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I do not live in Iowa, while my family hails from there, I was born and raised in Oregon and curently live in Vancouver, WA. My interest in genealogy came on the death of my grandmother who lived with us in Oregon for 17 years. My dad made the comment that he didn't know why he had so many aunts and uncles when his dad was an only child. And so, the hunt began...

I adopted my first USGenWeb county in 1998, Crook County, Oregon, where I was born. Within a couple months, I had adopted 2 of the surrounding counties, Harney & Deschutes. By 2000, I found myself as the Oregon State Coordinator. Besides Oregon and many of the counties I take care of there, I also have adopted Boone, Polk & Webster, in Iowa, Peoria & Stark in Illinois. I'm very dedicated to keeping genealogy free.

join Join our team! Volunteer your time to transcribe records or indexes that you might have, or contact me as I always seem to have things to be transcribed. Have resource materials? Volunteer to do lookups from your own resource materials. Have a biography or family story to tell? How about placing it here for others to find...

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