1866 City Directory

Source: Des Moines City Directory and Business Guide for the year 1866-67; Des Moines, Iowa; Mills & Co., Stram Printing House, 46 Court Ave.; 1866

Note: This book was written in a different age (1866), and may not be politically or morally correct by today's standards. No insult has been intended by the transcriber. Transcribed by Ralph Leonard III.

Av- Avenue, Ct- court, lab-laborer, nr-near, e s - east side, n - north, s - south, e - east, w- west, s s - south side, wid - widow, cor - corner, s f - second floor, h - house, res - residence, bds - boards, bet - between, bel - below, ab - above, clk - clerk, blk - block, fr - from, w s - west side, t f - third floor

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Page 85

Hagan & Brown, (C. J. Hagan, A. G. Brown,) physicians, Court Avenue, bd G. W. Stiffler
Hague Joseph, expressman, Dean bet Keokuk and Des Moines e s
Hahnen Henry, shoemaker, bds cor 3d and Mulberry
Hahnen J. C., confectionery, 67 Second, bds J. E. Young
Haines Sanford, U. S. Collector, office in Court House
Hale E. J., clerk, bds Demoine House
Haley Patrick, laborer, h cor 5th and Cherry
Hall H. D., shoemaker, h 7th and Vine
Hall James A., carpenter, h 8th nr corporation limits
Hall James, carpenter, north end of Hickory e s
Hall Jas. E., cabinet maker with Merrill & Keeney, h 8th
Hall John, coal digger, res Wm. Hall
Hall Joseph, sexton grave yard, h e s Cemetery
Hall Mrs. S. J., widow, boarding house, cor 3d and Center
Hall Townsend, sawyer, h cor 5th and Vine
Hall Wm., clerk, J. McWilliams, h mulberry bet 12th and 13th
Halloran Michael, porter at Howell & Seeberger's
Hamaut H., stage driver, bds City Hotel
Hamblin Ephriam B., teamster, h Vine bet 4th and 5th
Ham George, eating house, h Walnut bet 7th and 8th e s
Hamilton L., house agent, bds Avenue House
Hammer Daniel, farmer, h Pleasant nr 11th
Hammer W. J., (Randolph, Hammer & Co.) h Maple bet Hickory and Pine e s
HAMMOND A. G., President, American Emigrant Co., bds Savery House
Haney Henry, carpenter, Dean bet Des Moines and Lyon e s
Hanley M., laborer, 6th bet Court avenue and Vine e s
Hanna Henry, shoemaker, bds Mrs. Ten Eyck
Hanna S. F., clerk, bds 6th bet Walnut and locust
Hanrahan James, laborer, h 4th nr Mill

Page 87

Hansell James, paper maker, bds Union House
Harbach C., (C. & L. Harbach.) res 109 Second
Harbach Charles, (F. Harbach & Bro.,) res F. Harbach
HARBACH C. & L., Furniture Dealers, 109 Second 107 Third
Harbach Frederick, (F. Harbach & Bro.,) h 6th nr Park
Harbach F. & Bro., (Frederick and Chas. H.,) cigar store, 91 Third street
Harbach Lewis, (C. & L. Harbach,) h cor 5th and Center
HARBACH & TUTTLE, (C. and L. Harbach, Wm., H. Tuttle,) Furniture, 2d bet 5th and 6th e s
Harber James, laborer, bds cor Keokuk and Bates e s
HARBESON J. H., Flour and Feed Store, 107 1/2Walnut, h same
Hardenburg Miss Mary, dress maker, res Aaron Mosier
Hardyman Patrick, laborer, h 5th nr Elm
Harker Clayton, upholsterer, bds L. Harbach
Harker C., upholsterer, bds cor 5th and Center
Harless Daniel, laborer, h cor 2d and Elm
Harley John, saddle and harness maker, bds Mrs. Green
Harper John, carpenter, h High nr 13th
Harrington Chas. O., billiard saloon, Sherman Hall, bds Savery House
Harris B., teamster, Locust bet 4th and 5th Jones blk e s
Harris Daniel, shoemaker, bds Demoine House
Harris David, plasterer, h 8th bet High and Sycamore
Harris D., shoemaker, bds Demoine House
Harris Hardy, clerk G. R. Osgood, bds 4th nr Locust
Harris Henry A., clerk, h 115 Walnut
Harris John W., (colored) laborer, res M. L. Davis
Harris Wm., saloon Locust bet 4th and 5th , h cor Hickory and Des Moines e s
Harris W. K., hair dresser, bds cor 3d and Vine
Harrison H, carpenter, h Pleasant bet 10th and 11th
Harrison Mary J., widow, boarding house, 3d bet Center and Mill
Harrod William, farmer, bds David Hill's
Harsh Leonard, farmer, bds Farmers Hotel e s
Harter Eben, carpenter, cor Dean and Des Moines e s
Harer J. W., cor Dean and Des Moines e s
Harter Laf., farmer, cor Keosauqua and Des Moines e s
Harter L., clerk,  Schulein's, h cor 6th and Vine

