1866 City Directory

Source: Des Moines City Directory and Business Guide for the year 1866-67; Des Moines, Iowa; Mills & Co., Stram Printing House, 46 Court Ave.; 1866

Note: This book was written in a different age (1866), and may not be politically or morally correct by today's standards. No insult has been intended by the transcriber. Transcribed by Ralph Leonard III.

Av- Avenue, Ct- court, lab-laborer, nr-near, e s - east side, n - north, s - south, e - east, w- west, s s - south side, wid - widow, cor - corner, s f - second floor, h - house, res - residence, bds - boards, bet - between, bel - below, ab - above, clk - clerk, blk - block, fr - from, w s - west side, t f - third floor

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Page 33

Abel, G. P., Ins. Agt., cor Des Moines and Dean e s
Abraham Edward, coal miner, cor Hickory and Fulton e s
Adams W.H.. , teamster, Raccoon bet 1st and 2d e s
Adams J. W., medical student, bds 8th bet Locust and Mulberry
Adamson Enos, laborer, bds cor Pine and Maple e s
Adamson L. A., teamster, Raccoon bet 1st and 2d e s
Adamson Susannah, widow, cor Pine and Maple e s
Ainsworth Chas. R., (Platt & Ainsworth,) plow manufactory, nr cor 1st and Market
Alberts Wm., grocer, cor Court Avenue and 6th e s
ALBERTSON & PALMER, (A. R. A. & S. P.) Hardware, Stoves & Tinware, 107 Walnut
ALDRICH J.H., Boots and Shoes, 26 Court Avenue, h north 4th Street
Aldrich H. N., merchant, 26 Court Avenue, h 5th bet River and Mill
Alexander Jas., laborer cor 8th and Williamson e s
Alexander Jas. A., teamster, bds cor 8th and Williamson e s
ALLEN B.F., Banker, cor 4th and Court Ave
Allen Elizabeth, widow, h Market bet 2d and 3d
Allen Silas D., laborer, h Vine bet 3d and 4th
Allen Wm., teamster, h east of Baptist College
Allen Reece, stage driver, bds City Hotel
Allen Reason, stage driver, h Locust, bet 1st and 2d
Allen S., teamster, cor Vine and 2d e s

Page 35

Alvord H. P., Western Stage Co Stockholder; bds Savery House
Anderson A. G., wagon maker, bds cor Keokuk and Keosauqua e s
Angel Bennett, carpenter, h and shop cor 2d and Market
Anderson Jas., harnessmaker, bds Shannon House e s
Anderson Wm., dyer, cor Locust and Dean e s
Anderson P. J., blacksmith, h cor 10th and Mulberry
Anderson J. J., scale-agent, h 10th nr Center
Andrews L. F., printer, (Mills & Co.) bds J. Reichneker's, 6 cor High
ANKENY J.A., (Ankeny Bro.) 11th betMulberry and Cherry
Ankeny Bro,. (J. A. & Wm. Ankeny,) grocers, Court Avenue bet 3d and 4th
Ankeny Wm., (Ankeny Bro.) bds 4th bet Court Avenue and Vine
ANNEBERG & BAUER (J. Anneberg, J. Bauer, ) Bakery, 74 Second Street
Anneberg Justus, (Anneberg & Bauer) h 3d bet Vine and Court Avenue
Arras Gotleib, blacksmith, h cor Mulberry and 13th
Ariss Thomas, turner, bds cor 3d and Locust
Arrowsmith Robert, (Morris & Co.,) bds at Munzenmair's
Armbruster Fred., saloon and h 56 1/2 Walnut
Arney J., plasterer, bds American House
ARNOLD S., & CO.,(S Arnold & H.E. Dykeman,) Clothing, 66 Court Avenue
Arnold A. K., (S. Arnold & Co.,) bds Demoine House
Arnold P. W., pattern maker, cor 9th and Park
Arnold D. J., teamster, h South Coon, Indianola Road
Arnold Alonzo, teamster, South Coon, Indianola Road
Arnold John D., carpenter, h Monroe nr Grist Mill
ATKINSON MITCHELL, Blacksmith, shop 1st, near Court Avenue, h Court Avenue bet 1st and 2d
ATKINSON BROS., (M. A. & W. R.) Photographers, 3d bet Court Avenue and Walnut
Atkins C. H., carpenter, h Cottage Grove Add
Atkinson Jane, confectionery, 20 Court Ave
Atkinson M. A., (Atkinson Bro.) h 20 Court Ave
Atkinson W. R., (Atkinson Bro.) h 20 Court Ave

