1866 City Directory

Source: Des Moines City Directory and Business Guide for the year 1866-67; Des Moines, Iowa; Mills & Co., Stram Printing House, 46 Court Ave.; 1866

Note: This book was written in a different age (1866), and may not be politically or morally correct by today's standards. No insult has been intended by the transcriber. Transcribed by Ralph Leonard III.

Av- Avenue, Ct- court, lab-laborer, nr-near, e s - east side, n - north, s - south, e - east, w- west, s s - south side, wid - widow, cor - corner, s f - second floor, h - house, res - residence, bds - boards, bet - between, bel - below, ab - above, clk - clerk, blk - block, fr - from, w s - west side, t f - third floor

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QUICK W. H., Superintendent U. S. Express, bds Savery House


Racky Jacob, blacksmith, shop Locust bet 5th and 6th, res Keokuk bet Cedar and Keosauqua e s
Racky Peter, blacksmith, bds Keokuk bet Cedar and Keosauqua e s
Racky Geo., blacksmith, h Maple bet Hickory and Pine e s
Rafter Mr., teamster, cor Walker & Pennsylvania Av e s
Ragan W., (Bush, Clapp & Co.,) bds W. G. Bentley
Ragan Patrick, saloon, Walnut bet 5th and 6th
Ragan Wm., (Bush, Clapp & Co.,) h cor 3d and Market e s
Rager Thos., carpenter, 6th bet Raccoon and Allen e s
Rahm Wm., tinner, bds Avenue House
Railing John, Keosauqua bet Keokuk and Des Moines e s

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Ramage Marion, laborer, Maple bet Hickory and Pine e s
Ramsey Mrs., widow, h 7th bet Mulberry and Walnut
Randell Geo. W., molder, h cor 9th and Park
Randall A. J., boarding house, 9th nr Locust
Randall Jesse S., printer, (Mills & Co.,) bds A. J. Randall
Randall Ellwood, carpenter, bds Allen Colflesh
Randall ___, saloon, Walnut bet 4th and 5th, h same
Randall Benjamin F., h cor High and 9th
Randolph, Hammer & Co., (J. W. Randolph, W. J. Hammer, John Wooly,) dealers in lumber, cor Keokuk and Keosauqua e s
Randolph J. W., (Randolph, Hammer & Co.,) h cor Pennsylvania Av and Des Moines e s
Rants Mrs. Nelson, widow, res Mrs. N. Helton s s Coon
Rants J. P., carpenter, h 11th nr Center
Rathbun Mary, widow, h bet Cherry and Mulberry nr 9th
Rathbun Abner, retired, h cor 9th and Mulberry
Rathburn Rev. Ezra, h cor 9th and Mulberry
RAVENSCRAFT, SHERMAN & CO., (W. H. Ravenscraft, C. R. Sherman, J. W. Brown,) Druggists, 99 Third
Ravenscraft Wm., (Ravenscraft, Sherman & Co.,) h 5th nr Center
RAWSON & PATTEE, (A. Y. Rawson, D. J. Pattee,) Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery &c., 99 Walnut
Rawson A. Y., (Rawson & Pattee,) h cor 4th & Center
RAWSON & WARD, (C. H. Rawson, Wm. Ward,) Physicians, 3d nr City Hotel
RAWSON Dr. C. H., (Rawson & Ward,) res cor 8th and Locust
Rawson A., Dentist, Exchange Block, h Pleasant nr 11th
Rawson E. A., Dentist, bds A. Rawson
Rawson Dr. S., res Dr. A. Rawson
Ray Wm., stage driver, bds City Hotel
Ray W. R., tinner, 1st bet Walnut and Locust e s
READ, POTTER & CO.,, (J. C. Read, O. F. Potter, E. Potter,) Dry Goods, &c., No 1 Locust bet 4th and 5th Jones blk e s
Read J. C., (Read, Potter & Co.,) 7th bet Court Av and Walnut e s
Red Henry, (colored) laborer, h Locust bet 1st and 2d
REDHEAD & WELLSLAGER, (Wesly Redhead, R. T. Wellslager,) Book Store, 41 Court Avenue

