1866 City Directory

Source: Des Moines City Directory and Business Guide for the year 1866-67; Des Moines, Iowa; Mills & Co., Stram Printing House, 46 Court Ave.; 1866

Note: This book was written in a different age (1866), and may not be politically or morally correct by today's standards. No insult has been intended by the transcriber. Transcribed by Ralph Leonard III.

Av- Avenue, Ct- court, lab-laborer, nr-near, e s - east side, n - north, s - south, e - east, w- west, s s - south side, wid - widow, cor - corner, s f - second floor, h - house, res - residence, bds - boards, bet - between, bel - below, ab - above, clk - clerk, blk - block, fr - from, w s - west side, t f - third floor

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Lacy Lawrence, laborer, h 3 nr Day
Lafferty Smith, gunsmith, Walnut bet 2d and 3d, h 3d bet Walnut andLocust
Lafollett J. U., wagon maker, h 5th nr River
Lahe John, laborer, h 11th s Center
LAIRD BROS & CO., (J. M. Laird, J. W. Laird, Frank Laird, J. H.McClelland,) Groceries and Dry Goods, 69 and 71 Walnut
Laird Frank, (Laird Bros. & Co.,) h Walnut cor 8th
Laird J. W., (Laird Bros. & Co.,) bds Frank Laird
Laird J. M., (Laird Bros & Co.,) h cor Locust and 9th
Laird Madison R., surveyor, res Jacob Laird
Laman Valentine, farmer, h s e cor city, s Coon
Land Thomas, shoemaker, bds cor 3d and Mulberry
Landrum Geo., pattern maker, Des Moines bet Bates and Cedar e s
Langford Wm., (colored) laborer, cor 4th and Elm e s
Langley H. A., laborer, bds cor Court Avenue and 2d e s
Lankester William, painter, h 12th bet Sycamore and High
Lankester Walter, painter, Savery Block, H Pleasant bet 8th and 9th
Lanan James, laborer, cor Park and Nassau

Page 108

Lannan Thomas, cooper, h 8th nr Center
Lannen John, laborer, h cor River and 2d
Largey Ellen, h cor 10th nr Pleasant
Larkin E., peddler, bds Court Avenue bet 5th and 6th e s
Larsh L. W., laborer, cor Market and 2d e s
Law Andrew, laborer, cor Market and 2d e s
Lawrence Jno., teamster, Des Moines bet Cedar & Bates e s
Lawson J., teamster, cor 7th and Elm e s
Laverty L. S., laborer, 9th bet High and Sycamore
LEAS W. H., Real Estate Agent, bet Vine and Court Avenue
LeBosquet, Brown & Rude, (H. LeBosquet, J. N. Brown, P. C. Rude,)dry goods and crockery, 9 Savery Block
LeBosquet Henry, (LeBosquet, Brown & Rude,) h cor Vine and 7th
Lederer & Strauss, (A. Lederer, M. Strauss,) clothing, 49 Walnut cor 3d
Lee John, blacksmith, Vine bet 2d & 3d, h cor Elm & 1st
Lee Galusha, clothing store, 68 Second, bds City Hotel
Lee H. N., laborer, h cor 10th and Mulberry
Lee Howard, carpenter, bds Demoine House
Lee James, insurance agent, Union Block, h Sycamore bet 12th & 13th
Leith James, printer, Register office, bds Avenue House
Leland Thos., laborer, cor Hickory and Des Moines e s
Lemon J. M., carpenter, h Bates bet Keokuk and Des Moines e s
Lendrum george, molder, Des Moines bet 2d and 3d
Lenon Patrick, laborer, h 3d nr River
Leny J., laborer, Market bet 1st and 2d e s
Leonard John, laborer, h n Greenwood Avenue, 3/4 m n Court House
Leonard Charles F., (Bugbee & Leonard,) bds Mrs. Washburne
Lester S., laborer, h 4th bet Allen and Scott e s
Letson, livery stable, h cor 8th and Pleasant
Leutsinger B., shoemaker, bds cor 2d and Locust