Page 37

Atmere E. W., plasterer, Des Moines, bet Bates and Cedar e s
Augustine Philip, teamster, h Vine bet 4th and 5th
AULMAN A., Brewery, Elm bet 2d and 3d
Avery M., widow, h 5th nr Elm
Awberry George, farmer, h Nassau nr Center
Ayers A. P., Ag't Michigan Nursery, bds Savery House
Ayer L. E., laborer, h 5th bet Raccoon and Allen e s
Ayers S. A., Deputy Auditor of State; bds 5th bet Court Avenue and Walnut e s


Bachman Adam, saloon, h cor Court Avenue and Water
Bacus Geo., laborer, h 1st bet Vine and Market e s
Backus G. W., agent B. & M. R. R., 3d bet Court Avenue and Walnut, bds Demoine House
Bacon J. H., (Pickett & Bacon,) bds Savery House
Bacon Geo. teamster, cor Lyon and 9th e s
Bailey A. F., law student, bds 8th bet Locust and Sycamore
Baily Chas., saloon, cor Court Avenue and 1st e s
BAKER DR. W. & CO., (Dr. W. Baker, W. A. Poindexter,) Druggists, cor 3d and Court Avenue
Baker Dr. W., ( Dr. W. Baker & Co., ) h cor 10th and Pleasant
Baker J. R., painter, Des Moines bet Dean and Bates e s
Baker Lewis, painter, cor Hickory and Maple e s
Baker Mirrie, teamster, h 8th nr Park
Baldwin G. W., gardener, h west of Baptist College
Baleten, wool grader, bds Farmers Hotel e s
Ball Wm., coal miner, h cor Vine and 5th e s
Ballinger W., Express Messenger, bds Demoine House
Ballinger James M., farmer, h n 4th street
Banks Thomas, brick molder, h 9th nr Mill
Banks Henry, (colored) lab, bds cor 7th and Walnut e s
Barcroft R. L., h 5th near Mill
Barcroft J. K., farmer, h 5th near Mill
Barcroft J. R., (Dorr & Barcroft) Exchange Block h cor 5th and River
Bare Daniel, miller, h 8th bet Cherry and Mulberry
Barger Jacob, with W. Stage Co., h Market bet 5th and 6th
Barker Henry, hostler, Avenue House
Barlow Jas., laborer, Keokuk bet 13th and 14th e s
Barlow Benjamin, laborer, cor Hickory and Small e s
Barnard David, millinery, 4th bet Court Av and Walnut

Page 39

Barnes E. S., lab, h Des Moines bet Bates and Cedar e s
BARNES D. B., druggist, Locust bet 4th and 5th , h 5th bet Court Avenue and Walnut e s
Barnes Benjamin, carpenter, h 3d bet Day and Mill.
Barnes W. S., trader, H cor Nassau and River
Barnes James, trader, h cor Nassau and River
Barnet John, laborer, bds cor Des Moines and Cedar e s
BARNETT L. M. G., Photographer over P. O., bds Avenue House
Barngrover G. W., carpenter, h nr 13th and Pleasant
Barnum Austin, laborer, Keokuk bet Bates and Cedar e s
Barrickman R. E., laborer bds 10th s of Center
Barron Patrick, laborer, bds 9th bet River and Mill
Barr Charles, laborer, cor 7th and Center
Bart Calvin, carpenter, bds Silas Perkins.
BARTHOLOMEW & GIFFORD, (W. W. Bartholomew, Isaac Gifford) Hawkeye Restaurant, 124 Walnut
Bartholomew W. W. (Bartholomew & Gifford) 124 Walnut
Bartholomew C. B. (Hogate & Bartholomew), bds 5th, bet Court Avenue and Walnut e s
BARTHOLOMEW O. A., Lawyer, Keokuk bet Cedar & Keosauqua e s
BARTLE P. F., Lawyer, Sherman Block, h cor 7th and Pleasant
Barton Alexander, bds s e part of south Coon
Barton Edward, cooper, h Washington nr Coon River
Basin Peter, butcher, bds cor 1st and Locust
Bates Curtis, lawyer retired, h cor 9th and Mulberry
Bathman Christopher, hair dresser Savery House, h Walnut bet 7th and 8th
Bauer John (Anneberg & Bauer) h 74 Second
Bauerman Conrad, tailor, h 7th nr Vine
Bausman J. B., civil engineer, h cor 11th and Sycamore
Bausman A., h cor 11th and High
Bausman Jule, civil engineer, h cor 11th and High
Bausman A. C., book-binder, (Mills & Co.) bds cor 11th High
BEACH DAVID, Physician, office and h 108 Third
Beaman Rebecca, widow, h 5th s of Elm
Beaner Frederick, h 7th near Center
BECK CONRAD, Barber, basement Sherman block, h 3d bet Court Avenue and Vine

