Page County, Iowa obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.


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Michael, Grandma    
Michael, John S.'s CHILDREN    
Michel, Harry Donovan "Don"    
Mick, Allen Bert    

Mick, James Eli

Don Parsons

Mick, Levi, Mrs    

Mick, Mary Kathryn Moore

Don Parsons

Mick, Raymond E.
Middaugh, Charles    
Middaugh, E.J., Mrs    
Middaugh, Ed's FATHER    
Middaugh, Jas' CHILD    
Middaugh, Mary E. Fisher    
Mienhart, Charles    
Mier, Albertine Kirchhoff    
Mier, Clara Claybaker Online scans, sb189  
Mier, Glenn Howard    
Mier, Lorraine Wilhelmina Miller    
Mier, Norman "Norm" Lee    
Mier, Paul Frederick    
Miers, Harold Ray    
Miers, Kay Ellen Russell    
Miers, Marilyn Rose Online scans, #8345  
Miers, Tyla "Hazel" Glass Don Parsons; Online scans, sb3121, sb5180  
Mikkelsen, Jacqueline Juanita "Jackie"    
Mikulka, Myrtle Online scans, #9082  
Milbank[s], Samuel    
Milbourn, Louisa Mulkins    
Mildward, Malaki Xavier    
Miles, Howard Francis Sr Online scans, sb3513  
Miles, Louise Pearl    
Miles, Ruth Ann McComb    
Milhone, Frank's INFANT    
Milhone, Paul, Mrs Online scans, #62  
Millen, Elnora J. Sherman Online scans, sb5694, #7055  
Millen, Harold E. Online scans, #8588  
Millen, James Hunter    
Millen, Mary W.    
Millen, Samuel Rutherford, Dr    
Millen, W.M., Dr    
Miller, Alfred Online scans, sb5251, sb3100, sb5921  
Miller, Alice E. Hosman Online scans, sb3828, sb3780  
Miller, Alice Virginia    
Miller, Alma Hazel    
Miller, Alva Dwight Online scans, sb1502  
Miller, Amelia Meyer Online scans, sb450  
Miller, Angela Jean Jackson    
Miller, Angelene Magdalene Cooley    
Miller, Anna Schum Julia Johnson  
Miller-Bridie, Audrey Jean Oxley    
Miller, Aurora Dawn Johnson    
Miller, Barbara "Barb"    
Miller, Barbara Jean Online scans, sb5038  
Miller, Belle Patterson    
Miller, Bertha May Farrell Julia Johnson  
Miller, Bert's BABE    
Miller, Beulah Mary Otte Online scans, sb1718  
Miller, Billie George Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb3236  
Miller, Carl Online scans, #8882  
Miller, Cassie Lawson Online scans, sb165  
Miller, Charles Julia Johnson  
Miller, Charles E.    
Miller, Charles Irvin    
Miller, Christian Gottlieb Frederick    
Miller, Clara Online scans, sb3931  
Miller, Clara Ella Wilkie    
Miller, Clara P. Jeffers Online scans, sb3930  
Miller, Clinton Charles    
Miller, Code Emmett Julia Johnson  
Miller, Cora Anderson Online scans, sb3094, sb5168  
Miller, Cynthia Lee Finnell Online scans, sb3788, sb3868  

Miller, Dallis Clyde

Miller, David Armstrong    
Miller, David Dean    
Miller, Deborah Ann "Debi" Overmiller    
Miller, D [ell] G.    
Miller, Don    
Miller, Doris Lorene Beery    
Miller, Dorothy L. Eilers Online scans, sb3504  
Miller, Eda Loy    
Miller, Edgar Lawson Julia Johnson  
Miller, Edith May    
Miller, Edward Dale    
Miller, Elbert Online scans, #8414  
Miller, Eldon Weston    
Miller, Elijah    
Miller, Elizabeth J. Acree    
Miller, Ella    
Miller, Elmer's INFANT    
Miller, Emmett Online scans, sb3809  
Miller, Envron R.    
Miller, Ermal Online scans, #8586  
Miller, Essie Maxwell Online scans, #3095  
Miller, Etta's BABY    
Miller, Eunice Elizabeth    
Miller, Eva Estella Bebout Julia Johnson  
Miller, Eva Lea Brown Online scans, sb5366, sb5355  
Miller, Everett D.    
Miller, F.K's Infant, -1893 Julia Johnson  
Miller, F.M.    
Miller, Fern Louise Wilson    
Miller, Fern Velma Brown Stambaugh Online scans, sb1902  
Miller, Flo Snodgrass    
Miller, Florance "Louise" Williams    
Miller, Florence Mildred Darland    
Miller, Floyd Online scans, #235  
Miller, Frank's INFANT    
Miller, Frank Lewis    

