1866 City Directory

Source: Des Moines City Directory and Business Guide for the year 1866-67; Des Moines, Iowa; Mills & Co., Stram Printing House, 46 Court Ave.; 1866

Note: This book was written in a different age (1866), and may not be politically or morally correct by today's standards. No insult has been intended by the transcriber. Transcribed by Ralph Leonard III.

Av- Avenue, Ct- court, lab-laborer, nr-near, e s - east side, n - north, s - south, e - east, w- west, s s - south side, wid - widow, cor - corner, s f - second floor, h - house, res - residence, bds - boards, bet - between, bel - below, ab - above, clk - clerk, blk - block, fr - from, w s - west side, t f - third floor

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Page 126

Sagar Simon, carpenter, h 5th nr Elm
Sammon John, laborer, bds Benjamin Flathers

Page 127

Sammon Michael, laborer, bds Benjamin Flathers
Sammon Foley, clerk, bds Benjamin Flathers
Sampson George, res L. Foster
Sanders W. N., printer Register office, bds Mrs. Harrison
SANFORD & SHERMAN, (E. Sanford, H. Sherman,) stoves and hardware, 38 Court Avenue
Sanford E., (Sanford & Sherman,) h 7th bet Market & Vine
SAVERY GEORGE W., proprietor Savery House
Savery James C., General Agent American Emigant Co., res Greenwood Avenue
Savery C. T., auctioneer, h 4th bet Walnut and Locust
Savery S., farmer, h Walnut bet 11th and 12th
Sayer John, plasterer, bds 1st bet 11th and 12th
Saylor H. H., doctor, h fifty rods s e College
Saylor W. H., hair dresser, bds cor 7th and Walnut
Schaal Daniel, carpenter, cor Williamson and 12th e s
Schamahorn H., teamster, 1st bet Elm and Raccoon e s
Schamahorn B., teamster, 2d bet Raccoon and Allen e s
Schamahorn J., teamster, Raccoon bet 2d and 3d e s
Schamerhorn Hiram, teamster, h cor 1st and Elm
Schloesser August, meat store, 56½ Walnut, h same
Schonfield V., dry goods, 103 Walnut, bds Demoine House
Schonfield Julius S., clerk, bds Demoine House
Schotenfelts E., clothier, 66 Second, h Vine bet 6th & 7th
Schreck Wm., photographer, h 6th nr High
Schulein S., merchant, 62 Court Avenue, bds Savery House
Scoreby Thos., carpenter, h cor Walnut and 5th e s
Scott W., patent grainer, bds A. J. Randall
Scott Martin, porter at Mills & Co.'s, h nr 4th Ward School House
Scott Robert, stone mason, h 9th bet Sycamore and High
Scott James, farmer, Raccoon bet 2d and 3d e s
Scott Mrs. Mary, dressmaker and tailoress, h Locust bet Dean and Bates e s
SCRIBNER HENRY, Saw and Lumber Mill, 3d, h Sycamore bet 5th and 6th
Scully Patrick, laborer, bds Shamrock House
Seaman Frederick, laborer, h cor 11th and High
Sears Alexander, book binder, bds Mrs. M. J. Harrison
Sears, Jno., hostler, bds City Hotel
Sears H. A., shoe maker, bds 3d bet Walnut & Mulberry
Sears E. H., employee West Stage Co., bds Savery House