Page 41

Beckwith John, P. O. clerk, bds cor 3d and Vine
Bedler Chas., saloon, 6th bet Court Avenue and Vine e s
Bedford James C., carpenter, h cor 13th and Sycamore
BEEKMAN H. & SON, (H.Beekman, T. H. Beekman, ) Dry Goods, 81 Walnut
Beekman H., (H. Beekman & Son) 81 Walnut h n 4th
Beeks Lewis, tinner, boards on Walnut
Bell Robert, teamster, h cor Locust and Iowa
Bell John, (colored) laborer, Walnut bet 6th and 7th e s
Beltz P. B., washing and ironing, h 17th bet Locust and Sycamore
Beman S., laborer, h Elm bet 3d and 4th e s
Benedict Ezra, laborer, h Mill bet 8th and 9th
Benedict James C., book keeper, Daily Register office h cor 11th and Cherry
Benham L. A., telegraph operator, D. V. R. R. Depot
Bennett Barney, cabinet maker, bds n 3d
Bennett Lemon, carpenter, 9th bet Center and River
Bennett M., laborer, Rates bet Des Moines and Lyon e s
Bennett W. S., (Shepard, Perrior & Bennett,) cor Locust and 3d e s
Bennett R. D., teamster, h 5th bet Court Av and Vine e s
BENTLEY W.G., Special Agent of N. Y. Life Ins. Co. for Southern Iowa, h 8th bet Locust and Sycamore
Berry Francis, laborer, Lyon bt Bates and Cedar e s
Beson Nicholas, wagon-maker, h cor 11th and Walnut
BETTS & GOLDSMITH, Clothing, (J. Betts, Walter Goldsmith) Court Avenue
Bickford Lewis, laborer, Dean between Keokuk and Des Moins e s
BIDWELL A. C., Land Agency, 83 Walnut s f , bds Demoine House
Bigelow -------, gardener, h n Walnut
Bingman Louisa J., h 8th bet Cherry and Mill
Bird Thompson, Presb. Minister, h Locust bet 3d and 4th
Bird Wm. K., clerk, h Locust bet 3d and 4th
Bird Empson, clerk, h Locust bet 3d and 4th
Bird John, meat store, h Walnut bet 13th and 14th
Bishard D. C., laborer, bds City Hotel
BITTING L., Tailor, 60 Court Avenue, h Keokuk bet Hickory and Pennsylvania Avenue e s

