walker J. M., U. S. Mar., h 7th bet Cherry and Mulberry
Walker Capt. Geo. M., h cor 11th and Sycamore
Walker Warren, painter, bds Capt. Geo. M. Walker
Walker T. A., h 11th bet Walnut and Locust e s
Walker Chas., shoe maker, bds cor 3d and Locust
Walker Wm., plasterer, bds L. T. Green
Wall James, laborer, h 37 Second
Wallace W. K., printer (Mills & Co.,) h cor 9th & Center
Walling Thomas, shoe maker, bds Union House
Walton John, laborer, bds Harry Stevenson
Wallsmith A., teamster, h Des Moines bet 18th & 19th e s
Ward Dr. Wm., (Rawson & Ward,) h cor 9th and High
Ward D. M., plasterer, h cor 5th and Cherry 11

Page 138

Ward Charley, clerk Merchants Union Express, h cor Locust and 2d
Ware Jack., brick maker, h Court Av bet 10th and 11th e s
Warful I., carpenter, h Dean bet Des Moines & Lyon e s
Warner J. C., commercial merchant, 1st and Market, h cor 7th and High
Warner F. H., Sec Acc. Ins. Co., res C. C. Nourse
Watterberry Mr., spinner, bds Farmer's Hotel e s
Waterman Moses, printer Reg. office, bds Mrs. Harrison
Watermann John, cabinet maker, h 40 rods s College
Waters Mary Ann, widow, h 2d nr Market
Watson H., stage driver, bds City Hotel
Watson R. C., clerk, bds Demoine House
WASHBURN G., Painter, 3d bet Court Avenue and Walnut, res cor 4th and South
Washburn Mrs. G., boarding house, cor 4th and South
Wear Elizabeth, h River bet 2d and 3rd
Weas Wm., laborer, h 1st bet R. R. Avenue and river e s
Weaver C. A., clerk Wm. Baker & Co., h 3d nr Center
Weaver Freeman, teamster, bds Jesse Weaver e s
Weaver Jesse, teamster, h Buchanan bet 15th & 16th e s
Weaver J., laborer, h cor 9th and River
Weaver Mr., butcher, Walnut, h cor 1st and South
Webb R. C., merchant, bds cor Des Moines & Keosauqua e s
Webb Samuel, book-keeper, bds Demoine House
Webb Watt, h cor 10th and Lyon e s
Webb Edwin, farmer, h cor 8th and Pleasant
Webb A. P., (colored) laborer, bds cor 8th and Locust e s
WEEKS J. G., County Judge, h cor 1st and Vine
Weeks Albert W. C., clerk, res J. G. Weeks
Weightman Frank, Mail Agent, bds J. W. Dippert
Weisbrod C., stone mason, h cor 8th and Elm e s
Weisbrod Henry, stone mason, cor 7th and Market e s
Weiser Seigfried, tailor, h cor 9th and Cherry
WEITZ CHARLES, Carpenter, h cor 8th and Pleasant
Welch Thomas, laborer, h 5th bet Market and Elm
WELLER L. W., School Teacher, h Walnut bet 6th & 7th
Weller H. N., clerk, h 10th nr Mill
Welling S. D., (Cook & Welling,) res Locust bet 5th & 6th
Wells Wm., carpenter, h 7th nr Mill
Wells Geo., clerk Newman & Newton, bds J. Newman
Wells Rev. S. T., (colored) methodist minister, h cor 1st and Locust

