1866 City Directory

Source: Des Moines City Directory and Business Guide for the year 1866-67; Des Moines, Iowa; Mills & Co., Stram Printing House, 46 Court Ave.; 1866

Note: This book was written in a different age (1866), and may not be politically or morally correct by today's standards. No insult has been intended by the transcriber. Transcribed by Ralph Leonard III.

Av- Avenue, Ct- court, lab-laborer, nr-near, e s - east side, n - north, s - south, e - east, w- west, s s - south side, wid - widow, cor - corner, s f - second floor, h - house, res - residence, bds - boards, bet - between, bel - below, ab - above, clk - clerk, blk - block, fr - from, w s - west side, t f - third floor

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Page 77

Gairy Alice, widow, h 2d nr Market
GALBRAITH W. A., Grain and Feed Store, Walnut, h Center bet 4th and 5th
Galbraith Joseph, commerc'l student, bds W. A. Galbraith
Galbraith Martin B., blacksmith, cor 3d and Locust, h cor South and 4th
GAMP C. H., (Gamp & Thiel,)  h cor 7th and Pleasant
Gamp & Thiel (C. H. Gamp, Ford Thiel,) barbers, 3d bet Walnut and Court Avenue
Garber Samuel, clerk, bds S. lafferty
Garing Chas., variety store, 23 Walnut, h same
Garity James, carpenter, Locust bet Dean and Bates e s
Garrett Scott, hostler, bds Avenue House
Garton Wm. D., bakery, 74 Walnut, h same
Garton Joseph, baker, res W. D. Garton
Gaston Jas. E., pastor Second Christian Church, h cor 4th and River
Gaston W., H. planer, res Jas. E. Gaston
Gaston Mr., laborer, bds Mrs. Godson
GATCH & STEWART, (G. A. Stewart and C. H. Gatch,) Lawyers, 60 Court Avenue
Gatch C. H., (Gatch & Stewart) h 7th nr River
Gatling W. J., land broker, bds Demoine House
Gaylor Wm., printer, Register office, h 12th nr Center
Gaylord ------, book agent, bds J. H. Hill
Geddis S. S., clerk (Read, Potter & Co) Lyon bet Pennsylvania Avenue and Hickory e s

Page 79

Gehring & Huttenlocher, (C. Gehring and F. Huttenlocher,) Mineral Water Mftr, 23 Walnut
Gehring Chas., (Gehring & Huttenlocher,) h 23 Walnut
Geiger Andrew M., pastor Lutheran Church, h 10th bet River and Mill
Genezer Frank, brick mason, h 5th nr River
Genezer joseph, tailor, h 16 Walnut
Gensen Dora, widow, h cor 1st and Elm
George Thos., h 7th nr Mill
GETCHELL & TICHENOR, (C. H. Getchell and G. C. Tichenor,) Lumber Dealers, 7th bet Walnut & Locust
Getchell Fred., clerk, h cor 6th and Locust
Getchell C. H., (Getchell & Tichenor) h cor 6th and Locust
Getchell Henry F., lumber dealer, h cor 6th and Locust
Gibbs E. S., pump maker, cor Walnut and 6th e s
Gidley Richard, carpenter, bds L. T. Green
Gifford Isaac, (Bartholomew & Gifford) bds 124 Walnut
Gilbert Chas., (Given & Co.) h 5th bet Vine and Cherry
Gilbrich Wm., carpenter, cor 13th and Keokuk e s
GILCREST, J. K. & W. H., Planing Mill, Doors, Sash, & c., cor 3d and Vine w s , Front and Vine e s
Gilcrest & Bro., (W. H. Gilcrest, J. R. Gilcrest) lumber merchants, 1st bet Court Avenue and Vine e s
Gilcrest  J. R., (Gilcrest & Bro.,)1st bet Ct Ave & Vine e s
Gilcrest W. H., (Gilcrest & Bro.,) bds 1st bet Court Avenue and Vine e s
Gilcrest John S., millwright, h 6th bet Vine and Cherry
Gildea Jno. C., brick mason and builder, bds 4th bet Court Avenue and Vine e s
Gill P. H. (Gill & Bro.,) bds union House
Gill & Bro., (P. H. Gill , D. Gill,) meat market, 2d bet Vine and Court Avenue
Gill D., (Gill & Bro.,) bds Union House
Gill Thomas, carpenter, h cor 7th and Park
Gillett Philip, clerk, bds cor 3d and Vine
Gillette E. H., American Emigrant Co., 1st Nat. Bank, bds Savery House
Gillham Wm. M., gardener, s of Coon
Ginn W. H., cattle broker, res Isaac Cooper
Girton Silas, wagon maker, h  cor 9th and River
Githens D. C., h e of Baptist College