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Redhead W., (Redhead & Wellslager,) h Locust bet 3d & 4th
Redington Mich'l, lab, bds 7th bet Court Av and Vine e s
REED & TERRY, (W. G. Reed, W. S. Terry,) Leather and Saddlery Hardware, 57 Walnut
Reed W. G., (Reed & Terry,) h cor 4th and Sycamore
Reed W. A., leather dealer, Exchange Block, h Walnut bet 8th and 9th
Reed A. W., plasterer, h Cherry bet 6th and 7th
Reed Charles, laborer, h 9th bet High and Sycamore
REES EVAN, coal miner, Vine bet 6th and 7th e s
Rees Dr., Electric, bds Mrs. Whitney
Rees Daniel, coal miner, cor Keokuk and 10th e s
Regner John, baker & confectioner 114 Walnut, h same
Reichenecker J. M., cor 6th and High
Reichenecker W., bds J. M. Reichenecker
Reinig Frederick, laborer, h 4th bet Vine and Market
Reinig John, h cor 6th and Sycamore
Reinig Chas. P., clerk, h Market bet 3d and 4th
Remsburg Wm., Rev., 10th bet Court Av and Vine e s
Renolds T., laborer, Williamson bet Bates and Cedar e s
Reves Wm., teamster, Court Av bet 10th and 11th e s
REYNOLDS W., jr., Agt C. R. I. & P. R. R., 116 Third
Reynolds, Geo. W., carpenter, h cor 8th and Park
Reynolds Samuel, stone mason, h 4th nr Mill
Reynard Geo., tailor, bds 7th bet Walnut and Mulberry
Reynolds Anson, clerk, res Geo A Jewett
Reynolds John, teamster, res Patrick Killduff
Reznor Mrs. E. P., music teacher, res Locust nr 11th
Rhodes Marion, farmer, Court Av bet 7th and 8th e s
Rhodes Wm., wheelwright, h cor 12th and Mulberry
Rhodes Samuel, book-binder, bds Mrs. Harrison
Rhodes Jut M., foreman Temp Platform, bds 6th bet Sycamore and High
Rhyno James, h cor 9th and Walnut
Ricabaugh P., teamster, 2d bet Raccoon and Allen e s
Ricabaugh H., teamster, 2d bet Raccoon and Allen e s
Rice Michael, laborer, h 6th nr Elm
Rice B., (Finch, Clark & Rice,) h Locust bet 6th and 7th
Rich Harry, plasterer, h 12th bet Locust and Keokuk e s
Richard Edward, spinner, h cor Dean and Keokuk e s
Richter Geo., grocery, 3d, h cor 7th and Vine
Richter George, saloon, 92 Third, h same