Page 43

Bitting Thos., harness maker, bds Keokuk bet Hickory and Pennsylvania Avenue e s
Bitting & Son, (S. & W. H.) news depot, cor Third and Court Avenue
Bitting Simon (Bitting & Son) h cor 8th and Cherry
Bitting Wm. H., (Bitting & Son) h cor 8th and Cherry
Black Rollin, clerk, bds cor 3d and Vine
Blackburn J. m., clerk, h cor 7th and Mill
Blackmar E. C., accountant (Mills & Co) bds Mrs Whitney's
Blair John G., printer, bds 3d bet Center and River
Blashier Alfred, laborer, Keokuk bet Hickory & Pennsylvania Avenue e s
Blodgett T. K., h cor 13th and Mulberry
Blodgett C. Wesley, accountant, h cor 13th and Mulberry
Blodgett Mrs. J. E., widow, h 5th bet Walnut and Ct Av
Bluebaker John, miller, bds Union House
Blum Jacob, book-keeper, bds 1 door n Exchange Blk 3d
Boardman Peter, saddler, h cor 9th and River
Bochmon Caspar, laborer, bds South bet 2d and 3d
BOTKIN A. H., h Walnut bet 5th and 6th e s
Bogue Henry, teamster, cor 9th and Fulton e s
Boile Peter, laborer, 3d near Mill
Bolig Peter, blacksmith, h Vine bet 10th and 11th
Bolton E. M., h cor Locust and 2d e s
Bolton Lewis, printer, bds cor Locust and 2d e s
Bolton Homer, baker, bds cor Locust and 2d e s
Bolton Laban, book binder, bds cor Locust and 2d e s
Bolton Leander, (Bolton & McKisson) bds cor Locust and 2d e s
Bolton & McKisson (L. Bolton, S. McKisson) hardware Locust bet 3d and 4th e s
Bonbright John S., Des Moines Iron Works, h Sycamore bet 10th and 11th
Bond Thos., blacksmith, h 2d bet Market and Raccoon e s
Bondham R. F., laborer, bds Demoine House
Boon Lem., laborer, Lyon bet Dean and Bates e s
Bordman Wm., machinist, bds cor Dean and Keokuk e s
Bowers, Alexander, Deputy U. S. Marshal, h cor 6th and Locust
Bowers David, carpenter, bds American House
Boyle Richard, laborer, Keokuk bet 14th and 15th e s
Boyd C. F., clerk, (Miller & Cowley,) h Des Moines bet Hickory and Pennsylvania Avenue e s

Page 45

Boyd Thomas, carpenter, h cor 5th and Locust
Boyd Nelson, h cor 7th and River
Boyd J. H., h cor 7th and Mulberry
Boydston E. B., farmer, h cor Mill and 9th
Boys Abraham h Keokuk bet Cedar and Keosauqua e s
Bradford Wm R., clerk, bds American House
Bradford F., (colored) laborer 5th, bet Court Avenue and Vine e s
Bradley Catharine, widow, h cor 12th and Walnut
Bradley F., printer, corner 12th and Walnut
Bradshaw Aaron, express driver, h n 4th street
Bradshaw ------, farmer, h Locust bet 17 and 18th
Brady Edward, laborer, h cor 1st and Market
Brady O. H. P., laborer cor Court Avenue and 12th e s
Brady Jas., laborer Court Avenue, bet 1st and 2d e s
Bragg Henderson, laborer, Des Moines bet 13th and 14th e s
Brainard Eli, laborer, bds Monroe nr 6th
Brainard Gilber, brick mason, h Monroe nr 6th
Brand Henry, book keeper, h 1 block n of Pleasant bet 9th and 10th
Brand T. H., musician, h head of Nassau and Park
Brandt Isaac, cor 12th and Keokuk e s
Brandin John, cabinet maker, bds City Hotel
Brannon Thomas, lab, h 5th bet Elm and Market
Braungardt Michael, brewer, bds cor Elm and 2d
BRAZIL J. F., Catholic Clergyman, h Locust bet 5th and 6th
Brazil M. J., catholic clergyman, h Locust bet 5th and 6th
Bresee P., farmer, h Hewett e s
Brewer Wm., h n 3d
Brewer John , blacksmith, h Vine bet 10th and 11th
Brice John, peddler cor Lyon and Pennsylvania ave e s
Brice -----, peddler, h Sycamore bet 6th and 7th
Brick Jeremiah, teamster, h cor Locust and Farnham
Briggs Holsey, laborer, h n 1st
Briggs Geo. C., miner, cor 4th and Scott e s
Brinegar Chas., blacksmith, bds Harvey House e s
Bristoe B., plasterer, bds Demoine House
Britton A., saloon, 31 Court Avenue
Brobaker John, miller, bds American House
Brooks Rev F., Rector St. Paul's Ch, bds Savery House

