Page County, Iowa Obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.


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Rubey, Ella Whitmore Smith Julia Johnson  
Rucker, Beryl Online scans, #8218, #8219  
Rucker, Florence Mae Bramble Online scans, #989  
Rucker, Joseph B.    
Rucker, Lee Julia Johnson; Online scans, #69  
Rucker, Mary I.    
Rucker, Mary I. Graham    
Rucker, Velma Fern Phipps Online scans, #8778, #8792, #8837  
Rucker, Wilma M. Online scans, #8672  
Ruff, Ray Online scans,  
Ruiz, Manuel    
Rule, Sarah E. Heidlebaugh Cox Burch Julia Johnson  
Rumbaugh, George H. Julia Johnson  
Rumbaugh, Harold Kent Julia Johnson  
Rumbaugh, Josiah M.    
Rumery, Lois Maxine Phillips    
Runnells, Irving Julia Johnson  
Runnels, B.F.    
Runnels, Walter Julia Johnson  
Runyan, Carl Saxe Julia Johnson; Online scans, #121  
Runyan, Clinton Online scans, #250, #266  
Runyan, Dorothy Williams Online scans, #392  
Runyan, Edna May McDonald    
Runyan, Esther Farquhar    

Runyan, Etta Alvina Snively

Linda Jones; Online scans, #324

Runyan, Harvey Julia Johnson  
Runyan, Ivan    
Runyan, Karen Ruth Gray    
Runyon, Kassidie Lee    

Runyan, Lester Lewis

Linda Jones

Runyan, Margie Scott Online scans, #8648  
Runyan, Mary Ann Raines Julia Johnson  
Runyan, Marvin Lee Online scans, sb3320, sb5006  
Runyan, Mildred Fae Hitchcock Julia Johnson; Online scans, #31  
Runyan, Patti Scott    
Runyon, Phyllis Lorrene Strange    
Runyan, Robert Steele    
Runyan, Rosa Adelia Harrison Online scans, sb5083  
Runyan, Theodore Online scans, #8717  
Runyan, Tom Online scans, #8082  
Runyan, Winston Online scans, sb420  
Rupich, Boja Online scans, sb487  
Rupich, Tejo    
Rupp, Darlene M. Thompson    
Rupp, Delbert Online scans, #8865  
Rupp, Emily Violet Mitchell Jerry Hamm  
Rupp, John D.    
Rupp, Lorrence L. Online scans, #9373, #9411  
Rupp, Opal DeVault Dawson Online scans, sb716, sb336  
Rurode, August's DAU    
Rurode, Carl    
Rurode, Caroline Wacker Rohlfs    
Rurode, Ella, -1901 Julia Johnson  
Rurode, Helen Marie Arliss Powell  
Rurode, Mary Caroline Wilhelmina Weyhmiller    
Rurody, Herman's BABY    
Rush, Alphia    
Rush, Clifton Elmer    
Rush, Floyd Online scans, #541  
Rush, Fredie    
Rush, Ora W.    
Rush, Verd    
Rush, William    
Russell, Christina Online scans, #269  
Russell, Delma Florence Marr    
Russell, Emmett Joseph Julia Johnson  
Russell, Eugene L. Jerry Hamm  
Russell, Gayle Anderson Jerry Hamm  

Russell, Herman

Pat O'Dell

Russell, Josie J. Parker Online scans, sb245  
Russell, Lee Albert Online scans, sb5211, sb4135  
Russell, Lura A. Phelps    
Russell, Merle Eugene "Gene"    
Russell, N. Jay Online scans, #909, #910  
Russell, Nettie R. Online scans, #563  
Russell, Norman S. Julia Johnson  
Russell, Ottawa C.    
Russell, Ray    
Russell, Roderick Ronald    
Russell, W.W.    
Russell, William    
Russell, William W., daughter of, -1881, Julia Johnson  
Rust, Derald Hayden    
Ruth, Andreas (Andrew) Gabrielsson Julia Johnson  
Ruth, Johanna Charlotta (Charlotte) Danielsdotter Julia Johnson  
Ruth, Mamie Online scans, sb1883, sb1890  
Ruth, Richard Online scans, sb1850  
Rutherford, Blanche Eugenia Julia Johnson  
Rutherford, Matilda Janson Warner    
Rutledge, Toy L.    
Rutt, Lois Castle Online scans, #1026  
Ryan, Amos    
Ryan, Blanche M. Brown Online scans, sb3558  
Ryan, Clarence William Online scans, sb1914, sb1909  
Ryan, Clayton A. Online scans, sb3702  
Ryan, Donald J. "Junior"    
Ryan, Ed, -1893 Julia Johnson  
Ryan, James Thomas Online scans, sb1891, sb1888, sb3772  
Ryan, Joseph Cornelious    
Ryan, Richard Lee "Doc"    
Ryan, Robert Gene    
Ryan, Sumner Richard    
Rydberg, Curtis Gerald Online scans, sb2618  
Rydberg, Dora I. Skalberg Online scans, sb1859  
Rydberg, Eleanor Winifred Lundstedt    
Rydberg, Kenneth Lee    
Rydberg, Roger E.    
Rydberg, Ronald V. "Ron"    
Rydberg, Virginia Nordstrom Read    
Rydel, Georgia Boyd    
Rydel, John E.