Cedar County, Iowa

Bennett High School

Clarence High School 1928 Yearbook

Clarence High School 1934 Yearbook

Clarence High School 1935 Yearbook

Clarence High School 1937 Yearbook

One Hundred Years of Clarence High School 1869-1969

Includes Lists of High School Graduates 1880-1969

Clarence High School Girls Basketball Team
Newspaper clippings of 1935 and 1936 from the scrap book of Thelma Harness

Auction of Middle School Contents, Durant, IA - 1974

Lowden School

Rural School Locations by Township

History of Stanwood Public Schools

Stanwood High School List of Graduates 1920-1974

Lincoln Community School List of Graduates 1975-1993

Tipton High School 1882 Commencement Program

Articles on Tipton High School Graduations

Tipton Schools Begin Classes; Faculty Listed - 1947

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