Current Projects for 2023

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(1). Biographies – 67 biographies to add from to the “Bios Board” from the book, Biographical Record of Calhoun County, Iowa, 1902. [A text file has already been downloaded and needs to be compared to the book for corrections.]

(2). Biographies – 240 biographies to add to the the “Bios Board” from the book, Past and Present of Calhoun County, Iowa, vol.2, 1915. [An alphabetical index is at the end of the book, surnames starting with a = 5, b=30, c=21, d=7, e=3, f=12, g=13, h=26, (no i), j=6, k=3, l=10, m=22, n=9, o=2, p=9, (no q), r=13, s=21, t=6, u=1, v=4, w=14, y=2, z=1]

(3). Obituaries – choose a newspaper title from the Archived Calhoun County Newspapers Online, type them up and add them to the "Obits Board"

(4). List Lake City High School Graduates - from the online newspaper, Lake City Graphic 1886-2010,

(5). List Pomeroy High School Graduates - from the online newspaper, Pomeroy Herald [years needed - 1898, 1900-1919, 1951-1958, and 1970-1982]

(6). 1905 Census Register (on  Need to do the townships of Sherman (11 pgs), Twin Lakes (9 pgs), Union (9 pgs), and Williams (10 pgs) as well as the towns of Farnhamville (6 pgs), Lake City (39 pgs), Lohrville (11 pgs), Manson (23 pgs), and Rockwell City (24 pgs). [See sample of how Butler Township has been done]

(7). 1925 Census Index– Create an index to the Calhoun County Iowa census with 8 lines: name, age, birthplace, father’s name, mother’s name, book, line, twp./town.  This is online on

(8). Minor’s Naturalization Record – Create a list of people who were born in another country, but came to the U.S. as a minor (under the age of 18) and now declare their citizenship.  These records are online on, film #7787975, Items 1-2 (97 pages with one person per page).  Type their name, home country, present age, number of years in the U.S., and date of record (which runs from 1887 to 1906).

(9). Naturalization Records: for Calhoun County, this includes three documents, all on (a). naturalization index, vol.1 1873-1906 (film #7593553), (b). declaration of intent, 1873-1906 (same film #), and (c). final certificates, vol.1-2, 1873-1902 (same film #) and vol.3, 1903-1906 (film #7787975, Item 3 on film).  Whoever decides to do this can decide best how to list these documents.

(10). Additional Resource?? - Do you have another reference/resource you'd like to submit & share?