Page 89

HART & FOWLER, (W.L. Hart, Wm. E. Fowler,) Tin and Stove Store, 76 Second
Hart Geo. W., Locust bet 5th and 6th e s
Hart J. M., machinist, bds cor 6th and Locust e s
Hart W. L., (Hart & Fowler) h cor 3d and Vine
Hartley Wm., coal digger, bds Washington House, s Coon
Hartman Samuel, clerk Sandford & Sherman, h cor Vine and 2d e s
Hartney John, laborer, res Patrick Hartney
Hartney Patrick, laborer, h 1st nr city limits
Hartney Michael, laborer, 1st nr city limits
Harty Mary, widow, Lyon bet Cedar and Keosauqua e s
Hartung A., music teacher, h 3d bet Locust and South
Harvey C. A., carpenter, Des Moines bet Pennsylvania Avenue and 9th e s
Harvey J. A.,, Register State Land Office, office Capitol Square, resides in Fremont county
Harvey J., (Harvey & Wilson) Market bet 1st and 2d e s
HARVEY & WILSON (J. Harvey, T. S. Wilson) Harvey House, Market bet 2st and 2d
Harvy D., teamster, Market bet 1st and 2d e s
Haskall J. W., clerk Savery House Saloon, h 9th and High
Haskell Wm. A., clerk, h 4th bet River and Mill
Hatch H. B., stage proprietor, bds Avenue House
Hatch Joshua, (Jordan, Carpenter & Co.) h cor 9th and Locust
HATTON THOS., Agent N. W. R. R., h cor 7th and Sycamore
Hatton John, clerk R. R. office, bds Mrs. Whitney
Haviland James R., tinner, bds A. Robertson
Haycraft E. H, stationer, next to Post Office, h 5th nr River
Hayhurst Rev. I. W., Principal ,Des Moines University
Hayhurst Rev. I. W., pastor, 1st Baptist Church , res D. Percival
Hays John, stock dealer, h 1/4 mile e of College
Heacock Rev. H. B., Methodist Episcopal Church, h Keokuk bet 7th and Pennsylvania Avenue  e s
Headley Gamaliel, farmer, 4th bet Walnut and Locust
Heath Henry R., carpenter, h 6th nr River
Hedge Morgan, clerk Herzberg & Co, bds Union house
Hedrick V. P., clerk, bds 5th nr Locust
Heers, H. C. W., confectionery, S Court Avenue

