1866 City Directory

Source: Des Moines City Directory and Business Guide for the year 1866-67; Des Moines, Iowa; Mills & Co., Stram Printing House, 46 Court Ave.; 1866

Note: This book was written in a different age (1866), and may not be politically or morally correct by today's standards. No insult has been intended by the transcriber. Transcribed by Ralph Leonard III.

Av- Avenue, Ct- court, lab-laborer, nr-near, e s - east side, n - north, s - south, e - east, w- west, s s - south side, wid - widow, cor - corner, s f - second floor, h - house, res - residence, bds - boards, bet - between, bel - below, ab - above, clk - clerk, blk - block, fr - from, w s - west side, t f - third floor

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Page 119

Page John, engineer, h Jefferson s s Coon
Painter J. C., laborer, cor 4th and Raccoon e s
Palmer F. W., Editor State Register, h cor 10th & Pleasant
Palmer S., (Albertson & Palmer,) h cor 7th and Mulberry
Parker L. G., U. S. Express Messenger, bds Savery House
Parks H., butcher, h cor 6th and Locust e s
Parks T. J., (Parks & Co.,) bds cor 6th and Locust e s
Parks & Cox, (T. J. Parks, J. P. Cox,) meat market cor Locust and 5the s

Page 120

Parish Isaac, stage driver, bds City Hotel
PARMELEE J., Jeweler, cor 4th and Walnut, bds cor 6th and Park
Parmlee Dennis, teamster, h cor Iowa and Sycamore
Passmore Chas. E., clerk, bds J. H. McCracken
Passmore Sarah, widow, h Pleasant bet 9th and 10th
Patch R., Conductor D. M. V. R. R., bds Savery House
Patchen W. M., carpenter, h Cherry bet 12th and 13th
Pattee David, wagon maker, 1st bet Court Av and Vine e s
Pattee Ira G., clerk, bds Mrs. Whitney
Pattee David, (Rawson & Pattee,) bds Mrs. Whitney
Pattee Hubbell, clerk, bds Mrs. Whitney
Pattee Ellis, printer Register office, h cor 10th and River
PATTERSON J. & SON, (John Patterson, J. M. Patterson,) Dry Goods,118 Walnut
Patterson, John, (Patterson & Son,) h 8th bet Walnut and Locust
Patterson J. M., (Patterson & Son,) res John Patterson
Patterson Melvin, carpenter, bds 7th nr Walnut
Patterson W. A., clerk, bds Mrs. Whitney
Patterson Jno., laborer, bds Des Moines bet Pennsylvania Av and 9th e s
Patton Mrs. Jas., widow, h Maple bet Pine & Hickory e s
Paxson Isaac H., butcher, h Mulberry bet 7th and 8th
Pearson John, carpenter, bds cor Maple and Pine e s
Pease H. G., Agt D. M. V. R. R., res n s city limits
PERCIVAL & CO., (F. A. Percival, D. Percival,) Real Estate Agents, No.6 Court Avenue
Percival F. A., (Percival & Co.) h Walnut bet 9th & 10th
Percival D., (Percival & Co.) h Walnut bet 9th and 10th
PERKINS & FOX, (Silas Perkins, Chas. Fox,) Stone Cutters, 14 CourtAvenue
Perkins Silas, (Perkins & Fox,) h 11th nr Center
Perrior Henry, (Shepard, Perrior & Bennett,) h cor 1st and Locust e s
Persing Wm., painter, bds 3d bet Walnut and Mulberry
Persing, Samuel, carpenter, cor Keokuk and Bates e s
Persing, O., laborer, bds cor Keokuk and Bates e s
Persing Edward, carpenter, bds cor Keokuk and Bates e s
Peters J. P., insurance agent, cor Dean and Keokuk e s
Peters J. P., French teacher, h Market bet 4th and 5th
Peters Julius A. M., clerk P. O., h Market bet 4th and 5th