Miller, Fred

Online scans, sb5223  
Miller, G.J.    
Miller, Gail Online scans, #7047  
Miller, George    
Miller, George A., 1839 - 1887 Julia Johnson  
Miller, George Alexander    
Miller, George I.    
Miller, George I.'s FATHER    

Miller, George Wesley

Pat O'Dell

Miller, Geraldine Rosetta "Gerry" Frist Julia Johnson  
Miller, Gertrude Finley Julia Johnson; Online scans, #57  
Miller, Glenn Online scans, #2065  
Miller, Gracia Journey Online scans, sb495  
Miller, Harmon    
Miller, Harve Neal Julia Johnson  
Miller, Henry, Mrs    
Miller, Hetty Lawson Julia Johnson  
Miller, Hollis Clifton Online scans, sb5712, #8027, #8029  
Miller, Holly Ellen Online scans, sb3518  
Miller, Howard Online scans, sb3512  
Miller, Hubert Edward Online scans, sb3274  
Miller, Icie Cleva    
Miller, Ida May Holt Online scans, #8796  
Miller, Irene Levis Julia Johnson  
Miller, James Donald Julia Johnson  
Miller, James R.    
Miller, James T., 1871 - 1891 Julia Johnson  
Miller, Jean Online scans, sb5713, #8025  
Miller, Jeremy Jacob "Jake"    
Miller, Joedd    
Miller, John "Clark"    
Miller, John H.    
Miller, John "Jack" Dean    
Miller, John Newton    
Miller, John Richard    
Miller, John William    

Miller, Jonathan Henry

Miller, Joseph Wilson Julia Johnson  
Miller, Josephine Elizabeth McDonald    
Miller, Julia Ann Online scans, sb3510  
Miller, Katherine Smith Preeo    

Miller, Kathryn Shum

Merrily Tunnicliff

Miller, Kenneth Duane    
Miller, Kenneth E. Online scans, sb1437  
Miller, Laura Blanche Hart Online scans, #417, #418  
Miller, LaVern L. Online scans, #868, #850  
Miller, Lawrence    
Miller, Lawson Online scans, #124  
Miller, Lena M., Mrs    
Miller, Lenore Johnson Online scans, sb3504  
Miller, Leo, 1994 Online scans, sb5357  
Miller, Leo, 1982 Online scans, #8096  
Miller, Leo Russell Online scans, sb6172  
Miller, Leroy Stitt Online scans, #8199, #8210  
Miller, Lillith Manes Online scans, #1065  
Miller, Lois Mary Hurst Smith    
Miller, Lola Cornford Julia Johnson  
Miller, Louella Andrews Online scans, sb5655, #2065  
Miller, Lowell Online scans, #561  
Miller, Lucetta Atkins    
Miller, Lucinda "Alice" Frayer    
Miller, M.E., Mrs    
Miller, Mabel Hutchings Online scans, sb5351  
Miller, Mabel Knox Julia Johnson; Online scans, #17  
Miller, Margaret Online scans, #8015  
Miller, Martha J. Dennis Julia Johnson  
Miller, Martha Jane Harrell, 1845 - 1887 Julia Johnson  
Miller, Marion E.    
Miller, Marjory    
Miller, Martha J. Dennis    
Miller, Martin Online scans, #790  

Miller, Mary Ann Teeters

Miller, Mary Elizabeth Beery Julia Johnson  
Miller, Mary J., 1889 - 1893 Julia Johnson  
Miller, Matilda Anna Lissette Rurode Julia Johnson  
Miller, Maude Mable [maiden?] Higgins Online scans, #152, #163  
Miller, Maurice Earl Julia Johnson  
Miller, Max Online scans, #372, #363  
Miller, Merrill Russell    
Miller, Michael Anthony, Sr    
Miller, Mildred (Tillie) Semmons    
Miller, Mildred Flanning Julia Johnson  
Miller, Mildred Sipes    
Miller, Minnie Cross Online scans, sb1502  

Miller, Minnie Gertrude Sanders Coston

Miller, Mollie Mae Criswell    
Miller, N.P.    
Miller, Normalee Webb    
Miller, Ott, Mrs and Babe    
Miller, Pauline Annis Phipps    
Miller, Paulyne    
Miller, Pearl Tina Robertson Julia Johnson  
Miller, Phyllis Charlene Orme    
Miller, Ralph's BABE    
Miller, Reuel C.    
Miller, Richard Lee    
Miller, Richard W.    
Miller, Robert    
Miller, Robert A.    
Miller, Robert McKinley    
Miller, Ross Edward Julia Johnson; Online scans, #35  
Miller, Roy E. Online scans, sb5220  
Miller, Ruby / (two)    
Miller, Ruth Online scans, #8579  
Miller, Ruth Maxine    
Miller, Ruth Viola Starkey Hoskins Jerry Hamm  
Miller, Ryan Lee Online scans, #423  
Miller, Samuel S.    
Miller, Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Dutton Julia Johnson  

