Page County, Iowa Obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.

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Leach, Jon Online scans, #8779  
Leacox, Betty Lou McCrea    
Leacox, Paul B.    
Leacox, Ruby Katherine "Katie"    
Leadbetter, Marcella Trent    
League, Drucie/Drusie    
League, Loyd    
Leahy, George L. Online scans, sb5705  
Leahy, John H. Online scans, sb5674  
Leander, Ethel Clayton Online scans, #8681  
Leaverton, Earl Online scans, sb1508  
Leaverton, Flossie Bashor Online scans, sb437, sb435  
Leaverton, Minnie Online scans, #8839  
LeBarron, Charles Pat O'Dell  
LeBarron, Charles Bert / (two) / (three) Jim Black  
LeBarron, Rosa Roth Julia Johnson  
Lebuda, Leon J. Online scans, sb1856, sb520  
Lederer, Herman Online scans, sb1498  
Ledin, Ralph Online scans, #8683  
Lee, Albert E. Online scans, sb5226, sb4153  
Lee, Betty Doris Online scans, sb2595  
Lee, Elvis W. Online scans, sb5682, sb5699, #6091  
Lee, Ethel Louise James Henn    
Lee, Forrest Online scans, #8206  
Lee, Georgianna Mae Muehliesen    
Lee, James Online scans, #9252  
Lee, James Martin    
Lee, John    
Lee, Kathryn Lucille Carr    
Lee, Lela Edna Spangler Online scans, sb2692  
Lee, Mabel Grace Williams Online scans, sb5391, sb6071  
Lee, Marilyn    
Lee, Marshall    
Lee, Mrs' SON    
Lee, Robert Wendell Online scans, sb227  
Lee, Stanly O.    
Lee, Virgil, 1894 - 1894 Julia Johnson  
Lee, William    
Lee, William P. Online scans, sb6381  
Leech, Clyde (Clide) B. Julia Johnson  
Leech, Leonard "Jack" Online scans, sb5304, sb5331  
Leech, Loyd Julia Johnson  
Leech, Robert A.    
Leech, Robert Bell    
Leek, John R. Online scans, sb1508  
Leek, Mildred Vivian Jackson    
Leeson, Joan Online scans,  
Leeson, Kenneth    
LeFever, Edna Bertha    
Leffler, John C.    
Lefler, Susan Elizabeth Gilbert    
Leftwich, Kim Erickson    
Leggett, Jo-Anna Henry Online scans, sb3851  
Leggett, John C., Mrs    
LeHew, Dorothy Online scans, sb3750  
Lehman, Child, -1881 Julia Johnson  
Lehman, Frank Online scans, #718  
Lehman, Joe Online scans, #416  
Lehman, Lucille Online scans, #8869  
Lehman, Ruth Wright Online scans, #261  
Leibfort, Hattie M. Horel Online scans, sb3858, sb1941  
Leigh, Elizabeth B.    
Leighton, Bethany Lauren Online scans, sb453  
Leighton, Bob    
Leighton, David    
Leighton, Elmer Ellsworth Online scans, sb1508  
Leighton, Loretta    
Leighton, Mary E. Mooberry    
Leighton, Michael Scott    
Leighton, Mr    
Leighton, Richard E. Online scans, sb5218  
Leistner, Walter G.    
Leitch, Addison Julia Johnson  
Leitzen, Beulah Violet Bussard Online scans, sb3554, sb3556  
Leivan, Courtny Renee Online scans, sb5179  
Lekey, Cleatus Earl Jr    
Lekey, Lois Joan Elrod    
Lembke, Marion Wayne    
Lemert, Charles Otis Online scans, sb2990, sb2906  
Lemert, Nellie B. Wyckoff Online scans, sb3416  
Lemley, George O.    
Lemon, Lydia    
Lenier, James, Mrs    
Lentz, Mildred Online scans, sb5213  
Lenz, Scot Allen Online scans, sb2733  
Leonard, Addie Charlotte Keith Grady Online scans, sb3716, sb3713  
Leonard, Floyd    
Leonard, Floyd, Mrs    
Leonard, Mary Online scans, #202, #208  
Leonard, Paul E. Online scans, sb5353, sb6376  
Lesher, Dean Edwin    
Lesher, Ralph J. Online scans, #9379  
Leslie, Elmer E., -1888 Julia Johnson  
Leslie, John R., 1839 - 1893 Julia Johnson  
Leslie, Kevin Online scans, #1009  
Lessener, Cleo Kendrick Online scans,  
Lester, Joseph E. Julia Johnson  
Lester, Nina Della Evelyn Strom    
Letter, Oliver's CHILD, -1892 Julia Johnson  
Leuci, Dominico V.    
Levine, Anna    
Levine, Margaret Elizabeth Hiser    
Levis, Cornelia Young    
Lewellen, Clara M. Redenbaugh Online scans, sb788  
Lewellen, Phillip W.    
Lewis, Alverda "Allie" Good    
Lewis, Clarence W.    
Lewis, Donald Leroy Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb3506, sb2732  
Lewis, Evanelle    
Lewis, Gary L.    
Lewis, George W.    
Lewis, Glen "Shorty" Online scans, #8662  
Lewis, Hazel Marie Brown Alexander Hall    
Lewis, Hazel R. Gordon Online scans, sb5291  
Lewis, Helen Opal Jerry Hamm  
Lewis, Irene Geer    
Lewis, J.B.    
Lewis, J.B.'s BABY    
Lewis, J.B.'s INFANT SON    
Lewis, Jeanne Elizabeth    
Lewis, Jesslee    
Lewis, John    
Lewis, Joseph W.    
Lewis, Katherine Lee Johnson Jerry Hamm  
Lewis, L.W.'s BABE    
Lewis, L.W.'s MOTHER    
Lewis, Lillian Frances Clark    
Lewis, Marie Rock Online scans, sb5239  
Lewis, Mary A.    
Lewis, Micah David Online scans, sb3553  
Lewis, Mrs Dr Pat O'Dell  
Lewis, Sarah A.    
Lewis, Sarah Kenton Julia Johnson  
Lewis, W.L.'s BABE    
Lewis, William    
Lewis, William J.