Page 121

Peters Wm., laborer, h 1st ¼ mile n Court House
Peters Paul, clerk, h Market bet 4th and 5th
Peters B. F., farmer, h 9th nr Center
Peterson Timon, teamster, bds City Hotel
Peterson W. S., editor Temperance Platform, res nr Wesley Chapel e s
Peterson Charles, laborer, bds 1st between Vine and Market e s
Pettit T. F., cabinet maker, h cor 6th and River
Pettit Edwin, pressman Register office
Pettybone Guy, laborer, res Austin Morgan
Phalen Michael, laborer, h cor 5th and Market
Philbaugh Daniel, plow maker, bds Henry Moore
Phillipi C. C., carpenter, h cor 10th and Cherry
PHILLIPS & PHILLIPS, (J. H. Phillips, Wm. Phillips,) Attorneys at Law,3d bet Walnut & Court Avenue
Phillips Wm., (Phillips & Phillips,) h cor 4th and Locust
Phillips J. H., (Phillips & Phillips,) h 6th bet Center and River
PHILLIPS I. W., U. S. Ex. Messenger, h cor 3d & Walnut
Phillips Jas. A., clerk, bds J. G. Weeks
Phillips Rev. J. M., pastor 3d Presbyterian Church, h Sycamore bet 5thand 6th
Phillips Wm., laborer, h bet 3d and 4th nr River
Phillips Mrs. M. J., millinery, cor 3d and Walnut
PICKETT & BACON, (C. H. Pickett, J. H. Bacon,) Livery Stable, hWalnut, bet 4th and 5th
Pickett C. H., (Pickett & Bacon,) h High bet 10th & 11th
Piekenbrock E., teamster, h Iowa nr Sycamore
Pierce Taylor, engineer, res Washington House
Pierce Amos, farmer, h Monroe nr 4th s s Coon
Pillsbury G. L., carpenter
PLATT & AINSWORTH, (C. D. Platt, C. R. Ainsworth,) PlowManufactory, cor 1st and Market
Pleaser Anthony, farmer, h s s Coon
PLUMB BROS., (B. K. Plumb, H. C. Plumb,) Jewlers, 36 Court Avenue
Plumb B. K., (Plumb Bros.,) h 8th bet Locust & Sycamore
Plumb H. C., (Plumb Bros.,) bds Demoine House
Plumb Frank S., clerk, bds B. K.
Poindexter W. A., (W. Baker & Co.,) bds Demoine House 10

Page 122

POLK & HUBBELL, (J. S. Polk, F. M. Hubbell,) Attorneys at Law,Sherman Block s f
Polk Jeff S., (Polk & Hubbell,) h cor 7th and Mulberry
Pollard Wm., laborer, Market bet 8th and 9th e s
Pollack J. D., insurance agent, Court Av bet 2d and 3d e s
Poorman Daniel, gardener, east end of Court Av e s
Porter Wm., land agent, h cor 9th and Mulberry
Porter John, teamster, h cor 3d and Elm
Potter O. F., (Read, Potter & Co.) bds 5th bet Court Av and Walnut e s
Potter Hamilton, tailor, bds cor 3d and Market
Powell Wright M., insurance agent, bds cor Dean and Des Moines e s
Powers James, laborer, Locust bet 1st and 2d
Pratt Joseph, Young America saloon
Pressnell Zimeri, harness maker, bds Locust bet 9th & 10th
Price Joseph, laborer, Williamson bet 11th and 12th e s
Pritchard W. S., Cashier Allen's Bank, bds Savery House
Pritchard Geo., farmer, h 10th bet High and Pleasant
Pritchard Wm., farmer, h 9th 1 mile n Court House
Proctor Calvin W., clk. D. B. Barnes, bds 5th bet Court Avenue and Walnut e s
Purcell H., teamster, bds Maple bet Pine and Hickory e s
PURINTON J., Hardware, Stoves & Tin Ware, 65 Second res Market bet 7th and 8th e s
Pursley Jacob, teamster, h Farnham nr Sycamore
Pursley Wm., teamster, h cor McMullen and High
Pursing John, laborer, 5th bet Court Av and Vine e s

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