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World War I Honor Roll

This page honors the men and women who served in the military during the Great War - World War I. Many sacrificed their lives.

It is an on-going project. If you'd like to honor a WWI veteran on this page, please send the name of the veteran and a brief note about their service. Photos are welcome too!

Name Remarks
Bailey, Ward S. 1896-1962; Buried in Hampton cemetery
Best, Kelsey M. Enlisted 03/13/1925, discharged 04/02/1926; Pvt 14th Cavalry Service Troop; died 06/11/1937, buried Hillside cemetery, Sheffield
Beyer, Albert H. Service #3227627; enlisted 05/28/1918, discharged 01/31/1919; Private, Bt. E, 337th F.A. 88th Div., Cas. Det. #51, 163rd D.B.; died 07/12/1958, buried Beeds Lake cemetery, Mott twp.
Bohlen, Frank Edward 1897-1988; Buried in Alexander cemetery
Boyenga, Henry Warner 09/26/1887-04/17/1955; Enlisted 05/13/1918, Discharged 07/05/1919; Service #489720; Pvt 1st Class, US Army, Signal Corps; Buried St. Peters Evangelical cemetery, Geneva
Brewster, Ivy L. Serial #489823; Enlisted 05/13/1918, discharged 08/08/1919; US Army, Private, Co. D., 58th Infantry, 4th Division; Pension #C-540, 276; died 01/20/1948, buried in Hampton cemetery
Brewster, Albert L. Serial #489794; Enlisted 05/13/1918, discharged 07/08/1919; Private, Co. C, 56th Infantry, 7th Div.; died 12/26/1937, buried in Hampton cemetery
Brewster, Jay W. Enlisted 08/15/1918, discharged 12/05/1918; Private, Battery A, 14th Regiment; died 01/31/1939, buried in Hampton cemetery
Burke, Joseph Ray Serial #1132042; Enlisted 07/22/1918, discharged 04/11/1919; Sgt. Co. E, 312 Motor Transport Regular Unit; died 04/25/1947, buried in Hampton cemetery
Bronsema, Bruno US Army, enlisted April 17, 1917. Saw active duty in the Mexican border and in France.
Clark, McCoy F. Serial #163345; Originally enlisted 03/22/1895, discharged 03/21/1898; enlisted for WWI 05/24/1917, discharged 05/17/1919; Corporal Co C, 13th Engineers; died 02/26/1936, buried Hampton cemetery
Clay, Lawrence A. 1898-1951; U.S. Army; past commander George A. Aldinger Post, American Legion, Hampton; buried Hampton cemetery; Obituary
Clock, Sherwood A. Hampton; 1879-1952; Buried Hampton cemetery. Obituary & photo
Corbin, Charles B. Service #489819; Enlisted 05/13/1918, discharged 06/27/1919; Co. A, 20th Machine Gun Bn, 7th Div.; received A.E.F. medal; died 09/22/1959, buried Hampton cemetery
Corbin, Claude Jackson Service #2150323; Enlisted 02/26/1918, discharged 05/17/1919; Pvt 1st Class, Battery D, 305th, 77th Div. Field Artillery
Elliott, Ned S. #1440601; Enlisted 07/14/1917, discharged 01/18/1919; Bugler, Co F, 109th Amm. Train; died 11/08/1936, buried Hampton cemetery
Fowler, David Harry Serial #3805735; enlisted 07/23/1918, dischg 05/06/1919; Pvt. 341st Motor Truck Co.; died 12/03/1941, buried Wayside cemetery, Chapin
Fowler, Floyd G. Serial #1410259; Enlisted 05/07/1917, discharged 05/14/1919; Corporal, Co. B, 143 Machine Gun Battalion and Co A, 125th Machine Gun Battalion, 34th Div.; died 11/30/1938, buried Hampton cemetery
Gerfen, Walter 1894-1951; served in both World War I and World War II; buried (Zion) St. John Lutheran cemetery, Sheffield; Obituary
Grimes, Samuel E. Serial #489800; Enlisted 05/13/1918, discharged 01/31/1919; Sgt, Battery C., 70th Field Artillery, 11th Div.; died 08/08/1944, buried Hampton cemetery
Hansen, Harry Clifford 1895-1957; Buried in Alexander cemetery. Obituary
Hansen, Harry Clifford 1895-1957; Buried in Alexander cemetery. Obituary
Hulsebus, Herman W. US Navy Serial #1715373; Enlisted 01/07/1918, dischg 02/05/1919; QM-2 Aviation, Dunwoody Naval Training School, Minneapolis; died 11/17/1951, buried Meservey cemetery
Jackson, James M. Serial #3805626; enlisted 07/23/1918, dischged 02/08/1919; Pvt. Co. B, 331st Inf., 83rd Div.; died 08/27/1954, buried Upper Maynes Grove cemetery
Johnson, Henry H. Latimer; 1895-1961; Buried Alexander cemetery. Obituary
Jakobs, Louie Dick Born in Latimer, 1887, d. 1952; US Army Casual Detachment No. 19 163rd Depot Brigade; Buried Alexander cemetery.
Kaus, Karl C. Service #3084505; Enlisted 07/02/1918, discharged 05/26/1919; Pvt. 560, Casual Det. and Co C, 304th Engineers, 79th Div.; died 03/17/1959, buried Hampton cemetery
Kay, David B. Serial #2168109; Enlisted 10/29/1917, discharged 03/24/1919; Sgt., Co B, 266th Inf., 92nd Div.; died 01/08/1956, buried Hampton cemetery
Klein, August Fredrick Serial #3013245; enlisted 07/31/1918, dischged 02/07/1919; Pvt., Co F, 14th Iowa, 214th Engineers; died 08/17/1945, buried Pleasant Hill cemetery, Grant twp.
Klousia, Howard A. 1898-1949; Buried in Hampton cemetery
Koenen, Aeiko Serial #3805555; Enlisted 07/23/1918, dischg. 03/06/1919; Pvt. Co F, 161st Inf., A.E.F.; died 11/04/1938, buried Meservey cemetery
Koenen, David H. Enlisted 06/26/1918, dischg. 11/26/1918; Pvt., Co A, Developement Bn #1, 163rd Dep. Brigade; d. 05/06/1938, buried Zion Reform cemetery, Chapin
Langlitz, Leland P. Serial #37660486; enlisted 02/16/1943, KIA 04/24/1944; 168th Chemical Warfare Service; buried Meservey cemetery
Leahy, William D.

