Page County, Iowa Obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.

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Sobbing, Myrtle Ridenour Online scans, #8310, #8319, #8388  
Soffebrotten, Elsie Online scans, #593  
Sollars, Dora Ella York Anderson Julia Johnson  
Sollars, Gerald Online scans, #8869  

Sollars, Phebe Ellen Mead Hembree / (2)

Don Parsons; Online scans, sb1482  
Solzmann, Isaac's INFANT    
Sondag, Dorothy M. Online scans, sb1480  
Sondag, Joyce Louise Smith Online scans,  
Sondag, Marie J. Online scans, sb5700  
Sondag, William Michael Online scans,  
Sorensen, Clyde Wallace "Swede" Julia Johnson  
Sorensen, Eddie    
Sorensen, Kathleen    
Sorensen, Keith Mahlon    
Sorensen, Patsy Prue Ohnmacht    
Sorenson, Mary L. Steinle Online scans,  
Sorin, Elizabeth A.    
Souder, Carrie Austin Burton Julia Johnson  
Sourwine, A.J.    
Sowards, Edward William Online scans, sb3816  
Sowards, Wilmer Duane Online scans, sb3276, sb3277  
Spaht, Otto Online scans, #252  
Spangler, Arlene Anne Burton Online scans, sb5180  
Spangler, Clarence Online scans, #6075  
Spangler, Darla Online scans, #1008, #1073  
Spangler, Darrell    
Spangler, Don E. Online scans, sb5160  
Spangler, George H.    
Spangler, Guy Everett Julia Johnson  
Spangler, Mabel Gorman Online scans, sb395  
Spangler, Mildred Ann Carlson Online scans, sb442, sb1243, sb1244  
Spangler, Morris    
Spangler, Norma Arlene Heniger Online scans, sb5164  
Spangler, Robert Clyde    
Spangler, William Edward    
Spann, Harriett M. Guenther Online scans, sb5151  
Sparger, A.W.    
Spargur, LeRoy "Spike"    
Spargur, Letty Elaine Mortimore    
Spargur, Maxine Stephens Danielson    

Spargur, Ruth Noble

Pat O'Dell  
Spargur, Wayne Jerry Hamm  
Sparks, Ada M. Brandt Online scans, sb5215  
Sparks, Barbara    
Sparks, Cecil Online scans, #8664  
Sparks, Charley    
Sparks, Deborah Anna Williams    
Sparks, Edward N.    
Sparks, Eva Online scans, #9073  
Sparks, Ivan Walter Online scans, #8782  
Sparks, Lucina Lindsey    
Sparks, Roy Online scans, #8936  
Sparks, William Ruben    
Spath, Paul Wesley    
Spaulding, Elias Jeffrey Julia Johnson  
Spaulding, John R. "Jack" Online scans, sb4248, sb6053  
Spaulding, Mary Elizabeth Jackson Madden    
Speakman, Isaiah's CHILD, -1894 Julia Johnson  
Spears, Kenneth Doyle Online scans, sb4038  
Spears, Isabel S. McQueen    
Spears, Mildred "Mart" Online scans, sb1912, sb1905  
Spears, Paul L.    
Speights, Catherine Clark Julia Johnson  
Spencer, Alice Cobb Online scans, sb1504  
Spencer, Blanche Ella Journey Online scans, #829  
Spencer, [Charles] Guy Online scans, sb5929  
Spencer, Cynthy Ann Sloey    
Spencer, Darrell    
Spencer, David Manard Online scans, sb5339, sb6066  
Spencer, Hollis Aleene Nowels    
Spencer, J.T.    
Spencer, Katherine Jane Kampe Online scans, sb5669, sb5674  
Spencer, Paul Norvin Online scans, sb1955  
Sperry, Catherine, -1893 Julia Johnson  
Sperry, Clemenza Dunlap    
Sperry, Dr. Frederick    
Sperry, Jennie Belle Clark Online scans, #4041  
Spicer, Arlene Dorothy Online scans, sb5287  
Spicer, T.H., Mrs    
Spiegel, Angela Dawn Knizley Online scans, #8790  
Spielman, Alva's INFANT    
Spielman, Archie Ingraham - Ingraham, Archie Spielman    
Spielman, Orme Online scans, sb3820  
Spielman, Retta, Mrs, -1893 Julia Johnson  
Spies, Mabel Online scans, sb5676  
Spies, Maurice G.    
Spike, Elizabeth    
Spinler, Glen E. Online scans, sb5199  
Sprague, Ada M. Dorr Online scans, sb2735  
Sprague, Edna Pearl Dailey Online scans, sb3788, sb3867  
Sprague, Floyd Lee Sr Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb5075  
Sprague, Larry D. Online scans, sb5179  
Sprigg, Estis Online scans, #3038  
Sprigg, Gladys Resh Online scans, sb441  
Sprigg, Roy Online scans, sb2617  
Spry, H.R.'s DAUGHTER    
Spry, Harvey R.    
Spry, Jane M. Smith    
Spry, Marjorie "Marge" Mattie Vernelle Whitney    
Spunaugle, Ethel Filey Online scans, #378  
Spunaugle, Jacob    
Spunaugle, Judie Williams Online scans, sb5148  
Spunaugle, Lois Jean Miller Online scans, sb3944  
Spunaugle, Philip C. Online scans, sb3952  
Spunaugle, William, 1814 - 1888 Julia Johnson  
Spunaugle, William J.    
Spurgeon, Wayne Online scans, sb1853, sb1854  
Squier, Avis Hamm Jerry Hamm  
Squier, Bette Erickson    
Squier, Donald Jerry Hamm  
Squier, Ellsworth Jerry Hamm  
Squier, Eugene W.    
Squier, Jasper Newton    
Squier, Jerome Bonaparte    
Squier, Lenora Taylor Jerry Hamm  
Squire, Leon E.    
Squires, Anna Josephine Robbins Online scans, #8649  
Squires, Bertha Rhamy    
Squires, Bette Cross Jerry Hamm  
Squires, Cody William    
Squires, Essie M.    
Squires, Fay "Toddy" Online scans, #3019  
Squires, Mahlon Jr 1996 Online scans, sb5140  
Squires, Mahlon Sr 1995 Online scans, sb5241, sb5242  
Squires, Anna Josephine Robbins    
Squires, Edwin N. Jr    
Squires, William Douglas "Will"    
Srite, Melvin Online scans, #8327  
Srite, William Online scans, #4032