Miller, Semmer Brooks

Don Parsons

Miller, Sheila Jean Irvin    
Miller, Sylvester S.    
Miller, Ted Irwin "Tim" Online scans, sb3964  
Miller, Ted True Online scans, #325  
Miller, Terry Ray    
Miller, Thelma Clara Cavner Online scans, #7082  
Miller, Tommy Eugene    
Miller, Warren Todd Julia Johnson  
Miller, Webster Clarke    
Miller, Wesley LeRoy "Roy"    
Miller, Wilhelmina    
Miller, William B. "Bill"    
Miller, William Brownlow "Brown" Julia Johnson  
Miller, Wilma "Wyleen" Peterman Online scans, sb6175  
Miller, Wolf    
Milleson, Fred Online scans, #2034  
Milleson, Freemont    
Milleson, Helen Online scans, #908  
Milleson, Hope Armilda Radke    
Milleson, John Online scans, #177  
Milleson, Merrill L. Online scans, sb6058  
Millhollin, Erma Olson    
Millhone, Catherine Nicholson Julia Johnson  
Millhone, Clara Frances Burns Harrell Julia Johnson  
Millhone, Flora Rosalie Wymore Julia Johnson  
Millhone, Frances Clara "Fannie" Burns Harrell Julia Johnson  
Millhone, Frank D. Online scans, sb476  
Millhone, Helen Margarite Online scans, sb397  
Millhone, Isaac Newton Julia Johnson  
Millhone, Jim    
Millhone, Lambert L. Julia Johnson  
Millhone, Mancel Nicholson "Mancie" Julia Johnson  
Millhone, Margaret Griffith Julia Johnson  

Millhone, Mary Mann

Don Parsons

Millhone, Paul L. Online scans, sb1505  
Millhone, Thomas M. Julia Johnson  
Milligan, Charles Logan Julia Johnson  
Milligan, Mark    
Millikan, Frieda Hennrietta Woltmer    
Million, Frances A.    
Million, John Eugene    
Million, James Lee "Red" Online scans, sb5723  
Million, Mary Catherine McMillion Online scans, sb6086  
Mills, Erin Elizabeth Mortimore    
Mills, Nancy Carol Shipley    
Mills, Vesta Woodle Online scans, sb228  
Minard, Al's BABE    
Minard, Howard "Ed"    
Minard, Iva "Irene" Fleck Online scans, #817, #799  
Minard, John David    
Minard, Michael J.    
Minard, Veleda Mae Green Don Parsons  
Minart, John    
Minor, Dwight Vern    
Minor, E.F. Online scans, sb1665, sb2579  
Minor, Patrick Online scans, sb3971  
Minor, Terry Jay    
Minter, Arch    
Minthorn, Maynard Julia Johnson  
Miracle, Ruth Online scans, #8852  
Mitchell, Alice Margaret Wright    
Mitchell, Alvin Lawrence Online scans, sb2652  
Mitchell, Annabel Forbes Online scans, sb3862  
Mitchell, Caroline    
Mitchell, Carroll Ralph Online scans, #871  
Mitchell, Charles Online scans,#8588  
Mitchell, Charles Warren Julia Johnson  
Mitchell, Charles Warren, Infant of Julia Johnson  
Mitchell, Christina E. Williams    
Mitchell, Elma Boyd Online scans, sb1523  
Mitchell, Florence Watt Online scans, sb1823  
Mitchell, George Beers, 1860 - 1894 Julia Johnson  
Mitchell, George F. Online scans, sb3689  
Mitchell, Geraldine Online scans, #8868  
Mitchell, Harold Online scans, #142  
Mitchell, Harold Wesley, 1995 Online scans, sb5233, sb4101  
Mitchell, Jacqueline E. VanDerWoude Bowers    
Mitchell, Lucinda Jane Westfall Julia Johnson  
Mitchell, Margaret Hicks Online scans, sb3416, sb3278  
Mitchell, Mary Foxton    
Mitchell, Mary Margaret Doss    
Mitchell, Mrs    
Mitchell, Ralph Edwin, Rev    
Mitchell, Susie Catherine Burgett    
Mitchell, Thelma Darleen    
Mitchell, William Andrew    
Mitts, Buddy Byron    
Mitts, Chester Eldon Online scans, sb3834  
Mitts, Inice May Keeler Julia Johnson; Online scans, #121  
Mitts, Melvin Online scans, sb3968