Page 91

Heers William, shoemaker, 8 Court Avenue
Heimer Julius F., h cor 2d and Locust
Heimer Julius, res cor Locust and Bates e s
Hemphill Thomas, farmer, h 9th nr Mill
Hemphill William, farmer, h 9th nr Mill
Hendersink Robert, (colored), laborer, h n side city
Henderson Wm. C., carpenter, res Benjamin Barows
Hendricks Joel E., surveyor, east end of Court Avenue e s
Hendricks S. laborer, bds east end of Court Avenue e s
Hendrix Mrs. P., widow, cor Walnut and 6th e s
Henry Jacob, laborer, cor Walnut and 5th e s
Henry Jas. M., (Depew & Henry) , 5th bet Court Avenue and Walnut e s
Henry M. D., assistant supt. Stage Co., h Cherry bet 6th and 7th
Henry P. P., carpenter, h cor 11th and Center
Hensley E. T., tailor, h Vine bet 2d and 3d
Henthorn L. S., clerk, bds J. H. Hill
Hepburn A. J., clerk,  Coskery & Tannahill, bds James Hepburn
Hepburn James, painter, h cor 10th and Sycamore
Herzberg, Goodman & Co., dry goods , 32 Court Avenue
Herzberg Saul, (Herzberg, Goodman & Co), bds Demoine House
Hewett John, teamster, bds William Neafle
Hewlett Jasper, laborer, Lyon bet Pennsylvania Avenue and Hickory e s
Heywood, W. T., clerk P. O., bds Mrs. Blodgett
Hickey John, laborer, h 6th bet Market and Elm
Hierb Joseph, wholesale liquor store, cor Walnut and 2d
Hierb Joseph, 25 Walnut
Higgins Edward, lab, h Bates bet Des Moines and Lyon e s
Hilbert M., clerk, 34 Court Avenue
Hile Casper, h cor 7th and Center
Hill A. P., boot and shoe store, Savery block, bds Savory House
Hill F. B., (Percival, Hill & Co), res Walnut bet 9th and 10th
Hill Geo., laborer, bds 7th bet Court Avenue and Vine e s
Hillis David, lawyer, office of Polk & Hubbell, bds L. T. Green
Hillis David, pattern maker, cor 7th and River

Page 93

Hillis E. L., medical student, bds David Hillis
Hillis Lyle, medical student, bds cor 7th and River
Hill John H., boarding house, 4th bet Court Avenue and Vine
Hilton Nancy, widow, h Clay nr Des Moines river, s Coon
Himing George, farmer, h 5th bet Market and Elm
Hiner Jackson, laborer, 3d bet Vine and Market e s
Hinkle J. S., carpenter, cor Keokuk and Hickory e s
Hippee G. M., h Sycamore bet 6th and 7th
Hippee W., drug store, 77 Second
Hoare Jas., tailor, h 2d near Day n side of city
Hoar James, blacksmith, cor Court Avenue and 7th e s
Hoberger John, wagon-maker, shop and house cor 5th and Locust e s
Hodge Mary, widow, Des Moines bet Bates and Cedar e s
Hodson Isaac, teamster, Walnut bet 18th and 19th e s
Hogan John, laborer, h bet 10th and 11th nr Pleasant
Hogan Prince, (colored), laborer, res Mr. Callanan
Hogate C. F., (Hogate & Bartholomew,) bds 5th bet Court Avenue and Walnut e s
Hogate & Bartholomew, (C. F. Hogate, L. W. Bartholomew), druggists, cor Locust and 5th e s
Hogeboon Oliver, teamster, res Mrs. S. J. Hall's
Holbrook C. D., pressman, h 11th bet Pleasant and Center
Holcombe James, h nr 9th bet Locust and Sycamore
Holdridge Horace, traveling minister Evangelical Association, h Sycamore nr McMullen
Holehan Patrick, teamster, Lyon bet Pennsylvania Avenue and 9th e s
Holehan Wm., lab, cor Dean and Des Moines e s
Holen John, laborer, h 5th nr Elm
Holerain John, laborer, h 5th nr Elm
Holerain M., clerk Howell & Seeberger, bds Wm. Holerain
Holerain Patrick, laborer, bd Frank Fitzpatrick
Holerain Peter, laborer, h cor 5th and Walnut
Holerain Wm., laborer, h Mulberry bet 12th and 13th
Holland Granville, stock dealer, h Pleasant nr 11th
Holland J. H., laborer, bds A. J. Randall
Holliday D. H., (Stimson & Co), h cor 10th and Mill
Hollingsworth H., tinner, h 2d bet Court Avenue and Vine
Hollingsworth Jesse, tinner, bds R. B. Hollingsworth
Hollingsworth R. B., tinner, h 2d bet Court Ave and Vine
Holm Edwin, bds William Milligan, s Coon