Page 139

Wells L. J., carpenter, h Walnut bet 7th and 8th e s
Wellslager R. T., (Redhead & Wellslager,) bds H. Beekman
Wellslager Marion, clerk, bds Mrs. Whitney
Wesley Chapel, Keokuk bet Hickory & Pa. Avenue e s
Wessel Mr., horse trainer, bds Union House
WEST F. R., Cashier National State Bank, h cor 7th and Mulberry
West John, teamster, h 1/6 mile e of College
Wetmore W. W., pastor 1st Presbyterian Church, h Cherry bet 7th and 8th
Whately W. C., painter, Walnut bet 4th and 5th e s
Wheeler Chas., teamster, h 6th bet Raccoon and Allen e s
Wheeler, Wm., stationer, cor Walnut and 6th e s
Wheeler G. R., painter, bds Shannon House e s
Wheeler G. W., variety store, cor 3d and Walnut, res e s
Wheelock B., clerk Moore & Bro., bds J. Reicheneker
Whicher Benj., laborer, h cor Court Avenue and 6th e s
Whicher Isaac, painter, h 4th bet Vine and Market e s
Whicher Jas., painter, bds 4th bet Vine and Market e s
Whilen Jas., laborer, bds 7th bet Court Ave and Vine e s
Whitcomb E. B., lawyer, bds Savery House
White John, laborer, h 3d nr River
White and Brother, (O. P. White, B. C. White,) Capital Flouring Mill, cor 3d and Elm
White O. P., (White & Bro.,) h Jefferson nr Washington
Whisson John W., stage driver, bds City Hotel
WHITE B. C., (White & Bro.,) bds O. P. White
White U. H., (U. B. & U. H. White,) h Dean bet Des Moines and Lyon e s
White Alvin, laborer, bds Dean bet Des Moines & Lyon e s
White George, peddler, h 5th nr Mill
White Moses, carpenter, h 60 rds s w College
White Moses, laborer, h Locust bet 11th and 12th
White U. B., bridge builder, h 7th nr Center
White Walter, (colored) laborer, res Gen. Tuttle
White Martin, laborer, bds Thomas McKonn
Whiting F. S., carpenter, h bet Locust and Sycamore
WHITMAN Dr. H. L., office Walnut, h cor 1st & Walnut
Whitney Mrs. E. A., boarding house 6th bet Walnut and Locust
Whitney C. F., book-binder Mills & Co., bds Mrs. Whitney

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WHITTAKER GEO., House Builder, 5th opposite Methodist Church, h cor 6th and Center
Whittaker Samuel, res George Whittaker
Whittaker Rachell, widow, h 3d bet Mill and Day
Wickham A. H., teamster, h 9th bet Court Av & Vine e s
WICKS GRANVILLE B., Sup't Gas Works, h 1st bet Walnut and Locust e s
Wilbur A., butcher, h Sycamore bet 12th and 13th
Wilbur B., (colored) laborer, h 6th bet Ct Av and Vine e s
Wiley John, laborer, h cor Williamson & Penna Av e s
Wilkie John, stage driver, bds City Hotel
Willard L. A., school teacher, h cor 10th and Keokuk e s
WILLIAMS & SON, River Mills, cor Center and Front
Williams J. J., miller, h cor 3d and Center
Williams W. L., brick maker, h 3d bet Mill and Day
Williams J. M., tailor, h River bet 3d and 4th
Williams G., (colored) laborer, h 3d bet Maury & Yale e s
Williams D., carpenter, bds cor Hickory and Fulton e s
Williams J., (Oldham & Williams,) h Keokuk bet 7th and 8th e s
Williams Lyman, hostler, h n 3d
Williams M. A., carpenter, bds Mrs. S. J. Hall
Williams Matilda, (colored) widow, h 6th bet High & South
WILLIAMSON J. A., Real Estate Broker, 41 Court Avenue s f h cor 6th and Walnut
Williamson & St. John, (W. W. Williamson, J. M. St. John,) attorneys, Exchange Block s f, Walnut
Williamson Jno., (colored) laborer, h 2d bet Market & Vine
Willis C. B., physician, 65 Walnut, h 7th nr Walnut
Wills L. C., (Miller & Wills,) bds M. W. Miller e s
Willsie W. H., proprietor Willsie House, cor 7th and Court Avenue e s
Willson T. S., R. R. Agent, bds Harvey House e s
Willson Robt., Real Estate Agt, h cor 2d and Vine e s
Willson A. B., gas fitter, bds 4th bet Vine & Court Av e s
Willson Jas., laborer, bds 7th bet Court Ave and Vine e s
Willson S. D., machinist, h Locust bet Dean & Bates e s
Willson I. N., teamster, h cor Penn. Av & Des Moines e s
Wilson H. M., bds Savery House
Wilson Mrs. E., widow, h 7th bet Walnut and Mulberry

