Death Index, 1880-1998

This index is for the death record books held in the Recorder's Office of the Calhoun County Courthouse.


Name Death Date Volume
Ufer, Robert Lyle9-18-19686
Ufken, Marie4-25-19635
Ufken, Ulrich12-2-19655
Ullyot, Gladys F.2-4-19857
Ulman, Minnie May2-17-19525
Ulman, Ray William3-14-19525
Ulrich, Ada B.1-10-19736
Ulrich, Harley A.4-16-19776
Ulrich, Lena4-28-19425
Ulrich, Peter C.8-23-19655
Umble, Elisha7-28-19283
Underberg, Donna Rae2-15-19858
Underberg, William N.1-26-19495
Underwood, Alexander Russell12-3-19635
Underwood, Clara A. Schmidt4-10-19585
Ungrue, Edward F.11-17-19837
Ungrue, Elva6-11-19645
Unknown (colored)12-10-19334
Upshaw, Michael R.8-2-19766
Upton, Leta M.6-23-19817
Urelius, Vincent J.E.2-20-19817
Urff, Dora Temple6-29-19485
Underwood, Marjory E.12-23-19635