Page 128

Seasongood S., clerk, bds Demoine House
Seeberger J. D., (Howell & Seeberger,) bds Mrs. Washburn
Seeberger Raymond, grocer, 95 Walnut, h same
Seeley C., carpenter, cor Walnut and 5th e s
Seeley Horace, carpenter, bds cor Walnut and 5th e s
Sell, J. E., clerk Simon & Strauss, bds Demoine House
Selleck Allen, laborer, res Elm bet 4th and 5th
Settle T. E., City Treasurer, 6th bet Ct Av and Walnut e s
Shackleford R., shoe maker, cor 10th and Walnut e s
Shady Patrick, laborer, h cor 5th and Elm
SHAEFER J. G., Confectionery and Bakery, 104 Third
Shanley John, stone cutter, h 5th bet Market and Elm
SHANNON HOUSE, (R. T. Shannon, M. M. McCaulley,) 5th bet Walnut and Locust e s
Shannon Aman, laborer, bds Walnut bet 8th and 9th e s
Shannon P., spinner, h Dean bet Des Moines and Lyon e s
Shannon R. T., Shannon House, 5th bet Walnut and Locust e s
Sharman Joseph P., photographer, 4th bet Walnut and Court Avenue, h same
Sharon Hudson, farmer, h s e part city, s s Coon
SHAW & CURLEY, (Wm. Shaw, John Curley,) Grocers, 53 Walnut
Shaw Wm., (Shaw & Curley,) h cor 6th and Mulberry
Shaw Alexander, physician, cor 10th and Walnut e s
Shaw Thomas, teamster, bds E. D. Jones
Shaw Eric, teamster, bds E. D. Jones
Shean Daniel, laborer, h bet 7th and 8th nr Day
SHEPARD, PERRIOR & BENNETT, (Wm. Shepard, Henry Perrior, W. S. Bennett,) City Mills and Woolen Factory, cor Dean and Locust e s
Shepard Levi, bds cor 21 and Locust e s
Shepard Clinton, miller, (Shepard, Perrior & Bennett,) bds cor Dean and Keokuk e s
Shepard Chas., clerk, h n part city
Shepard Wm., (Shepard, Perrior & Bennett,) h Dean bet Des Moines and Lyon e s
Shepard W. H., cutter, bds Demoine House
Sheperd H. E., clerk, res Cottage Grove Addition
Sheridan, Wm. book binder, bds Mrs. Godson
Sherman Sophia, widow, h Mulberry bet 5th and 6th

Page 129

Sherman Hoyt, jr., clerk Knight Bros., res Mrs. Sherman
Sherman Charles, (Ravenscraft, Sherman & Co.,) res Sophia Sherman
Sherman Hoyt, (Sanford & Sherman,) h cor 6th & Walnut
Sherman Lampson P., book-keeper, h cor 9th and Pleasant
Sherman Sam., pressman Mills & Co., res John Porter
Sherman Wm., teamster, h 3d nr Day
Sherrill J. W., laborer, bds Maple bet Pine and Hickory e s
SHERWOOD JOHN O., Grocer, 105 Third, bds Mrs. Washburn
Shideler Abraham, cabinet maker, cor 7th & Mulberry
Shiflet Jacob, laborer, res Lester Cate
SHISSLER & JONES, (John Shissler, Wm. S. Jones,) Clothing and Furnishing Goods, 106 Third
Shissler Jos., (Shissler & Jones,) h Walnut bet 7th and 8th
Shrever Christopher, laborer, h 7th nr Mill
SHUCK JOHN M., Secretary State Insurance Co., h Mulberry bet 9th and 10th
SIBLEY S., U. S. Commissioner and Lawyer, Court House, bds Savery House
Sibley Wm., agent for McCormick's Reaper, h Keokuk bet Pennsylvania Av and 9th e s
SIMINGTON JOHN A., Furniture Dealer, h cor Pleasant and 9th
Simington James, furniture manufacturer, 3d
Simon & Strauss, (L. Simon, L Strauss,) clothiers, 43 Court Avenue
Simonds J., clk Newman's, cor Keokuk and Cedar e s
Simons N., cattle drover, h cor 11th and Locust
Simmons Joseph, laborer, h 8th bet Cherry and Vine
SINCLAIR J. H., merchant, No. 1 Harter's blk Locust e s
Sipe Geo., laborer, h 6th bet Raccoon and Allen e s
SKINNER Dr. J. O., res Keokuk bet Bates & Cedar e s
Skinner B., teamster, Elm bet 1st and 2d e s
Skinner T. E., carpenter, Market bet 6th and 7th e s
Skinner David D., grocery, 2d, h 1/6 mile n e College
Skinner W. W., clerk, h cor 5th and Mill
Slate Mary E., widow, h 9th bet High and Sycamore
Slater Wm., (Burgess & Slater,) bds D. R. Ewing
Slatterly John, laborer, res J. H. Givens

