Page County, Iowa Obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.

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Clabaugh, Freddie, 1896 - 1896 Julia Johnson  
Clabaugh, Henry    
Clabaugh, Sadie Liggett    
Clabaugh, Sylvester Louis Julia Johnson  
Clabaugh, Thomas Liggett Julia Johnson  
Clare, Benjamin    
Clark, Aaron Dean    
Clark, Abner Online scans, sb3481  
Clark, Addie M., -1887 Julia Johnson  
Clark, Amos Carl Julia Johnson  
Clark, Anna    
Clark, Anna Marie Bailey    
Clark, Annie Pat O'Dell  
Clark, Barbara Ellen Judy Julia Johnson  
Clark, Barbara Hathaway Online scans, sb326  
Clark, Belva Mae Jerry Hamm  
Clark, Bert Don Parsons  
Clark, Bert L. Don Parsons  
Clark, Betty Lou Johnson    
Clark, Celia Warner    
Clark, Charles M.    
Clark, Christopher Pat O'Dell  
Clark, Claude Online scans, sb111  
Clark, Cora Belle McAlpin Online scans, sb3478  
Clark, David James Online scans, sb285, sb682  
Clark, Edna Matilda Hammer Online scans, sb1405  
Clark, Elizabeth Little Julia Johnson  
Clark, Ellsworth Don Parsons  
Clark, Elmer "Bus" Online scans, #8580  
Clark, Elmo I. Online scans, sb501  
Clark, Elsie Ruth Sleep Online scans, sb1430, sb1459  
Clark, Elvin "Doc"    
Clark, Emsy S. Smith Online scans, sb369  
Clark, Frank [1905]    
Clark, Frank [1913]    
Clark, Franklin Howard Online scans, sb1822, sb2166  
Clark, George Washington [1901]    
Clark, George Washington [1914]    
Clark, Golda Cade Pat O'Dell  
Clark, Granville Alexander Julia Johnson  
Clark, Granville's Daughter, -1895 Julia Johnson  
Clark, Hattie A.    
Clark, Helen G. Murphy Online scans, sb5136, sb5468, sb5318  
Clark, Helen Jennie Foster Julia Johnson  
Clark, Helen Squier Rose    
Clark, Henrietta Online scans,  
Clark, Henry    
Clark, Herman Lawrence Julia Johnson  
Clark, Hiram C., 1830 - 1896 Julia Johnson  
Clark, Holly Lucille Herren Julia Johnson; Online scans, #27, #36  
Clark, Ira Walter    
Clark, J.S.    
Clark, James A., 1799 - 1880 Julia Johnson  
Clark, James Charles Julia Johnson  
Clark, James Herren    
Clark, James W., 1815 - 1879 Julia Johnson  
Clark, Jay L. Pat O'Dell  
Clark, Jean Elizabeth Putnam    
Clark, John Caruthers    
Clark, John Fay Online scans, sb1409  
Clark, John Philip    
Clark, Kenneth Dean Pat O'Dell  
Clark, Laura J. Otis Don Parsons  
Clark, Leann    
Clark, Lee H. Online scans, sb5222  
Clark, Lenora Wilson Don Parsons; Online scans, sb3478  
Clark, Leona McKinnon    
Clark, Leonard Erskine    
Clark, Leslie Emmett Online scans, #158  
Clark, Letty J. Nance Online scans, sb4256, sb3979  
Clark, Lora Lorene McCord Julia Johnson  
Clark, Lydia Goldsberry    
Clark, Martha Clark    
Clark, Martha Embry    
Clark, Mary Evans Julia Johnson  
Clark, Mary Shannon Reed Julia Johnson  
Clark, Moses K. "Doc" Julia Johnson  
Clark, Murve Online scans, #8088  
Clark, Opal Johnson Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb330  
Clark, Paul E. Don Parsons  
Clark, Raymon Jerry Hamm  
Clark, Richard Sr Online scans, sb5197, sb4920, sb4922  
Clark, Rosa Lawless    
Clark, Ross Online scans, #457  
Clark, Roy Online scans, sb5663  
Clark, Samuel, 1824 - 1887 Julia Johnson  
Clark, Seth J. / (two) Online scans, #898, #902, #931  
Clark, Steven Lee    
Clark, T.N. "Tommy"    
Clark, Talton E.    
Clark, Teena Lovelle Julia Johnson  
Clark, Terrence Miller Julia Johnson  
Clark, Tony    
Clark, Verlin Online scans, sb3674, sb3932  
Clark, Vernon, Mrs Online scans,  
Clark, Viola Online scans, #308  
Clark, Virgil Louis Jerry Hamm  
Clark, W.W., Mrs    
Clark, William H.    
Clarke, Charles F.    