Page 81

Githens George, teamster, h cor 15th and Locust
GIVEN & CO., (J. H. Given, H. Hulsonpiller, C. Gilbert,) plow and wagon makers, Vine bet 2d and 3d
Given John H., (Given & Co.,) h 6th bet Vine and Cherry
Given Elizabeth, widow, cor 6th and Vine
Glane Patrick, laborer, h 5th bet Mulberry and Vine
Glover R. C., plasterer, h cor 9th and Center
Glynn James, laborer, h Elm bet 4th and 5th
GODFREY G. L., Attorney at Law, 83 Walnut s f, res C. C. Cole
Godson Mary, widow, boarding house, cor 3d and Vine
Godson Thos., machinist, Maple bet Hickory and Pennsylvania Avenue e s
Godson Thomas, machinist, bds Mary Godson
GOLDMAN & HYMAN, (David Goldman , Jas. Hyman) Clothing, cor 3d and Walnut
Goldman D., (Goldman & Hyman) bds Demoine House
Goldsmith Walter, (Betts & Goldsmith) bds City Hotel
Goldstone & Mandlebaum, (Nelson Goldstone, Julius Mandlebaum,) dry goods, 27 1/2 Court Avenue
Goldston N., (Goldston & Mandlebaum) bds Union House
Gomas Emanuel F., book binder, (Mills & Co) bds Mrs. Whitney's
GOOD S. M., Confectioner and Vinegar maker, 97 Walnut
Good C. H., teamster, h South bet 1st and 3d
GOODIN BROS., (G. B. & A. Goodin,) Hats, Caps, and Furnishing Goods, 76 Walnut
Goodin G. B., (Goodin Bros.,) bds 6th bet Walnut and Locust
Goodno J. D., cabinet maker, h 8th nr Center
Goods C., laborer, h cor 2d and Elm
GOODWIN & MCCOY, Jewelers, 80 Second
Goodwin S. C., jeweler, h 3d nr South
Gordon Samuel ., bds Farmer's Hotel e s
GOTTSCHALK JOHN, Butcher, 3d, h Locust nr 1st
Gouger L., h Locust bet 10th and 11th
Grady F., U. S. Express messenger, bds Savery House
Graedy Michael, laborer, h Cherry bet 12th and 13th
Graham & Cleghorn, (T.B. Graham, W. H. Cleghorn,) livery stable, Walnut bet 5th and 6th
Graham Abel, medical student, bds Dr. A. B. C. Davis

Page 83

Graham T. B., (Graham & Cleghorn,) h cor 5th and Sycamore
Graham Seth, machinist, Des Moines Iron Works, res cor Dean and Keokuk e s
Grandy Enos, clerk, Walnut bet 7th and 8th e s
Graves G. A., wagon maker, bds F. J. Cressey
Graves Sarah M., widow, h 8th nr n s corporation
Graves Robert, (colored) lab, Walnut bet 6th and 7th e s
Gratzer Frederick, bar tender for John Regner
Gray Henry T., carpenter, h cor Mulberry and 12th
Gray Mrs. J. H., widow, h cor 6th and Mulberry
Gray James, teamster, h 4th nr n city limits
Gray H. P., marble dealer, h cor 3d and River
Gray Chas., clerk, bds 6th bet Walnut and Locust
Gray Nicholas, (colored)  laborer, bds I. S. Carter
Gray David, laborer, Walnut bet 17th and 18th e s
Grefe Albert, ice dealer, h Iowa nr Sycamore
Green Mrs. Irene, b'ding house, Mulberry bet 6th and 7th
Green C. W., book binder, bds Mrs. i. Green
Green L. T., clerk, h 3d bet Locust and Walnut
Green James, (colored) laborer, 5th bet Court Avenue and Vine e s
Green Samuel, molder, Des Moines Iron Works, Locust bet Dean and Bates e s
Green James, engineer, cor Keokuk and Bates e s
Greenland W. M., marble engraver, bds cor 16th and Walnut
Greenland R., carpenter, h 13th bet Walnut and Mulberry
Greenlum Michael, porter, Demoine House
Griffith Col. J. M., clerk, res cor Walnut and 6th e s
Griffith F. M., (Johnson & Griffith) bds cor Keosauqua and Des Moines e s
Griffin Peter, h Pleasant bet 10th and 11th
Griffs J. B., farmer, h 3d bet Walnut and Locust
GRIFFITHS CAPT. H. H., Clerk Districk Court, h cor 7th and high
GRIMES S. W., Physician, 3d , bds J. H. Hill
Grimmell Mary A., widow, h 6th bet locust and Sycamore
Grimmell Marie, widow, h cor 6th and High
Griswold E., conductor D. M. V. R. R, bds Savery House
Grover Andrew, plasterer, 2d bet Ct Ave and Walnut e s
Groves Peter, plasterer, Keokuk bet Pennsylvania Avenue and 9th e s

Page 85

Gruss W. F., dry-goods, 5th bet Walnut and Locust e s
Gump J. F., Young America Restaurant, cor 2d and Walnut, h 2d bet Center and River
Gunadh Oddomar, barber, bds 3d bet Ct Avenue and Vine
Gunning Thomas, laborer, h Elm bet 4th and 5th
Guthrie Thomas, laborer, h bet 7th and 8th nr Park
Guthrie Henry, tailor, cor Walnut and 5th e s

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