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Rickabaugh John, res F. M. Ross
Rickets Resin, marble cutter, south Walnut e s
Riddle Wm., carpenter, bds cor Dean and Keokuk e s
Riel Taylor, clerk, bds Union House
Riggin A. W., laborer, h cor 9th and Walnut
Riggs J., marble cutter, south Walnut e s
Riley Michael, teamster, bds Mrs. S. J. Hall
Riley Thomas, drayman, h 8th bet High and Sycamore
Riley Cornelius, laborer, h 2d bet Market and Elm
Riley Thos., laborer, 6th nr Elm
Rinehart Jesse, trader, h 7th bet Locust and Sycamore
Ring J. S., clerk Demoine House
Riordan Michael, tinner, res Cherry bet 12th and 13th
Ritter J. N., lawyer, h cor Keokuk and Cedar e s
Rivers John D., law student, bds Mrs. Whitney
Roan Wm., carpenter, h 6th s s Coon
Robb Catherine, widow, h cor 1st and South
Roberts Thomas, boots and shoes, 2d nr Market, h same
Roberts B. F., railroad contractor, h 9th nr Pleasant
Roberts R., house carpenter, res Exchange Block t f
Roberts Johnson, (colored) blacksmith, bds Mrs. Whitney
Roberts B. F., carpenter, h 3d nr River
Robertson S. A., builder, h 8th bet High and Pleasant
Robertson A., printer, (Mills & Co.,) h 2d nr Vine
Robertson M. M., candy and toy store, 2d nr Vine
Robinson Wm., farmer, h 2d bet Raccoon and Allen e s
Robinson R. E., plasterer, Williamson bet Hickory and Pennsylvania Avenue e s
Robinson John, laborer, res Giles H. Turner
Robinson Demas, (A. J. Jack & Co.,) h cor 2d and Center
Robinson Wm., wool sorter, bds Farmer's Hotel e s
Rochell Joseph, blacksmith, cor Court Av and 7th e s
Rode Lewis, barber, shop 5th bet Walnut and Locust e s
ROGERS JOHN, Boots and Shoes, Walnut, h 6th bet Market and Vine
Rogers Hugh Y., carpenter, h Farnham bet Locust and Sycamore
Rogers W. M., teacher, bds 3d bet Court Av and Vine e s
Rogg Joseph, jewler, 69 Second, bds Mrs. Washburne
Rollins Richard, retired h 9th nr corporation
Rollins John F., drug clerk, h cor 10th and College

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Rollins Wm. A., trader, h 7th nr Park
Rommel Chas., harness maker, h cor 7th and Market
Rood A. D., special insurance agent, bds J. G. Weeks
Roof John, stone mason, h 6th nr Center
Root J. B., cloth finisher, h Keokuk bet 4th and 5th e s
Roscoe Mr., hair dresser, bds cor 8th and Walnut
Rosden W., farmer, 15th bet Court Av and Vine e s
Rose Wm., brick mason, cor Keokuk and 11th e s
Rose Sheridan, clerk, h cor 5th and market
Ross J. M., (Mills & Co.,) bds Mrs. Washburn
Ross F. M., h cor 9th and Pleasant
ROUSE & ATKINS, (A. M. Rouse, C. H. Atkins,) Builders, Walnut bet 6th and 7th
Rouse A. M., (Rouse & Atkins,) h 8th bet High and Sycamore
Rowe Harriet, widow, h 2d bet Center and River
Rowley V. E.., keeper Savery House barn, h 7th nr High
Rucker Leon, cabinet maker, bds 3d bet Walnut & Locust
Rudd Barney, well digger, h 4th nr Court Avenue
Rude P. C., (LeBosquet, Brown & Rude,) h 5th bet Walnut and Court Avenue
Rude John P., clerk, bds cor 7th and Vine
Rudge Frank, baker and lab, h 1st bet Ct Ave and Vine
Rum Patsey, widow, h 8th bet Locust and Sycamore
Rush Wm. D., carpenter, bds Shamrock House
Russ & Dodson, (David Russ, John Dodson,) Grocers, Madison nr 7th s s Coon
Russ David, (Russ & Dodson,) h Madison nr 7th s s Coon
RUSSELL & COX, (S. A. Russell, Henry Cox,) Druggists, cor 2d and Court Avenue
Russell S. A., (Russell & Cox,) h cor 6th and Sycamore
Russell J. H., clerk, res S. A. Russell
Russell Thos., laborer, h 1st one mile n Court House
Russell S. W., printer Register office, h 13th nr High
Rutherford John, sr., retired, h 7th bet Cherry & Mulberry
Rutherford John, jr., printer, res John Rutherford sr.
Ryan Patrick, laborer, h 5th nr Elm
Ryan John, laborer, bds John Holerain
Ryan Michael, laborer, bds John Holerain
Ryan John, laborer, bds Bates bet Des Moines & Lyon e s
Ryan Chas. B., shoe maker, bds Union House

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