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LEWIS C. G., Deputy County Treasurer, Keokuk e s
Lewis Anna, widow, cor 7th and Locust e s
Lewis Ed. A., book keeper, res W. A. Reed
Lewis Amelia, widow, h Mulberry bet 6th and 7th
Lewis John, landlord and renter, 3d bet Court Avenue and Market
Lewis J. S., h 3d bet Court Avenue and Vine
Lewis M. C., saloon and restaurant, walnut bet 2d and 3d, bds J. H.Hill
Lewis Albert, clerk, bds J. H. Hill
Lewis James, stage driver, h cor 6th and Vine
Leyner Johne, clerk, h 7th nr Mill
Leyner Pilip, h 7th bet Market and Vine
Leyner Joseph, tailor, h Walnut bet 10th and 11th
Lichard Charles, laborere, h 5th bet Market and Vine
Linch Geo., lab, Locust bet 4th and 5th Jones block e s
Lindley E., farmer, h 10th  nr River
Little George, jeweler, res 80 Second
Little Chas., pattern maker, 1st bet Court Ave and Vine e s
Liston Cornelius, saddle and harness maker, res 75 e 2d
LONG J. H., Proprietor, Avenue House
Longnecker T. J., freidghter, h 9th bet Centre and River
Longworthy W. E., carpenter, h cor 12th and High
Longworthy William, laborer, h cor 12th and High
Looby Major J. H., h cor 9th and Park
Loomis H. W., carpenter, cor >Hickory and Des Mones e e
Lorenz August, baker, h 11th bet Walnut and Mulberry
Lotz William, cabinet maker, 2d nr Walnut, h 1st bet court Avenueand Vine
LOUGHRAN & HILLIS, (S. J. Loughran, David Hillis,) Foundry andMachinists, cor Front and Locust
Loughran Stephen J., (Loughran & Hillis,) 6th bet 1st and 3rd
Loughran Edmond, moulder, cor 3d and Scott e s
Love Wm., laborer, cor 7th and Elm e s
Love Thos. C., express messenger, h Vine bet 5th and 6th
Lovelace Mary Miss, teacher, bds cor Lyon and 10th e s
Lovejoy H. R., clerk, h Gordon's addition, 4th ward
Lovejoy H. L., merchant, h 1 mile n Court Avenue
Lowe Richard, laborer, south-east cor or corporation e s
Lowery James M., carpenter, cor 5th and River, h same

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Lowes J. E., teacher, bds 6th bet Ct Ave and Walnut e s
Lowry Wm., clerk Moody & Co., h Walnut bet 6th and 7th e s
Loyd John, coal miner, 4th bet Market and Vine e s
Lunn George, painter, 14 Court Avenue, res 5th bet Walnut and Locust e s
Lunt A. P., carpenter, Maple bet Pine and Hickory e s
LUSE & MAHANA, (M. R. Luse, J. O. Mahana,) Auction House, 9 and 11 Court Avenue
Luse M. R., (Luse & Mahana,) h 12 Court Avenue s f
Luse C. P., h cor 6th and Sycamore
Lutz Frederick, German Lutheran minister, h Locust bet 1st & 2d
Lyden Thos., Laborer, Court Avenue bet 5th and 6th e s
Lyden Patrick, laborer, cor Court Avenue and 6th e s
Lynde John, lawyer, bds W. G. Beatty
Lyman & Smith, (J. Lyman, H. Y. Smith,) Bounty Claim Agents, UnionBlock, Court Avenue
Lyman Joseph, law student, (Lyman & Smith) bds Charles Stratton e s
Lynch George, engineer, h Cherry bet 10th and 11th
Lynch George E., laborer, cor 2d and Market
Lynch Matthew, laborer, h 6th s of Elm
Lyon Jonathan, retired, h cor 8th and Mulberry
Lyon G. W., clerk, bds 34 Court Avenue
Lyon Emily A., widow, bds 11th bet Ct Ave and Vine e s
Lyon Robert, machinist, res cor Walnut and 2d e s
Lyon J. R., lawyer, cor Walnut and 2d e s
Lyon Harrison, farmer, Keokuk bet 11th and 12th e s
Lyon Thos., farmer, bds Keokuk bet 11th and 12th e s

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