Death Index, 1880-1998

This index is for the death record books held in the Recorder's Office of the Calhoun County Courthouse.


Name Death Date Volume
Yager, Thomas B.3-13-19283
Yahnke, Louisa3-12-19283
Yant, William Henry6-9-19394
Yates, Anna May12-23-19919
Yates, Benjamin F.2-14-1901H&D
Yates, Press J.12-6-19313
Yates, Rosa10-7-19354
Yates, Thomas Osburn9-4-19344
Yates, Tolbert B.5-27-19726
Yeager, Dollie Luella2-5-19303
Yeager, Donald Edward6-7-19858
Yeager, Frank Joseph6-6-19827
Yeager, Harry W.5-14-19797
Yeager, Laura R.10-27-19756
Yeakle, Dilly May11-16-18962
Yearer, Bertha Ella7-7-19908
Yeazel, Cloyd R.11-9-19696
Yeazel, Dale LeRoy8-15-19475
Yeazel, Nellie Jane8-9-19969
Yeazel, Roy Lester10-30-19908
Yeazel, Troy G.2-28-19706
Yee, Edwin Martin11-6-19868
Yelden, Antje3-7-19273
Yelden, Garrelt B.1-24-19495
Yepsen, Edward Blair1-16-19243
Yepsen, Edward E. Sr.4-11-19736
Yepsen, George Peter3-30-19384
Yepsen, George Valentine9-24-19655
Yepsen, Minnie Jane2-27-19455
Yepsen, Nancy E.2-13-19344
Yetter, Ella Catherine9-18-19384
Yetter, Emily Haines1-25-19857
Yetter, Harry David5-21-19435
Yetter, Henry H.10-16-18982
Yetter, Josephine O.5-6-19776
Yetter, Lawrence Miller9-25-19384
Yetter, Mary Amanda8-30-19575
Yockey, John3-28-19334
Yockey, Lillian Pearl7-20-19253
Yockey, Louisa J.3-2-1915H&D
Yoder, Benjaimn Harrison1-2-19898
Yoder, Inez E.1-2-19786
Yoder, Margerte "Marie" H.1-10-19878
Yoncke, Engalchke9-2-1908H&D
Youell, Edward2-1-19334
Youell, Eugene Wallace3-8-19847
Youell, Infant3-13-19344
Young, Alan Robet2-3-19797
Young, Albert S.12-21-19837
Young, Benjamin Franklin8-22-19253
Young, Chas. H.11-19-12973
Young, Chas. Henry3-24-19293
Young, Chas. M.2-5-19313
Young, Edna Blanch4-11-19615
Young, Emma Dena2-2-19676
Young, Fredrick Johnson11-27-19625
Young, Janet Glover10-15-19354
Young, John William9-11-19585
Young, Julia5-23-19615
Young, Pearl Ballah4-28-19565
Young, Ralph Glover11-27-19384
Young, Ralph Marion2-27-19696
Young, Roy4-24-19595
Youngblood, Nancy Caroline8-3-19415
Youngdahl, Andrew Gusto9-10-19323
Youngdahl, Ella6-22-1921H&D
Youngdale, Axel Frederick6-25-19354
Youngdale, Sophia12-24-19515
Youngquist, Anna Marien.d.4
Youngquist, Lawrence H.12-2-19585
Youngschlager, Alfred William11-3-19665
Yount, Andrew Wesley8-14-19949
Yount, Latisha9-20-19243