Vice Admiral William D. Leahy, USN, Sept 1935

Hampton; 1875-1959

Admiral William D. Leahy, commander of the battle force, who will advance to the post of chief of naval operations the first of the year, was born in Hampton, Iowa, May 6, 1875. He was appointed to the naval academy from Wisconsin in 1893, served on the USS Oregon in the Spanish-American war, had a wide experience in command of ships during the World War and was awarded the navy cross. His home now is in Washington.
~Mason City Globe-Gazette, Dec. 4, 1936

More about William D. Leahy (off-site, opens new window)

Long, Newton E.

Pvt  Newton E. Long

Hampton; Pvt. Co C, 304th F Signal Battalion; Killed in action Meuse-Argonne, France.

Born in Hampton 07/28/1896, s/o George Lewis Long & Mary Ellen Boots.

Originally buried in the Meuse-Argonne cemetery, his remains may have been repatriated in the 1920's. He has a gravestone in the Hampton cemetery.

~photo is from "Soldiers of the Great War", memorial edition, Vol. I, 1920, pg 328

Lumley, Walter D. Serial #503514; Enlisted 03/22/1918, discharged 08/24/1919; Pvt 1st Class, 304th Cas. Det. Demobilization Group and Quartermaster Corps; died 06/25/1940, buried Hampton cemetery
Musgjerd, Arthur Serial #346440; enlisted 12/30/1917, dischg 06/05/1918; Pvt., Co D, 65th C.A.C. Reg't, National Army Artilery; died 01/06/1951, buried Meservey cemetery
Nemitz, Benjamin C. Enlisted 07/12/1917, discharged 12/18/1918; Blacksmith 2nd Class, U.S. Navy, served aboard the U.S.S. Susquehanna; died 05/18/1949, buried Hampton cemetery
Nolton, Bird Jesse Born in Oakland Valley 02/17/1886, d. near Alden, IA 02/15/1952; enlisted 05/17/1917; served overseas in the 168th Regiment of the Rainbow Division; buried in Oakhill cemetery; Obituary
Pals, Herman Born in Alexander, 1897, d. 1959; Buried Alexander cemetery
Pascoe, Vern S. 1890-1951; inducted 05/28/1918; served in the Field Artillery, overseas in France; past commander American Legion Post at Chapin; buried Hampton cemetery; Obituary
Patton, Dwight H. 1890-1951; b. in Hampton, d. Los Angeles, CA; buried Forest Lawn cemetery, Los Angeles; Obituary
Pekarek, Edward Lewis 1890-1949; Enlisted 04/23/1917, dischged 03/21/1919; U.S. Army, Co A, 168th Inf., 42nd Div. and Co A, 2nd Inf.; Buried Lindenwood cemetery; Obituary
Peterson, Dr. P.V. Hampton; U.S. Army Medical Corps.; Biography & Photo
Pettit, Everett 1895-1973; Buried in Alexander cemetery
Raymond, L.L. 1888-1946; U.S. Army, ambulance division. Obituary
Reeve, John J. Serial #717230; Enlisted 09/09/1918, discharged 12/24/1918; Pvt., Battery B, 31st Artillery; died 07/08/1944, buried Hampton cemetery
Rodemeyer, Otto Serial #4820782; Enlisted 09/06/1918, discharged 05/24/1919; Pvt., Co D, 88th Inf, 19th Div.; died 08/21/1955, buried Hampton cemetery
Rogers, Louis C. Serial #2157223; Enlisted 02/25/1918, discharged 06/02/1919; Corporal, Co B, 129th Inf., 33rd Div.; died 10/19/1953, buried Hampton cemetery
Schmitt, John H. Serial #3227616; Enlisted 05/28/1918, dischged 01/31/1919; Pvt., US Army, Btry A, 337th Field Art., 88th Div.; died 07/11/1948, buried Hampton cemetery
Stoffers, Dick Alexander; 1894-1930; Buried in Alexander cemetery. Obituary
Sullivan, Robert Monroe 1896-1954; Buried in Alexander cemetery. Obituary
Sunken, John G. Service #3806456; Enlisted 07/24/1918, discharged 05/29/1919; Pvt., US Army, Co I, 130th Inf., 33rd Div.; died 05/15/1960, buried Hampton cemetery
Tinkey, William Henry 1886-1961; Buried in Alexander cemetery


~sources: Obituaries, gravestone inscriptions, newspaper articles, census records and other records as cited in the remarks column

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