Page 141

Wilson Gen. W. Duane, clerk Washington City, h 5th bet Walnut and Locust
Wilson James B., res Gen. W. Duane Wilson
Wilson Perry, freighter, h Walnut bet 5th and 6th
Wilson W. T., teamster, h Locust bet 17th and 18th
Wilson Thomas, laborer, h cor 12th and Center
Wilson Archy R., gas fitter, bds cor 7th and Walnut
Windle I., physician, office Bush's Blk, h cor 8th & Locust
Windle J. S., bds 7th bet Court Avenue and Walnut e s
Winget S., agent, h n 3d
Winslow J. W., clerk, h 7th bet Walnut and Mulberry
Winters Martin, stock dealer, h cor 3d and River
Withrow Tho. F., lawyer, cor 4th and Court Avenue, h 3d nr Center
Withrow J. R., trav. R. R. Agt, h cor 7th and Vine
Witman J., Baker, h Locust bet 4th and 5th e s
WOOD B. F., Saddles and Harness, 70 Second, h Locust bet 10th and 11th
Wood Wm., carpenter, h cor 8th and Center
Wood Milton, carpenter, bds Jacob Stull
Wood Leander, clerk, bds 6th bet Walnut and Locust
Wood Lewis, hostler, bds S. Lafferty
Woodbury A. B., blacksmith, h Vine bet 8th and 9th
WOODS J. A., (Woods & Co.,) h cor 8th and Mulberry
Woods & Co., (J. A. Woods, J. W. Jones, E. M. Smith,) architects and builders, 5th nr Mulberry
Woods William, (colored) mason, h cor 2d and Elm
Wright F., millwright and pattern maker, bds Union House
Wright M., harness maker B. F. Woods, bds Union House
Wright John, pattern maker, bds Union House
WRIGHT GEO. G., Supreme Judge, h cor 11th & Walnut
Wright Thomas S., attorney at law, res Geo. G. Wright
Wright Craig L., student, res Geo. G. Wright
Wohlgemuth Geo., clerk, h 1st bet Court Av and Walnut
Wolf Theodore, (J. Kuhn & Co.,) bds Savery House
Woods Joseph, plasterer, h 8th nr Park
Woods H. N., carpenter, h 7th bet Court Av & Walnut e s
Woodruff F., druggist, Exchange Blk, bds Savery House
Woodruff _____, wagon and carriage maker, Walnut, h Sycamore nr 5th
Woodruff J. W., stage driver, bds City Hotel
Woodward J. A., clerk Manning & Miller, res cor 4th and River

Page 142

Woodward Thos., clerk Ankeney Brothers, bds J. A. Woodward
Woolley J. M., (Randolph Hammer & Co.,) bds cor Pennsylvania Avenue and Des Moines e s
Worden Gilbert, carpenter, h 4th bet Court and Vine e s
Worthingor Geo., brewer, h nr brewery, s s Coon
WORTHINGTON, WARNER & CO., (C. B. Worthington, J. W. Muffley,) Iowa Business College, Turner's Block t f, Court Avenue
Worthington C. B., Iowa Business Col., bds A. J. Randall
WRIGHT E. M., Insurance Agent, h cor Des Moines and 11th e s
Wright Jas., Gen. Agt. Washington Life Ins. Co., h two miles e city limits, Nevada road, office State Ins. Co.
Wright M. C., lawyer, bds 12th bet Court Av and Vine e s
Wunderlich Martin, hotel keeper, Market bet 7th & 8th e s
Wylie Joseph, clerk, bds Joseph McWilliams


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Page 142

Yanke Henry, cabinet maker, h South bet 2d and 3d
Yard Nelson, h Cottage Grove Addition
Yard Marion, peddler, bds cor 6th and Locust e s
Yeomans T. D., pottery, on bank river, h 7th nr River
YOUNG J. A., Saloon, 38 Court Avenue, h same
YOUNG ROB'T, Tailor and Clothes Cleaner, cor 3d and Walnut
Young Seth W., printer (Mills & Co.,) bds J. P. Peters e s
Young Lafayette, printer (Mills & Co.,) bds G. W. Stiffler
Young America Restaurant, cor 2d and Walnut
Young John, (A. J. Jack & Co.,) h 6th bet Mulberry and Walnut
Young R. F., soap and candle maker, h Sycamore nr Farnham
Young Dyer H., architect, h 5th bet Walnut & Court Ave
Young Madison, retired, bds Washington House
Youngerman C., stone cutter, h cor 6th and Park


Page 142

Zeh Chas., wagon maker, 3d bet Court Ave and Walnut
Zeininger Karl, baker, with P. Kurtz, 3d
Zellas P., cabinet maker, n 7th

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