1866 City Directory

Source: Des Moines City Directory and Business Guide for the year 1866-67; Des Moines, Iowa; Mills & Co., Stram Printing House, 46 Court Ave.; 1866

Note: This book was written in a different age (1866), and may not be politically or morally correct by today's standards. No insult has been intended by the transcriber. Transcribed by Ralph Leonard III.

Av- Avenue, Ct- court, lab-laborer, nr-near, e s - east side, n - north, s - south, e - east, w- west, s s - south side, wid - widow, cor - corner, s f - second floor, h - house, res - residence, bds - boards, bet - between, bel - below, ab - above, clk - clerk, blk - block, fr - from, w s - west side, t f - third floor

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Talbott W. E., & A. C., boot and shoe store, 64 Court Av
Talbot W. E., (W. E. & A. C. Talbott,) bds J. G. Weeks
Talbot A. C., (W. E. & A. C. Talbott,) h 3d bet Locust and South

Page 134

Talbott Albert, clerk, bds J. G. Weeks
Tallen Patrick, laborer, h Market bet 9th and 10th
Tannahill Sam'l, (Coskery & Tannahill,) bds Center bet 4th and 5th
Tanner Geo. W., (Milligan & Tanner,) bds Bates bet Des Moines and Lyon e s
Tanner John, stage driver, bds City Hotel
Tapper Wm., (Tuttle & Tapper,) bds Wm. Naifey
Tawney Abram, teamster, h cor 4th and Elm
Tawney John, laborer, h Nassau nr Center
Taylor Charles, laborer, h 2d bet Raccoon and Allen e s
Taylor A. G., laborer, Keokuk bet Dean and Bates e s
Taylor V. C., Professor of Music, bds Savery House
Taylor John S., laborer, h 4th nr Mill
Teague E. A., dye house, 69 Second, h same
TEESDALE JOHN, Post Master, h South bet 4th and 5th
Teesdale Robert, printer, res John Teesdale
Ten Eyck Elvira Mrs., boarding house, cor 3d and Locust
Terry W. S., (Reed & Terry,) h cor 11th and Cherry
Thiel Ferdinand, (Gamp & Thiel,) res e s
Thiel F., barber, Court Avenue bet 7th and 8th e s
Thode J. H., expressman, bds Mrs. Miller
THOMAS I. N., Lawyer and Real Estate Agt, No. 8 Court Avenue w s, res Court Avenue bet 6th and 7th e s
THOMAS Dr. M. W., cor 4th and Walnut, bds Savery House
Thomas & Bro., (A. B. Thomas, A. C. Thomas,) grocers No. 6 Court Avenue
Thomas A. C., (Thomas & Bro.,) h Vine bet 9th and 10th
Thomas A. B., (Thomas & Bro.,) res with A. C. Thomas
Thomas F. M., teamster, h Sycamore bet 11th and 12th
Thomas Eph. S., potter, h cor 9th and Park
Thomas J. R., blacksmith, Walnut bet 4th and 5th e s, h same
Thomas John, laborer, bds Shannon House
THOMPSON F. C., Merchant, No. 10 Savery Block, bds Savery House
Thompson Dr. O. B., Exchange Block, bds
Thompson M., laborer, bds Court Avenue bet 5th & 6th e s
Thornberry G. J., farmer, h Curve on river bank, s s Coon
Thornberry Jas. M., farmer, res G. J. Thornberry
Thornton Mary G., h Cherry bet 9th and 10th

Page 135

Tichenor Geo. C., (Getchell & Tichenor,) res C. H. Getchell
Tickerhoof Henry, carpenter, h 4th nr Day
TIDRICK R. L., Iowa Land Co., Sherman Block, h Mill bet 3d and 4th
TIFFIN J. B., County Treasurer, res Lee Township
Tilley A., butcher, h 6th bet High and South
Tillman Richard, Methodist minister, h 3d nr Locust
Tilton W. S., grocer, 79 Second bds Pleasant
TISDALE, D., physician, office and h Walnut bet 5th and 6th e s
Titus H. A., nurseryman, bds Demoine House
Tobin Jeremiah, machinist, bds Wm. Keeney
Tobin W. C., printer Register office, bds Allen Colflesh
Tobin Haziel, clerk City Drug Store
Tobin, Mrs. Mary, dress maker, 16 Walnut, h same
Tolaber Henry, (colored) lab, bds Walnut bet 6th & 7th e s
Tomilson Thomas, laborer, bds 1st bet Walnut & Locust e s
Tomilson D., laborer, h cor 3d and Raccoon e s
Tomlinson Jno., laborer gas works
Tompson Thomas, colored laborer, Walnut bet 6th & 7th e s
Tomgate Dennis, laborer, h 2d bet Raccoon and Allen e s
Torrence Doc, stage driver, bds City Hotel
Touzalin D. V., Freight Agent D. M. V. R. R., h cor 5th and Locust
Townley R. B., h 8th nr Center
TOWNS A. A., shoe store, 2d, h cor 5th and Mulberry
Townsend R., blacksmith, h cor 11th and Mulberry
Townsend David, marble cutter, bds Mrs. Godson
Townsended Harrison, blacksmith, h cor 12th and High
Tramble Abraham, laborer, 3d bet Vine and Market e s
Trannen Jas., clerk, bds Union House
Trannen Jos., clerk, bds Union House
Tracy Wm., laborer, bds 5th bet Ct Avenue and Vine e s
TREADWAY & WILLIAMSON, (John Treadway, W. W. Williamson,) Boots and Shoes, 51 Walnut
Treadway John, (Treadway & Williamson,) h cor 7th and Vine
Trent James, farmer, Vine bet 4th and 5th e s
Trod A., laborer, bds 6th bet Court Avenue and Vine e s
Troutman Wm., carpenter, h Locust bet 4th and 5th e s
Turner Dr. M. P., retired, h 6th nr High
Turner Giles H., lawyer and land agent, h bet 9th and 10th nr Mill

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Turner John D., h 6th nr Park
TUTTLE MARTIN, Pork Dealer and Grocer, 94 Walnut, h cor 5th and Locust
TUTTLE J. M., Iowa Land Company, h cor 6th and South
Tuttle & Tappan, furniture manufacturers, 1st bet Market and Coon river, s f
Tuttle Wm. H., (Tuttle & Tappan,) bds Wm. Naifie
Tuttle James, h cor 5th and Sycamore
Tuttle Wm. H., furniture turner, bds Wm. Naifie
Tyler John, h Locust bet 11th and 12th
Tyrrel Daniel A., miller and liquor dealer, cor 2d and Vine, bds Demoine House
Tyrell Jackson, farmer, h s e cor city, s s Coon
Tyrell A., liquor store, cor 2d & Vine, bds Demoine House

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