Page County, Iowa Obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.


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Giacomozzi, Florence K. Wilson    
Gibb, William    
Gibbons, Joan Online scans, sb1849  
Gibbs, John    
Gibbs, Mary    
Gibilisco, Steven Linn    
Gibson, Charley Online scans, #990  
Gibson, Cherry Lorrain Blackwell    
Gibson, Delbert Clair Julia Johnson; Online scans, #26, #27  
Gibson, Dellas Keith    
Gibson, Donald Gene "Hoot" Online scans, sb3349  
Gibson, Doyle Online scans, sb5247  
Gibson, Edna Arlene Sulser    
Gibson, Ellen Matheny Online scans, sb2618  
Gibson, Ernest T. Online scans, sb518  
Gibson, Flora Louise Staab Julia Johnson  
Gibson, Harold G. Online scans, sb4715, sb5206  
Gibson, Isaac Edward    
Gibson, Iva Hamm Online scans, #2054  
Gibson, James Patterson Pat O'Dell  
Gibson, John    
Gibson, John A., Mrs, -1894 Julia Johnson  
Gibson, Joyce Ann Zirfas    
Gibson, Keith Online scans, #9382  
Gibson, Marilyn Marie Willison Online scans, sb491  
Gibson, Mary Ellen Black Online scans, sb343  
Gibson, Opal Rae Burns Online scans, sb422  
Gibson, Philip Quentin    
Gibson, Ramona Elizabeth Yearous    
Gibson, Rex J. Online scans, sb5261  
Gibson, Russell Harlen    
Gibson, Ruth Henn Online scans, #8672  
Gibson, Sarah Marjorie Foxworthy    
Gibson, Vivian M. Bengtson    
Gibson, William    
Gibson, William D. "Bill"    
Gibson, William Francis Marion, 1839 - 1892 Julia Johnson  
Gibson, Zoa Blanche Hite Julia Johnson  
Gidlow, Jean Anderson Online scans, sb3692  
Giese, Addie Davie Julia Johnson  
Giese, Bernard Robert    
Giese, Russell "Rusty"    
Giese, Susie King Julia Johnson  
Gifford, David    
Gifford, Joanna Bailey    
Gilbert, Aletha Marie Plautz    
Gilbert, Dasha Online scans, sb1866  
Gilbert, Douglas B.    
Gilbert, Elmer Clay    
Gilbert, Johnny J. Online scans, sb5329  
Gilbert, Levi James    
Gilbert, Mary Redd Online scans, sb5370  
Gilbert, Oscar Franklin "Bill"    
Gilbert, Raymond Online scans, #8864  
Gilbert, Vonna Joan Lindamood    
Gilchrist, Earl Online scans, #161  
Gilchrist, Eli Milton Julia Johnson  
Gilchrist, Mary    
Gile, Sallie Beery    
Giles, Arnilda Jane How    

Giles, John Lyon

Pat O’Dell


Giles, Susan Merrick    
Gill, Able    
Gill, Everette    
Gill, Robert Omar Jerry Hamm  
Gillespie, Adelaide Mary "Addie" Warren Julia Johnson  
Gillespie, Albert Simpson Online scans, sb5885  
Gillespie, Carl Online scans, #7083  
Gillespie, Carrie Annan Online scans, #482, #475  
Gillespie, Charles Julia Johnson  
Gillespie, Clara Edith Guthrie Julia Johnson  
Gillespie, Clyde C. Online scans, Or017  
Gillespie, Ella G. McGinnis Online scans, #9368  
Gillespie, Emma Elizabeth Kellogg Julia Johnson  
Gillespie, Fred Julia Johnson  
Gillespie, Jackson William "Jack" Julia Johnson  
Gillespie, Lizzie Annan Online scans, sb3349, sb161  
Gillespie, Margaret Irene Palmer Julia Johnson  
Gillespie, Orville Julia Johnson  
Gillespie, Rena McKinnon Online scans, #9381  
Gillespie, Robert H. Online scans, #347, #361  
Gillespie, Vera M. Burton Online scans, sb3954  
Gillespie, William    
Gillespie, William Carl Online scans, #8009  
Gillett, Anna Online scans, #8683  
Gillett, Clayton E. Online scans, sb4024, sb5259  
Gillett, Emma May Cornell    
Gillett, Julie Margaret Eckenfels Online scans, sb5168  
Gillette, Bernard Mars Online scans, sb378  
Gillette, George Mars Online scans, sb199  
Gillette, Hallene Ethyl Owen Online scans, #8515  
Gillette, Harriett M.    
Gillette, Jane    
Gillham, Donald L.    
Gillihan, Irene Online scans, #129  
Gillihan, J.H.    
Gilliahn, J.L.    
Gillihan, Jennie Irene    
Gillihan, John    
Gillihan, Katherine    
Gillihan, Stephen Alexander "Zannie"    
Gilliland, Lizzie Quinn    
Gilliland, Ward Online scans, sb3921  
Gillispie, Dave    
Gillispie, Marcene Christie McCunn Online scans, sb6381  
Gillispie, Ralph Eldon    
Gillispie, Verney    
Gillmor, George A.    
Gillmore, Vona Clark Millen Julia Johnson; Online scans, #3  
Gillson, Fred's BABE    
Gilmore, Charlene Houston    
Gilmore, John Thomas    
Gilmore, Mrs    
Gilmore, Philip Online scans, #9095  
Gilmore, William "Bill"    
Gilmore, Zoa Cooper Online scans, #146  
Gilreath, P.W. "Gil" sb3981  
Gilson, Dale Online scans, sb367  
Gilson, Hiedi Michelle    
Gilson, James    
Gilson, John G. Online scans, sb5373  
Gilstrap, Pearl Hurdle Online scans, sb3952  
Ginger, Barbara Ann "Bobbie" Lamb    
Gingery, Lee Emerson    
Ginther, John W.V.    
Gipe, Della May    
Gipson, Art    
Girouex, Robert Eugene "Bob"    
Gish, Josephine Dunsky Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb2738