Page County, Iowa Obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.


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Gabrielson, Gabriel    
Gaddis, Birney Julia Johnson  
Gaddis, Fay Online scans, #483  
Gaddis, Lucas    
Gaddis, Opal Online scans, sb3923  
Gaebler, John Online scans, sb3340  
Gage, Benny Lee Online scans, #466  
Gage, Dean - George Dean Gage    
Gage, Lee Online scans, sb3340  
Gage, Wanda Campbell    
Gage, Warren    
Galigher, Uriah Nelson    
Gallup, Colleen Lorelei Rusco  
Gallegas, Jeannette Online scans, #8710  
Galloway, Charles D. Online scans, sb1877  
Galloway, Howard Park Julia Johnson  
Gambill, John D. Online scans, sb507  
Gambill, John Randolph "Randy"    
Gambill, Wilmer P. Online scans, sb470  
Gamble, James Online scans, sb5361  
Gamble, James Merle Online scans, #447, #451  
Gamble, Marian Online scans, #85  
Gant, Hazel Borden Online scans, #331  
Gant, Margaret Sawyer Julia Johnson  
Gant, Roy Online scans, #453  
Ganung, Norma Stump Julia Johnson; Online scans, #7  
Ganzel, Clara Online scans, sb320  
Gapen, Catharine Haines    
Gapper, Arda Brooks Online scans, sb361  
Garcia, Maria Prieto Online scans, #147  
Garcia, Pedro Enrique    
Garcia, Pedro Enrique Jr    
Garcia, Priscilla Partridge    
Gard, Eva Online scans, #136  
Gardella, Shirley Burns Online scans, sb3944  
Gardner, Bessie Stevens Online scans, #646  
Gardner, Carl Melvin Online scans, sb1909  
Gardner, Debra    
Gardner, Dorothy Elizabeth Sieving    
Gardner, Everett L.    
Gardner, Flossie Pearl Julia Johnson  
Gardner, Helen Margaret Bryant Online scans, sb250  
Gardner, Jesse Lee Online scans, sb3957  
Gardner, Joseph Wesley Julia Johnson  
Gardner, Leo "Buck" Online scans, sb3713  
Gardner, Luman Morton "Lum" Julia Johnson  
Gardner, Luman Morton's CHILD - 1895 Julia Johnson  
Gardner, Mary Abbott Online scans, sb3041  
Gardner, Myrta Eliza McPike Julia Johnson  
Gardner, Richard Orville Online scans, sb3692, sb3694  
Gardner, Will Porter Julia Johnson  
Garey, Arvid Doyle    
Garey, Frank Online scans, sb126  
Garey, Fred William "Bill"    
Garey, Mary Louise Hoffman    
Garland, Ina Victoria Bingman Online scans, sb5348  
Garland, Philip Brooks Online scans, sb5160  
Garner, Gloria Charmaine Ruby    
Garner, Marvin Ray    
Garrett, Andrew Joseph    
Garrett, Eva Linebaugh Online scans, #8758  
Garrett, Everett Online scans, #4034, #6059  
Garrett, Frank J. Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb3352  
Garrett, Laurence Linebaugh    
Garrett, Max M. Online scans, #1005  
Garrett, May Young Online scans, sb5304, sb6410  
Garrett, Maynard "Pete" Online scans, sb406, sb408  
Garrett, Myrtle Viola Barnes Julia Johnson; sb432, sb434, sb765  
Garrett, Nellie Eleanor Front Online scans, sb2733  
Garrett, Ruth G. Parker Online scans, sb3652  
Garrett, Sam Online scans, sb208, sb6005  
Garrett, Wayne Online scans, sb449  
Garrett, William Gibson    
Garrett, Will, Mrs    
Garrison, George    
Garrison, Hazel Vern Littlewood Online scans, sb144  
Garrison, J.M.    
Garton, Mildred V. Saum Julia Johnson  
Garule, Michael Scott    
Garvin, Thomas E. Julia Johnson  
Gaston, Fritz    
Gaston, J.Q., Mrs    
Gaston, Mrs, -1891 Julia Johnson  
Gastrost, Claude Harold    
Gates, Beulah    
Gates, Beulah M. "Bea" Hamm Jerry Hamm  
Gates, Clem A. Jerry Hamm  

Gates, Edna Ruth Fesenmeyer

Linda Jones


Gates, Etta S. Hobson Julia Johnson  
Gates, G.R.    
Gates, Gladys May Hamman    
Gates, Glen Dwight Jerry Hamm  
Gates, Norris G. Jerry Hamm  
Gates, Paul N.    
Gates, Pauline Griffey    
Gates, Robert L. "Bob"    
Gates, Zoe Amanda Holton Walton Online scans, sb278, sb280  
Gathman, LeRoy Online scans, sb351  
Gatlin, John Eugene    
Gauvreau, John Online scans, #917  
Gauvreau, Mabel Online scans, #523  
Gay, Arthur    
Gay, Clara B. Bosley Online scans, sb158  
Gay, Donald Lee, Sr Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb3844, sb1918, sb3781  
Gay, Gertrude Mary Houston Julia Johnson  
Gay, Sherman D. Online scans, sb157, #198