School Records

Current School Districts

This list includes all school districts currently in operation in Calhoun County.

Historic School Districts

This list only includes school districts whose central office was in Calhoun County.

Historic School Buildings and Class Photos

This list includes schools in Calhoun County which are closed, merged into districts, or no longer exist.

Historic One-Room Rural School Houses

The modern age of school districts in Iowa began in 1965, when legislation the era of one-room schools. Prior to that, one-room school houses were very popular throughout the county.

This list includes one-room rural school houses in Calhoun County, which closed as transportation improved and education was centralized. District numbers can be found on the plat maps available in the maps section.

Butler Township

Calhoun Township

Cedar Township

Center Township

Elm Grove Township

Garfield Township

Greenfield Township

Jackson Township

Lake Creek Township

Lincoln Township

Logan Township

Reading Township

Sherman Township

Twin Lakes Township

Union Township

Williams Township