1866 City Directory

Source: Des Moines City Directory and Business Guide for the year 1866-67; Des Moines, Iowa; Mills & Co., Stram Printing House, 46 Court Ave.; 1866

Note: This book was written in a different age (1866), and may not be politically or morally correct by today's standards. No insult has been intended by the transcriber. Transcribed by Ralph Leonard III.

Av- Avenue, Ct- court, lab-laborer, nr-near, e s - east side, n - north, s - south, e - east, w- west, s s - south side, wid - widow, cor - corner, s f - second floor, h - house, res - residence, bds - boards, bet - between, bel - below, ab - above, clk - clerk, blk - block, fr - from, w s - west side, t f - third floor

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Page 117

Naifie Wm., (Morris & Naifie,) h 9th bet South and Park
Nalton A., laborer, bds 5th bet Court Ave and Vine e s
Napp B. F., printer Register office, bds P. O. James
Napier Thos h., h 9th nr Pleasant
Nasbitt Robert, laborer, bds Catharine Robb
Nash Rev. J. A., h cor 7th and Center
Nau Philip, cigar store, cor 2d and Walnut, h same
Neal D., (colored) laborer, 3d bel Scott e s
NELSON FRANK T., Carpenter and Joiner, 158 Walnut h cor 10th and Mulberry

Page 118

Nelson Seymour, wheelwright, h 7th bet Walnut and Mulberry
Nelson, Thos., carpenter, bds 7th bet Ct Av and Vine e s
Nestlehouse P. J., (Flemming & Nestlehouse,) h Walnut bet 10th and 11th
Newell J. N., jeweller, h cor 7th and High
NEWMAN & NEWTON, (A. Newman, A. M. Newton,) Hardware and Stoves,61 Second
Newman A., (Newman & Newton,) h cor 9th and Park
Newman David, clerk, res High bet 7th and 8th
Newman John, saloon, 118 Third, h same
Newton A., Assistant U. S. Assessor, h 5th nr Center
Newton Augustus M., (Newman & Newton,) h 5th nr Center
Newton & Duff, (Abraham Newton, John Duff,) Meat market, 115 Walnut
Newton Abraham, (Newton & Duff,) 115 Walnut
Newton Henry, laborer, bds Alexander Ford
Newton Jas., butcher, Keokuk bet Bates and Cedar e s
Nicholas Holmes, teamster, Raccoon bet 3d and 4th e s
Nicholas Charles, carpenter, h 3d bet Ct and Vine e s
Nicholas Sarah A., widow, 4th bet Court Av and Vine e s
Nichols Amos, carpenter, h 1/4 mile e college
Nichols Pat., marble cutter Stinson & Co., h 7th nr River
Nisley J., Brick maker, bds cor Des Moines and Cedar e s
Noble Samuel, carpenter, h 3d bet Sycamore and High
Noe Jonathan, teamster, 5th bet Court Av and Vine e s
Noel Samuel, brick mason, h 8th bet Walnut and Locust
Nokes James, (Nokes & King,) bds E. Frost
Nokes & King, (James Nokes, H. V. King,) Grocers, 27 Walnut
Nolan Mrs., widow, h Elm bet 4th and 5th
Norman A. M., clerk Mills & Co., res Bloomington Tp
Norris D., Dist Ct. bailiff, h 8th bet Locust and Sycamore
Norris Charles, potter, h 9th nr corporation limits
Norse S., teamster, bds Vine bet 7th and 8th e s
NORTH G. J., Lawyer, Exchange Block s f, res Walnut bet 8th and Capitol Square e s
Northrop E. J., teamster, h Vine bet 7th and 8th e s
Norton M. M., clerk, res C. C. Nourse
Norton Frederick, bds City Hotel
Nosley Mrs. Valerie, widow, bds American House
Nourse C. C., lawyer, office 77 Walnut s f, h 4th nr South

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