Page County, Iowa Obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.


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Roah, Myrtle Buff Online scans, #8665  
Robb, Monta Online scans, #315  
Robb, Wilbur, -1894 Julia Johnson  
Robb, William Steele Julia Johnson  
Robberts, Elizabeth Clara Sunderman Online scans, #629  
Robberts, Leona Anna Online scans, #8864  
Robbins, John    
Robbins, Phyllis J. Marsh    
Robbins, Susan Cagley    
Robbins, William, -1882 Julia Johnson  
Roberts, Anna Alvina Sunderman [Eveline Sunderman Robberts]    
Roberts, Betty Victoria "Rose"    
Roberts, Blanche Lillie Online scans, sb243  
Roberts, Boy    
Roberts, Caroline Holmes    
Roberts, D.L. Online scans, sb412  
Roberts, Daniel Boone    
Roberts, David Lee    
Roberts, Dorothy A. Owen Online scans, sb5152  
Roberts, Esther, Mrs. Julia Johnson  
Roberts, Helen O. Sheets Online scans, sb3652  
Roberts, Hope Patricia    
Roberts, Iris Susie Campbell Online scans, sb1484  
Roberts, Isaac's BABE    
Roberts, Isaac N.    
Roberts, J.W.    
Roberts, John    
Roberts, John B.    
Roberts, John, Mrs    
Roberts, Lint H. Online scans, sb133, sb1524, sb327  
Roberts, Linton Harry, 1903-1957 Julia Johnson  
Roberts, Manford, -1881 Julia Johnson  
Roberts, Marvin V.    
Roberts, Nicholas Burns Online scans, sb3951  
Roberts, Quincy "Lee"    
Roberts, Roland E.    
Roberts, William M.    
Robertson, Christina    
Robertson, Evalyn "Eva" Crooks Julia Johnson  
Robertson, Howard J.    
Robertson, Isabella Newton    
Robertson, Johnston    
Robertson, Lillie Julia Johnson  
Robertson, Mary    
Robeson, David Porter Julia Johnson  
Robeson, Sarah Maranda Wilson Julia Johnson  
Robey, W.L.    
Robie, B.F.    
Robinette, Dollie Online scans, sb366  
Robins, John    
Robinson, Ann E. Pennell    
Robinson, Bernard Dean "Gee"    
Robinson, Donald E. Online scans,#8513  
Robinson, Florence Online scans, #8086  
Robinson, Frank L.    
Robinson, Geraldine Online scans, #9093  
Robinson, George W.    
Robinson, Hazel A.    
Robinson, Jack E. Online scans, sb3279  
Robinson, John Online scans, sb5292  
Robinson, Lizzie Leta Julia Johnson  
Robinson, Loretta James Online scans, sb3509  
Robinson, Miles Henry    
Robinson, Rachel McMullen Pat O'Dell  
Robinson, Ralph    
Robinson, Richard Online scans, #9016  
Robinson, Sara Renee Poore    
Robinson, Sude - Mrs T.M.    
Robison, Mabel Louise Williams    
Robson, Herbert "Bernard"    
Rock, Bill Pat O'Dell  
Rock, Kay    
Rock, Violet Groff Julia Johnson; Online scans, #128, #152  
Rock, Wayne E. Online scans, sb473  
Rockafellow, Harriet    
Rockhill, Blanche Martin    
Rodenburg, Lena Online scans, #8643  
Rodgers, Mabel Seipel / (two) Julia Johnson; Online scans, #15  
Rodgers, Robert W.    
Rodman, Iris Helen Gregory Online scans, #9016  

