Page County, Iowa Obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.


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Ribbey, Truman Online scans, #268  
Ribble, Ada    
Ribble, Bert    
Ribble, David C.    
Ribble, George, 1796 - 1888 Julia Johnson  
Ribble, Gus, - 1888 Julia Johnson  
Ribble, Henry H.    
Ribble, Nancy Jane Martin Julia Johnson  
Ribble, Sarah Surface Julia Johnson  
Rice, Elizabeth Noble/Nobel Online scans, sb3796, sb3798, sb1863, sb1733  
Richards, Andy L. Online scans, sb4167  
Richards, Clarence L.    
Richards, Helen Lucile Rosenbohm    
Richards, Henry, -1887 Julia Johnson  
Richards, June Anderson Online scans, sb145  
Richards, Marie Martha Augusta Mattes    
Richards, Mary Jane "May" Hiles Julia Johnson  
Richards, Morris Glenn Online scans, sb225  
Richards, Sandra Lee Online scans, #8213  
Richardson, Agnes Mae Messinger Online scans, sb3228  
Richardson, [---] Walker    
Richardson, Bertha "Geraldine" Ecker Online scans, sb6386  
Richardson, Charles A.    
Richardson, Dixie Ann Davis Pat O'Dell  
Richardson, Dorothy Elaine Johnson    
Richardson, Ethel Maryann    
Richardson, George William "G.W."    
Richardson, Gertrude Henderson Online scans, sb224  
Richardson, Glen Online scans, #9083  
Richardson, Glola Pat O'Dell  
Richardson, Ivan E. Online scans, sb243  
Richardson, Jack H. Online scans, #9286  
Richardson, Jerry Lee    
Richardson, John Online scans, sb124  
Richardson, Kathryn Johansen Online scans, sb6065  
Richardson, Mary Thompson Online scans, sb1364  
Richardson, Max    
Richardson, Phyllis Jean Swanson    
Richardson, Ricky "Rick" L.    
Richardson, Robert A. "Bob"    
Richardson, Robert Eugene    
Richardson, Thos    
Richardson, Vera Inez Henderson    
Richardson, Warren A. Online scans, sb5239  
Richardson, Warren Sayre Julia Johnson,  
Richardson, Wava Lavaun Wright    
Richardson, Wava Lavaun Wright Pat O'Dell  
Richey, Joseph Earl Julia Johnson  
Richey, Paul P. Online scans, sb2133, sb3849, sb879, sb3781  
Richie, Helen Louise Smart Online scans, sb6120  
Richmond, John Wesley Online scans, #211, #226  
Rickey, Elizabeth McCleary    
Rickey, Joseph    
Rickey, Joseph K.    
Rickey, R.S.    
Rickey, William, 1813 - 1891 Julia Johnson  
Rickey, William Hyde    
Rickle, Mark Edward Online scans, #353  
Rickli, Fred Julia Johnson  
Riddle, Ralph J. Online scans, Or018  
Riddoch, William G.    
Ridenour, Albert L. Online scans, #9192  
Ridenour, Bernice Timmons Online scans, #272  
Ridenour, Betsey E. Hawk    
Ridenour, Clyde C.    
Ridenour, Daniel Webster    
Ridenour, David E. Julia Johnson  
Ridenour, Doris Online scans, #9097  
Ridenour, Flossie Julia Johnson  
Ridenour, Henry    
Ridenour, Jahue's DAUGHTER    
Ridenour, Jahue (John) Hugh Julia Johnson  
Ridenour, John B., -1892 Julia Johnson  
Ridenour, Keith "Red" Online scans, #8788  
Ridenour, L.R.'s DAUGHTER Julia Johnson  
Ridenour, Lewis    
Ridenour, Louis    
Ridenour, Mary Jane Payton Julia Johnson  
Ridenour, Nancy Charlotte Maxwell    
Ridenour, Orval L. Online scans, #8577  
Ridenour, Orville Online scans, #8878, #8884  
Ridenour, Ruth, 1893 - 1894 Julia Johnson  
Ridenour, Sarah Whipkey Julia Johnson  
Ridenour, Samuel    
Ridenour, Zella Cunningham Online scans, sb6057, sb3525  
Ridge, Almer Online scans, #4033  
Ridge, Virginia Cross Online scans, sb3947  
Ridgley, Jacob Julia Johnson  
Ridgley, Lutillia J. Julia Johnson  
Ridgeway, Essie Julia Johnson  
Ridgeway, Jane Fleming    
Ridgeway, Nettie Lee Online scans, #8680, #8681  
Ridlen, Cynthia Marks Taylor    
Ridnour, Ada Belle Coy    
Ridnour, Benjamin Belle Julia Johnson  
Ridnour, Claude Porter Julia Johnson  
Ridnour, D.E.    

Ridnour, Elta Ann McCutcheon

Ridnour, Joshua Julia Johnson  
Ridnour, Keith "Red" Online scans, #8788  
Ridnour, Kenneth A. Julia Johnson; #130  
Ridnour, Leroy Albert Online scans, sb5870, sb135, #176  
Ridnour, Neely Online scans, sb3827, sb3780  
Ridnour, Orval L. Online scans, #8577  
Ridnour, Patricia Ann Jamison    
Ridnour, Zella Cunningham Jerry Hamm  
Riggle, Jane McNerney Julia Johnson  
Riggle, John Henry Julia Johnson  
Riggle, Joseph, -1887 Julia Johnson  
Riggle, Mary Elizabeth "Bessie" Damewood Julia Johnson  
Riggle, Vernon Roscoe Julia Johnson  
Riggs, Adah Vee Howard    
Riggs, Alfred P.    
Riley, Betty Ann Morse Online scans, sb1927, sb1929  
Riley, Ella Marie Fuller    
Riley, Helen Elizabeth Green    
Riley, James    
Riley, Larry Joseph "Joe" Online scans, sb4518  
Rima, Dawn Ella    
Rine, Alva Fay Julia Johnson  
Rine, Arley & Orley Pat O'Dell  
Rine, Arthur Online scans, #351  
Rine, Edward Theodore "Ted" Online scans, #18  
Rine, Effie Jane Burch Julia Johnson  
Rine, Harold Dean Julia Johnson  
Rine, Harry Theodore Online scans, sb134  
Rine, Helen Margaret Julia Johnson  
Rine, Jessie Osburn Online scans, sb148  
Rine, Louise Weaver    
Rine, Mae McClanahan Online scans, sb249  
Rine, Margaret Jane Julia Johnson  
Rine, Oscar William Julia Johnson  
Rinker, Mary E. Perine    
Rinker, Merle, -1894 Julia Johnson  
Rinker, Warner L. Julia Johnson  
Ripley, Berniece Online scans, #9010  
Ripley, David Online scans, sb2617  
Ripley, Joyce Elaine Davison Online scans, sb6065  
Ripley, Steven Lain    
Ritchey, Barbara Ella Lyvers    
Ritnour, Bonnie E. McNeal    
Ritson, George Online scans, #563