Page 130

Slattery Jas., laborer, h 13th bet College and Pleasant
Slatton Clara, widow, 4th bet Elm and Racoon e s
Slatton John, auctioneer, 12th bet Court Av and Walnut e s
Slaughter, I. W., harness maker, bds Union House
SMITH SEWARD, Lawyer, office cor 4th and Ct Av, bds Savery House
SMITH HIRAM, News Dealer, P. O. building, bds Avenue House
SMITH E. C., Grocer, 119 Walnut, res Charles Smith
Smith Albert, clerk, bds 9th bet Locust and High
Smith Alfonso, Insurance Agent, h 5th nr River
Smith Augustus, grocer Walnut, h cor 6th and Locust
Smith Calvin, shoe maker, bds Avenue House
Smith Chas., with E. C. Smith, h corner 6th and Sycamore
Smith Cecelia, widow, h 50 rods s e College
Smith C. F., laborer, h Monroe nr 6th, s s Coon
Smith D. G., saddles and harness, 75 Second, h 7th bet Walnut and Mulberry
Smith Dr. P. A., res Mulberry nr Court House
Smith E. C., conductor D. M. V. R. R., bds Savery House
Smith E. W., gun smith Court Av, h cor 9th and Cherry
Smith E. L., express agent, h 3d bet Locust and South
Smith Elizabeth, widow, h cor 7th and Center
Smith Elisha M., (Woods & Co.,) h 6th bet Locust and Sycamore
Smith F. M., (Collier & Smith,) h Walnut bet 3d and 4th
Smith Frederick, cabinet maker, h 6th n city limits
Smith Geo., harness maker, bds 3d bet Walnut & Locust
Smith Geo. H., carpenter, h Cherry bet 8th and 9th
Smith Hiram Y., (Lyman & Smith,) res J. L. Smith
Smith Isaac, (colored) laborer, res Mr. McKay
Smith Jas., hostler, bds City Hotel
Smith Joseph S., civil engineer, bds Savery House
Smith John, butcher, bds John Gottschalk
Smith John L., Indian Agent, h cor 8th and Walnut
Smith John S., carpenter, h 1/6 mile e College
Smith John B., carpenter, h 8th nr Park
Smith M. A., telegraph operator, bds Mrs. Lewis
Smith M. C., laborer, bds 1st bet Vine and Market e s
Smith Maria, widow, Milliner, cor Court Av and 7th e s
Smith Mr., clock mender, h Sycamore nr 16th
Page 131

Smith Pat, laborer, bds Bates bet Des Moines & Lyon e s
Smith R. H., carpenter, 1st bet Walnut and Locust e s
Smith, Stephen, clerk, bds cor 8th and Locust
Smith W. T., lawyer, Superintendent Des Moines Brick Works, lot 7 Deans out-lots e s
Smith Wm. H., clerk, bds 3d bet Court Avenue and Vine
Smith Wm., clerk, bds Mrs. McCain
Smithers E., feed stable, bds Harvey House e s
Sneer Geo., h nor 5th and Center
Snow T. C., Sec. West Accident Ins. Co., h n 5th
Snyder S. W., laborer, h 6th nr city limits, s s Coon
Sommer F., clerk, bds G. W. Stiffler
Spangler Chas., blacksmith, h cor 1st and Market
SPARHAWK E., Secy W, Stage Co., 10B Third, bds A. T. Johnson
Sparks B., carpenter, 3d bet Court Av and Vine e s
Speed Henry, printer Register office, bds S. Lafferty
Spence Thos., laborer, bds C. Riley
Spencer B. S., stage driver, bds City Hotel
Spitznagel Frank, shoe maker, h Sycamore nr 13th
Spofford S. F., retired, res Demoine House
Spofford C. S., (Brown & Spofford) bds Demoine House
Sprague Geo., teamster, h cor 16th and Locust
Sprague James, laborer, bds George Sprague
Sprague George, clerk, bds G. W. Stiffler
Stanberry S., brick maker, h cor Des Moines & Cedar e s
Stanley Joseph R., carpenter, h nr College
Stanley George, stage driver, bds City Hotel
Stanley Patrick, mason, h 13th bet Walnut and Mulberry
Stanley J. G., clerk, bds 4th bet Locust and High
Stark Jacob, (Comparet & Stark,) h n 7th
Starks Franklin, farmer, bds Keokuk bet Bates & Cedar e s
Starr Jas. M., Des Moines Gas Works, bds Savery House
Starr Jesse, miller, h 3d bet Market and Elm
Steel M. B., lawyer, h 9th bet Fulton and Fremont e s
STEELE Dr. B. L., office 3d nr Walnut, h 7th nr Park
Stehm Fred., bakery and confectionery, 68 Second, h same
Stemm Lewis, laborer, bds Albert Grefe
Stevens A. J., Consul to Windsor, Canada, h
Stevens Geo. W., clerk, h Cherry bet 5th and 6th
Stevens ____, carpenter, bds F. S. Whiting
Stevens Wm., carpenter, h 12th nr Center