Page 95

Holmes Alpheus C., h Cherry bet 9th and 10th
Holmes Charles, teamster, h Cherry bet 9th and 10th
Holmes C. P., (Holmes & Crane), h College bet 10th and 11th
Holmes Sabius, hostler, h Cherry bet 9th and 10th
Holmes W. H., Treasurer of State, Walnut bet 9th and 10th
Holmes William, blacksmith, bds Union House
HOLMES & CRANE,  (C.P. Holmes, L. A. Crane,) Attorneys, Exchange Block, Walnut s f
Holsman John, shoemaker, cor 2d and Court Avenue
Homstead T., painter, cor Des Moines and Bates e s
HOOKER E. F., h cor 4th and Locust
Hoppe William, paper hanger, h 16 Walnut
Houston M. L., trader, bds Granville Holland's
Houston W. E., lawyer
Houston James S., farmer, res John Houston
Houston John, carpenter, h Vine bet 3d and 4th
HOWARD & DOWLING, (A. Howard, N. H. Dowling,) American House, cor 2d and Market
Howard A., (Howard & Dowling,) cor 2d and Market
Howard Mrs. A. M., dress maker, Walnut bet 4th and 5th
Howard Frank, book binder, res Mrs. A. M. Howard
Howard Wm. H., peddler, h bet 11th and 12th nr Center
Howell Christopher, (Howell & Seeberger,) bds Locust bet 6th and 7th
Howell Wm. C., (Howell & King,) bds Locust bet 6th and 7th
Howell & King, (Wm. C. Howell, Smith King,) agents Grover & Baker sewing machine, 40 Court Ave
Howell & Seeberger, (Christopher Howell, J. D. Seeberger,) hardware, 30 Court Ave
HOWE SAMUEL, proprietor Farmers' Hotel, Locust bet 4th and 5th
Hoxie H. M., (U. P. R. R., Omaha,) h Cherry bet 10th and 11th
Hoxie M. B., U. S. detective, h bet Center and River
Hoxie Ruth, widow, h 11th bet Cherry and Vine
Hoxie Wm. H., h Cherry bet 12th and 13th
Hoy Owen, laborer, h Cedar bet Des Moines and Lyon, e s
Hubbell Frederick M., (Polk & Hubbell,) h cor 4th and South
Hubbell S. G., clerk, res F. M. Hubbell
Huber E. A., h 10th bet Walnut and Mulberry

Page 97

Hudson Richard, (colored) lab, Lyon bet 16th and 17th
Huegle Lewis, physician, Court Avenue bet 1st and 2d e s
Huff Francis, teamster, h Clay nr 5th
Huff Nathan, farmer, h Center bet 10th and 11th
Huff Wm., carpenter, h Center bet 10th and 11th
Hughes Charles, laborer, h 1st north city limits
Hughes Thomas, teamster, h Locust bet 15th and 16th
Hughes Wilson, coachman, h 4th bet Court Avenue and Vine
Hughs John, bds 2d bet Market and Elm e s
Hughs R. E., teamster, cor 7th and Elm e s
Hull George, chair maker for Dennis Parmlee
Hull J. E., lawyer, Des Moines bet Cedar and Keosauqua e s
Hultman Frank, painter, h cor 11th and Cherry
Humbert Chas., wagon-maker, bds Harvey House e s
Humphrey Thomas W., stage driver, bds City Hotel
Hunter David, lab, cor Vine and 7th e s
Hunter John, carpenter, bds Bates bet Des Moines and Lyons e s
Hunter John, carpenter, bds Henry Tickerhoff
Huntington H., dentist, cor Walnut and 4th , h cor 4th and Center
Huntington J. B., Insurance Agent, h cor 8th and Locust
Hunt W. A., blacksmith, h Vine bet 8th and 9th
Huppee Charles, laborer, h 7th nr Mill
Hussey Tac, (Carter, Hussey & Curl) h 6th bet Center and River
Huss Henry, retail confectioner, Court Avenue bet 1st and 2d, h same
Hutsonpillar Henry, wagon-maker, cor Locust and 7th e s
Huttenlocher & Bro., (J. C. and F.,) tobacconists, 3d bet Court Avenue and Walnut
Huttenlocher Fred., (Huttenlocher & Bro.) h 6th bet Mulberry and Cherry
Huttenlocher J. C., (C. & Bro.), bds Fred. Huttenlocher
Hyde J., brick layer, bds Washington House, s Coon
Hyland Mark, h Mcmullen nr Pleasant
Hyland Lewis, mason and builder, h 8th nr Park
Hyman Jos., (Goldman & Hyman) bds Demoine House

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