Rodman, Nellie May Fesenmeyer Raynor

Linda Jones

Rodriguez, Mauro    
Rodriguez, Roberta Joan "Bobbie"    
Rodriquez, Shyla Dennise    
Roe, Dean    
Roeder, Marla Sieving Marn    
Roedl, A.E.    
Roemmich, Shirley Jean Baggs Bennett    
Rogers, Chink Cleveland    
Rogers, Delphia    
Rogers, Dennis E. Online scans, #9358  
Rogers, Derick    
Rogers, Dorothy Armenta Biggers    
Rogers, Gayle Bernice Binau Online scans, sb3706, sb4267  
Rogers, George's UNCLE    
Rogers, George F.    
Rogers, George O., 1851 - 1927 Julia Johnson  
Rogers, James W., -1887 Julia Johnson  
Rogers, Matilda V. Crabb    
Rogers, Maurice Allen    
Rogers, Nancy    
Rogers, Philip C.    
Rogers, Phoebe, Mrs Julia Johnson  
Rogers, Susie Esther Adkins Julia Johnson  
Rogers, Theopholis    
Rogers, Thos. J.    
Rohlfs, Henry Online scans, #481  
Rohlfs, Myrtle Hunter Online scans, #501  
Rohrer, Byron Eugene    
Rohrer, Constance "Connie" M. Don Parsons  
Roland, Gladys    
Rolf, Arthur Gerhad Online scans, sb1853  
Rolf, Donald Gerhard    
Rolf, Jeanne A. Howland    
Rolf, Lois Eldora Adelung    
Rolf, Mary Bolin Online scans, #9010  
Rolf, Richard Henry "Dick"    
Rolf, Terence "Terry" G.    
Rolf, Walter Christopher    
Rolfs, William Julia Johnson  
Roll, Alice Gifford Online scans, #447, #451  
Roll, Geo Phillip Pat O'Dell  
Roll, Opal Online scans, #876  
Roll, Violet    
Ronald, Mary Ellen "Nellie" Kelter Julia Johnson  
Rooker, Kinsee Laine    
Roop, John Wayne    
Root, Albert    
Root, Amos    
Root, Lavetta Sipes Online scans, #8656  
Root, Lloyd Wesley Online scans, sb3501  
Rope, Adaline Ruth Driftmier Online scans, #9368  
Rope, Darrell Clark    
Rope, Eli    
Rope, Herman Online scans, sb5215  
Rope, John D.    
Rope, Lena Jabker Online scans, #8172  
Rope, Leroy, 1979 Online scans, #921, #972  
Rope, Leroy [Maryville, Mo paper] Julia Johnson  
Rope, Melvin John Jacob    
Rope, Otto Online scans, #656  
Rope, Rachel Marie Online scans, sb249  
Rope, Richard    
Rope, Rudolph Online scans, #9357, #9292  
Rope, Vernon Grebert    
Rope, Virginia Wainwright Online scans, sb5783  
Rope, Wendell Leroy    
Rope, Wilma Grebert Online scans, #551  
Roper, Jean "Jeannie" Wycoff Online scans, #9206  
Ropp, Grace Cabbage Online scans, sb3970  
Ropp, LeRoy    
Rorebeck, Dorothy Irene Baucom    
Rorebeck, Ross Online scans, #163  
Rorebeck, Russell Oscar "Bud"    
Rosacrans, Ella Malissa Mitcheltree Hurst    
Roscoe, John W. Online scans, sb108  
Rose, Charles H. "Chuck"    
Rose, Charles M. Julia Johnson  
Rose, Edwin Fremont Julia Johnson  
Rose, Elsie Buckner Julia Johnson  
Rose, Frank    
Rose, L.C.    
Rosebrock, Steven T. Pat O'Dell  
Rosier, Iola    
Rosenbohm, Gertrude M.    
Rosenbohm, Rosa Cooper Online scans, sb111, sb125  
Rosendahl, Nelson J. "Nels" Julia Johnson  
Rosenquist, Carl Forrest    
Rosenquist, Josephine Swanson Online scans, #743  
Rosenquist, Joy M.    
Rosenquist, Steven Harold Online scans, sb2745, sb3502, sb5275  
Rosentrater, Fred Charles Online scans, sb3413, sb1499  
Ross, Barbara Ann Beedle    

Ross, Bill

Ross, Cecil Online scans, #513, #545  
Ross, Clifford N. Online scans, #8976  
Ross, Florence Edith Reynolds    
Ross, Frank, Mrs    
Ross, J.O.    
Ross, James A.    
Ross, Kenneth Wayne Online scans, sb3847  
Ross, Larry Wayne    
Ross, LeRoy P. Online scans, #390  
Ross, Letha Velna Ridnour Online scans, #306, #315  
Ross, Myron E.    
Ross, Paul Irvin    
Ross, Scotty Eugene Online scans, sb5140  
Ross, Vivian Online scans, #8842  
Rosser, Howard Joseph    
Rossiter, Margaret Kelter    
Roten, Robert E. Julia Johnson; Online scans, #113  
Roten, Robert James    
Roten, Thomas E.    
Rothe, Irene    
Rotton, Daisy D. Arnold Online scans, sb5739  
Rotton, Glenn N. Julia Johnson  
Rotton, William    
Round, Albert "Babe"    
Round, C.W.    
Round, Charley's SON    
Round, Frank Julia Johnson  
Round, James T.    
Round, John    
Round, Joshua J.    
Round, Paul, Mrs    
Round, Rebecca Ann Dean    
Round, Roy    
Round, Solomon    
Round, Susan A. Thompson    
Rounds, Rebecca Ann Dean Online scans, #460  
Rountree, Mary Ratashak Online scans, sb522  
Rouse, Fred Online scans, sb1525  
Rouse, John "Jack" Online scans, sb1524  
Rouse, I.R.'s SON    

Rouse, Rhoda

Ron Rouse

Rouse, Violet Bessie Damewood    
Rouse, W.A.    
Roush, Everett Online scans, #9009  
Roush, Harriett Prest Online scans, #506  
Roush, Wm's MOTHER    
Routh, Bernard Roe    
Rowan, Claude    
Rowan, Harold N.    
Rowan, Marcene    
Rowan, Miles Online scans, #824  
Rowan, Murvel Online scans, sb1526  
Rowan, Ruth Douthit Online scans, #997  
Rowe, Betty Marie Mort    
Rowe, Everett D.    
Rowe, Janette E. Smith    
Rowe, Ralph Online scans, sb5725  
Rowland, Gerald C. Online scans, sb463  
Rowlette, Alta Online scans,  
Royce, Ollie Johnson    
Royer, Billy Duane    
Royer, Charles Earl Online scans, #916, #919  
Royer, Charlotte Heller Online scans, #8206  
Royer, Curtis G.    
Royer, Faye Evelyn Bateman    
Royer, Harry Online scans, #8775  
Royer, James Duane    
Royer, Melvin Earl Online scans, sb3686, sb3944  
Royer, Myrtle Brownlee Online scans, #475  
Royer, Orah Clyde Jackson Online scans, #403  
Royster, Nellie Eleanor Richey Online scans, sb3681