Locations in Calhoun County

This page is a quick visual reference to the various locations throughout Calhoun County. None of these maps have historical value, but they will help orient you to the county and its various locales, current and historic.

Calhoun County

Calhoun County's location within the state of Iowa Calhoun County and surrounding area

Calhoun County was formed on January 15, 1851 as Fox County. It was renamed to Calhoun County in 1853 after John C Calhoun, former US Vice President. According to histories, the first European-descent settlers did not arrive until 1854.


Calhoun County townships

Townships are roughly six miles square each. To figure out a section number, start in the northeast (top right) corner and count from one to six going east to west (right to left), one number for each mile section. Then go south (down) a mile, and, starting at seven, count from west to east (left to right) up to twelve. Continue winding back and forth in the township until you reach section thirty-six in the southeast (bottom right) corner.

Based on a 1875 map, Garfield was originally part of Williams Township; Twin Lakes was originally part of Sherman Township; Elm Grove was originally part of Jackson Township; Cedar was originally part of Greenfield Township; and Lake Creek, Logan, Union, and Reading were all originally part of Calhoun Township. When the townships were formed or split is unknown, but by 1904 they were in their present-day configuration.

Cities and Towns

Calhoun County cities

The following locales are incorporated locations in Calhoun County:

Locale Township Notes
Farnhamville Reading Post office established in 1881
Jolley Butler Post office established in 1883
Knierim Greenfield Post office established in 1899; formerly Gatesville
Lake City (not in a township) Founded 1856; post office established in 1859; original county seat
Lohrville Union Post office established in 1881
Lytton (partial) Garfield Lytton is primarily in Sac County; post office established in 1900
Manson Lincoln Post office established in 1871
Pomeroy Butler and Sherman Post office established in 1870
Rinard Cedar Post office from 1904-1961
Rockwell City Center and Twin Lakes Post office established in 1877
Somers Cedar Post office established in 1900
Yetter Elm Grove Post office from 1899-1981

Also included on the map above is Twin Lakes State Park in Sherman and Twin Lakes townships.

Communities and Historic Locations

Calhoun County cities

The following locales are not incorporated. Some continue to be populated; others no longer exist. Not all locales can be verified, but all come from historical records. Many of the note dates come from secondary sources.

Locale Township Section Notes
Brooklyn Lake Creek 27 and 34 Commissioned for county seat in 1855, but never built.
Burns Garfield Post office from 1895-1899
Calhoun Union Post office from 1877-1881
Calhoun Center Center 19 Appears on 1870s and 1880s maps; aspired to be county seat
Calhoun City Elm Grove 21 Appears on 1930 plat map
Crandall Williams Post office from 1895-1898
Eads Reading Established in 1882
Easley Cedar 25
Elm Grove Elm Grove Post office from 1891-1900
Gatesville Greenfield Former name of Knierim
Kissemmee (unknown) Post office from 1891-1895
Knoke Butler 17 Post office from 1897-1963
Lanedale Center 32 Apparently where the North Central Correctional Facility now stands
Lavinia Twin Lakes 30 Post office from 1899-1964
Mosley Lake Creek Former name of Sherwood
Muddy Cedar 3 Post office from 1890-1900
Piper Logan 10
Rands Logan 21 Post office from 1891-1906
Richards Center 13 Occasionally listed as "Richard"; Post office from 1900-1958
Schonberg (unknown) Post office from 1893-1897
Sherwood Lake Creek 8 Post office from 1900-1939
Stimsons Logan Appears on 1897 Map
Twin Lakes Sherman and Twin Lakes 31 of Sherman Post office from 1866-1893
Tow Head Center
Wadleigh Greenfield
Wightman Union 29 Post office from 1905-1917
Yatesville Lincoln 22 Post office from 1866-1871

Postal Areas / Zip Codes

Calhoun County cities

The following postal/zip codes are located in Calhoun County:

Knierim, 50552, is not on this map. 2010 census data does not include it, though it still has a post office.

Rural parts of the following locales are or once were located in other counties:

Rural parts of the following locales may be or once were located in Calhoun County (some records list portions in Calhoun County):