Page 132

Stevens Edward, boot and shoe maker, bds Wm. Stevens
Stevenson Harry, retired, h 4th bet Walnut and Locust
Stevenson Jas., Ag't West Stage Co., bds Demoine House
Stewart J. B., President 1st National Bank, h Sycamore one mile w Court House
Stewart G. A., (Gatch & Stewart,) h 7th nr River
Stewart Wm., clockmaker, 5th bet Ct Av and Walnut e s
Stewart F. M., clerk Harvey House e s
Stewart R., stage driver, bds City Hotel
STIFFLER GEO., Photographer, Gilcrest's Block, Court Avenue, h same
Stiginer Mathias, brick mason, cor 9th and Fulton e s
Stillwell W. C., clerk State Ins. Co., bds C. C. Nourse
STIMSON & CO., (Wm. R. Stimson, D. H. Holliday, P. Nichols,) Des Moines Marble Works, 117 Walnut
Stimpson Wm., marble engraver, h 9th bet River and Center
Stine Wm., pattern maker, h cor Dean and Keokuk e s
Stinson John, lab, bds Bates bet Des Moines and Lyon e s
ST. JOHN J. M., (Williamson & St. John,) h 4th bet Center and River
St. John John Fletcher, book-keeper, bds J. M. St. John
Stombaugh David, carpenter, h nr Center
Stombaugh Abraham, carpenter, h 10th nr High
Stone H. B., (H. B. Stone & son,) h 10th bet Court Av and Vine e s
Stone E. O., (H. B. Stone & Son,) bds 10th bet Court Av and Vine e s
Stone G. T., coal miner, Vine bet 6th and 7th e s
Storry Wm., cabinet maker, bds E. Entwistle e s
Story Wm., carpenter, bds cor Bates and Des Moines e s
STOUT E. S., Proprietor City Hotel, 109 and 111 Third
Stowe F. V., (Stowe & Waitt,) h cor 12th and Cherry
Stowe & Waitt, (F. W. Stowe, A. H. Waitt,) Hides and Furs, 98 Walnut
Strang T. O., tinsmith, bds J. O. Doolittle
Stratton Robert, painter, bds Shannon House e s
Stratton Chas., fireman Des Moines Iron Works, h 2d bet Court Av and Walnut e s
Stratton J. A., brick mason, cor Pennsylvania Av and Fulton e s

Page 133

Straud C., teamster, h cor Iowa and Sycamore
Strauss M., (Lederer & Strauss,) bds Savery House
Strauss L., (Simon & Strauss,) bds Savery House
STREET, MITCHELL & DART, (W. B. Street, W. L. Mitchell, W. T. Dart,) Lumber and Commission, south side track near D. V. R. R. Ft. depot e s
Street Wm. B., (Street, Mitchell & Dart,) bds Harvey House e s
STRICKER & BRO., (B. Stricker, ____ Stricker,) Clothing, 34 Court Avenue
Stricker B., (Stricker & Bro.,) bds Savery House
Stringham H., carpenter, h Keokuk bet Dean & Bates e s
Stringham Thos., baker, bds Charles King
Strong Jas., wagon maker, h cor 10th and Pleasant
Stull Jacob, carpenter, h cor 8th and Center
Stutsman Jonathan, deputy city marshall, h 5th bet Court Av and Walnut e s
Stutz Louis, saloon, 118 Second, h same
Styers Henry, shoe maker, bds City Hotel
Sullivan Jno., laborer, bds Des Moines bet Pennsylvania Av and 9th e s
Summar Andrew, saloon, cor Front and Walnut, h same e s
Sumter H., teamster, 4th bet Elm and Raccoon e s
Sunber E., laborer, 1st bet Vine and Market e s
Sunber A., laborer, 1st bet Vine and Markey e s
Sunny L., laborer, bds 5th bet Court Av and Vine e s
Sutton Perry E., Ensign's livery stable, bds City Hotel
Sutton, Geo., bar keeper Young America Saloon, h same
Sutton John, plasterer, h Sycamore nr Farnham
Sutton E. J., brick mason, h cor 11th and High
Swadtfager Rachael, widow, Locust bet 16th and 17th e s
Swanson Mr., laborer, 1st bet Vine and Market e s
Sweany G. W., lawyer, Lyon bet Dean and Bates e s
Sweney Jno., boiler mkr, bds Court Av bet 5th and 6th e s
Swift Owen, blacksmith, shop and h cor Keokuk & Bates e s
Sypher R. W., h 4th bet Walnut and Court Avenue

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