Page 47

Brooks J. H., bds 4th bet Vine and Court Avenue
BROOKS, STRAWBRIDGE & WILSON, (J. H. Brooks, Benj. Strawbridge, Stephen Wilson) American Machine works, 1st 2 sqrs s of Ct Av.
Brooks T. K., physician, cor 7th and Walnue e s
Brotchi C., grocer, 71 Second, h cor 6th and Vine
Brott Samuel, brick molder, Hickory bet Fremont and Buchanan e s
Browne John, agt D M Riv Nav Co, h cor South and 6th
Browne John jr., mail agt D V R R, h cor South and 6th
Brown Wm., plasterer, Walnut bet 17th and 18th e s
Brown C. F., blacksmith, cor 1st and Market e s
Brown C., saloon, bds Shannon House
Brown C., saloon, bds Keokuk bet Penn Av and 9th e s
Brown Edward, freighter, h 3d nr South
Brown Clarkson, h cor 12th and Sycamore
Brown James, yardman, Savery House
Brown Wm., bds City Hotel
Brown Mrs. N. L., widow, h Walnut bet 4th and 5th
Brown T. E., atty at law, h Locust bet Iowa and Fulton
Brown Jerome W., merchant, (Le Bosquet, Brown & Rude,)h 4th near River
Brown L. F., (Brown & Spofford) 1st bet Court Avenue and Walnut
Brown Lewis J., (Brown & Spofford) h 1st bet Walnut and Court Avenue
BROWN & SPOFFORD (L. J. Brown, C. S. Spofford) agricultural implements and seed store, 2 & 4 Ct Av
Brown L. J., (Mitchell & Brown,) h n 3d
Brown Leonard, teacher and Supt. Public Schools, h e s 7th n of Center
Brunsdon Charles, butcher, bds West Walnut
Bryant John, carpenter, cor Vine & 11th e s
Bryan John A., carpenter, Court Avenue bet 1st and 2d e s
Bryan A. L., laborer, h 3d bet Vine and Ct Ave
Bryant Benj., Deputy Sheriff, h cor 5th and Vine
Bryan John L. G., pressman at Mills & Co., h Walnut bet 9th and 10th
BUGBEE & LEONARD, (G. H. Bugbee, C. F. Leonard,) dry goods, 79 Walnut Street
Bugbee Geo. H., (Bugbee & Leonard) bds Mrs. Washburne's 4th street

Page 49

Burbridge James, shoemaker, bds 3d bet Walnut and Mulberry
Burgan Charles, teamster, h cor. 3d and Day
Burget Mrs. T., widow, res 5th bet Ct Av and Walnut e s
Burgess Geo., brewer, cor Mulberry and 13th
Burhus A. P. Ins. Agt., h Market bet 1st and 2d
Burk Chas., molder cor Court Avenue and 6th e s
Burke Patrick, laborer, h 5th nr Elm
Burke John, Laborer, h 6th nr Elm
Burley Geo. C. R., laborer, 2d bet Elm and Walnut
Burlin John, teamster, bds north end of Pine e s
BURNHAM E. L., h 9th nr corporation limits
Burns Owen, laborer, Lyon bet Bates and Cedar e s
Burns Richard, (colored) lab, Lyon bet 13th and 14th e s
Burns Thomas, laborer
Burns I. E., tinner, bds American House
Burnyman Conrad, tailor, h 7th bet Vine and Market
Burrows Albert, carpenter, h Sycamore nr 13th
Burtch F. W., painter, h 9th bet Sycamore and High
Burtch W. A., painter, bds F. W. Burtch
Burtch W. L., bds F. W. Burtch
Burton W. C., h Pleasant, bet 10th and 11th
Burton J. W., res W. C. Burton
Buser Joshua, turner and joiner, h 9th near Center
BUSH, CLAPP & CO., (H.M. Bush, E. R. Clapp, Wm. Regan,) Forwarding and Commission Merchants, cor 3d and Market e s
Bush H. M., (Bush, Clapp & Co.) h 4th bet Sycamore and High
Bush L. H., druggist, 75 Walnut, h cor 4th and High
Bush David, bds L. H. Bush
Bush Isaac, milliner, 40 Walnut
Bushore T., clerk, bds Demoine House
BUTLER FRANK, Saddlery and Harness, 67 Walnut, h cor Walnut and 9th
Butt Andrew, butcher, h 5th bet Walnut and Locust e s
Butts George, carpenter, h Center bet 11th and 12th
Butts W. E., finisher, bds Demoine House
Butts Geo., express messenger, h bet Mulberry and Walnut near 13th
Butts Richard., h bet Mulberry and Walnut near 13th 5

Page 51

Butts Edward, painter, bds Demoine House
Byron Patrick, stone mason, h 7th bet Ct Av and Vine e s

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