Clary, Cedric Online scans, #9088  
Clary, Cleo Mae Briggs Online scans, #9382  
Clary, Danny Lee    
Clary, Delores Maxine Johnson    
Clary, John    
Clatterbuck, Earl Online scans, #8222  
Clausen, Arnold Siegfried Online scans, sb501  
Clawson, Thelma    
Clawson, William, daughter of Julia Johnson  
Clay, Sam S. Online scans, #2085  
Clay, Wilma Mary Online scans, sb5203  
Claybaker, Darlene Rose Sleep Neville Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb5196, sb4710  
Claybaker, Edward A. Julia Johnson  
Claybaker, George H. Julia Johnson  
Claybaker, Howard Julia Johnson  
Claybaker, Kathlean "Kay" Williams    
Claybaker, Lee L. Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb400  
Claybaker, Leo C. Julia Johnson; Online scans, #8766  
Claybaker, Leroy Online scans, sb5371  
Claybaker, Lewis D. Julia Johnson  
Claybaker, Mary Catherine Peter Julia Johnson  
Claybaker, Rosa Online scans, #8785  
Claybaker, William "Willie" -1894 Julia Johnson  
Clayton, Bessie Williams    
Clayton, Beverly May Keller Online scans, sb5150, sb3147  
Clayton, Clarence O. Online scans, #61  
Clayton, Dallas "Vern" Online scans, sb3234  
Clayton, Daniel    
Clayton, David    
Clayton, Donald Eugene    
Clayton, Ellis V. Online scans, sb3476, #28  
Clayton, Florence Online scans, #8855, #8858  
Clayton, Florence Jessie sb422  
Clayton, Golda Anna Gray / (two) Julia Johnson; Online scans, #31, #59  
Clayton, Helen Irene Novinger    
Clayton, Leslie L. Online scans, sb216, sb1678  
Clayton, Lillie    
Clayton, Lincoln Morton    
Clayton, Lorayne Phipps    
Clayton, Nancy Katherine Hardesty Hultz Barnes Julia Johnson  
Clayton, Nicole and Jada    
Clayton, Phoebe Harper Online scans, sb3961  
Clayton, Roy Eldon Online scans, #8790, #8832  
Clayton, Virgil V. Online scans, #1011, #1018  
Claytor, Christopher C.    
Claytor, Melissa Cunning    
Claytor, Prudence Josephine "Josie" Baker Julia Johnson  
Claytor, Sarah J. Walker    
Clear, Rosy May Online scans, #8884  
Cleaveland, Dorothy Clarice Fulton    
Cleaver, Gertie Hipsley Martin Online scans, sb6367  
Clemens, Mary Louise Desh    
Clement, A.T.    
Clement, Dean E. Online scans, #8710  
Clement, Dolly Phelps Online scans, #2098  
Clement, Doris Alberta Johnston Julia Johnson  
Clement, Eliza A. Castelo    
Clement, Fern Rogers Julia Johnson  
Clement, Glen J. Online scans, #1013  
Clement, Margaret Louise Pedersen Jerry Hamm  
Clemons, Velma Hartsock Online scans, #8766  
Clesson, C.W.    
Cleveland, A.E.    
Cleveland, Donald Online scans, sb3837  
Cleveland, Neal    
Cleveland, Timothy David "Tim" Online scans, sb5220  
Clevenger, Daniel    
Clevidence, Gilbert Julia Johnson  
Clift, Cora J. Julia Johnson  
Clift, W.B.    
Cline, Carol Ann Bang    
Cline, Doris Freeman Pat O'Dell  
Cline, Elbert L. "Gunner"    
Cline, Fredrick Johnson    
Cline, Morva Taylor / (two) Julia Johnson  
Clinton, Quincy L. Online scans, #560  
Clipperton, Mary Ann Evison Linda Kestner  
Clipson, Charlie, 1888 - 1896 Julia Johnson  
Clipson, John Clarence Julia Johnson  
Clipson, Margaret Hutchings Julia Johnson  
Clipson, Matilda Anne Barker    
Clipson, Vernon, 1889-1889 Julia Johnson  
Clipson, W.H.    
Clopp, Taylar Grace    
Clovis, Claude M. Online scans, #88  
Clovis, Mildred Online scans, #252  
Clowser, Isaac S.    
Clouser, Isaac's Infant, -1896 Julia Johnson  
Clowser, John Elmer Julia Johnson  
Clowser, Star Online scans, sb504  
Cloyd, Arthur Vernie Online scans, sb5684  
Clymens, Bill & wife Online scans, #222  
Clymens, Frank Online scans, #8978  
Clymens, Harold David Online scans, sb5195  
Clymens, Russell Online scans, #523  
Clymer, Adrienne Wyvonne Jerry Hamm