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Name Spouse Event Date of Event Event Location Submitted by
Wagner, Dorathea Christianna Louisa Frick Nelson Johnson Wedding July 9, 1885 Blairstown, Iowa John Shuck
Wallace, Isabel E. Archibald St. Clair Wedding December 10, 1868 Jackson township Mark Engledow
Walters, Elsie Charles Frazier Wedding Feb. 12, 1935 Holy Trinity church, Walford, Iowa Dwayne Thoman
Ward, Sandra Sue Robert John Greenlee Wedding September 15, 1979 Marion, Iowa Kaye Sanchez
Warner, Clara John Paulsen Wedding Jan. 21, 1926 Newhall John Shuck
Warner, Laura Glen Holden Wedding Feb. 11, 1913 Vinton John Shuck
Warner, Norm N.S. Emily Rogers Wedding December 17, 1865 Vinton Mark Engledow
Watson, Leah Lillian Bernard Frederick Schwartz Wedding January 5, 1905 Blairstown John Shuck
Waychoff, Dewey Helen Buch Wedding April 24, 1926 Luzerne John Shuck
Wean, Maude George A. Daniels Wedding June 21, 1910 Vinton, Iowa Cheri Daniels-Lee
Webert, JoAnn Dennis Karr Wedding March 7, 1964 Newhall, Benton, Iowa mhurren
Weichman, John Mary Davis 55th Anniversary March 29, 1938 Newhall, Iowa Dwayne Thoman
Weise, Emily E. John Clinton Overturf Wedding May 15, 1920 Toledo, Iowa John Shuck
Wengert, Lillian Oliver W. Macy Wedding June 25, 1885 Kane township John Shuck
Wentz, Mary Charles Dickens Wedding December 31, 1885 Belle Plaine John Shuck
Wethwerwax, Lewis B. Treova Fawcett Wedding November 25, 1868 Fremont township Mark Engledow
Will, Bertha Clark Fry Wedding Feb. 8, 1900 Vinton John Shuck
Williams, Darlene Everett Yerkes Wedding February 12, 1945 Vinton, Iowa John Shuck
Williams, Mary E. Thomas J. Allen Wedding Dec. 19, 1921 Prince Rupert, British Columbia John Shuck
Wilson, Bertha Frank Barkdall Wedding Feb. 19, 1900 Vinton John Shuck
Wilson, John D., Jr. Emma Ineck Wedding June 30, 1896 Home of George and Jane Preston, Coralville, Johnson Co, IA Ann Archer-Cogan
Wilson, Robert B. Henrietta Caldwell Wedding Jan. 1, 1879 Shellsburg, Iowa John Shuck
Winslow, Ed W. Berthena Tatman Wedding December 24, 1898 Belle Plaine, Iowa Sally Goehring
Winslow, Mary E. Arthur J. Brady Wedding Sept. 17, 1884 Marengo, Iowa John Shuck
Winsor, Edward C. Ocella Cotterell Wedding Jan. 28, 1884 Marengo, Iowa John Shuck
Witt, Anna August Hilmer Wedding Feb. 24, 1898 Bruce township John Shuck
Wodstrchill, Robert Arlene Erger Wedding Sept. 14, 1940 Holy Trinity church, Walford, Iowa. Dwayne Thoman
Woltersdorf, Elmer Cora Thompson Wedding Jan. 31, 1917 Vinton John Shuck
Woltersdorf, Newton Helen Schild Wedding Feb. 26, 1905 north of Belle Plaine John Shuck
Woltersdorf, Stanley S. Madelene J. Knaack Wedding Jan. 1, 1941 Boulder City, Nevada John Shuck
Wood, Mervin C. Grace Haines Wedding Dec. 31, 1924 Marengo John Shuck
Wood, Perry Elizabeth A. Oppelt Wedding Sept. 22, 1884 Vinton John Shuck
Woodruff, Ann Eliza Oliver H. Woodruff 65th Anniversary October 17, 1920 their home Ann Archer-Cogan
Woodruff, Oliver H. Ann Eliza Woodruff 65th Anniversary October 17, 1920 their home Ann Archer-Cogan
Woods, Alma Cliff Henkle 50th Anniversary September 20, 1964 Vinton Prebyterian Church Parlor MHurren
Woods, George Margaret Renz Wedding August 19, 1919 Vinton John Shuck
Woodward, Jennie May Herbert A. Buffington Wedding Oct. 2, 1884 Belle Plaine, Iowa John Shuck
Wright, Anna George Moody Wedding Sept. 11, 1884 Big Grove township John Shuck

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Name Spouse Event Date of Event Event Location Submitted by
Yeisley, Willard C. Mary Helen Flower Wedding Feb. 28, 1900 Blairstown John Shuck
Yerkes, Everett Darlene Williams Wedding February 12, 1945 Vinton, Iowa John Shuck
Yerkes, Goldie L. Ota O. Hobson Wedding June 11, 1913 near Vinton John Shuck
Yerkes, Spencer Kathryn Lahue Wedding February 5, 1960 Urbana, Iowa John Shuck
Yocom, Thomas Annie Koop Wedding Feb. 19, 1886 Belle Plaine, Iowa John Shuck

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Name Spouse Event Date of Event Event Location Submitted by
Zahrt, Charles D. Mary Kimm Wedding January 15, 1895 Home of bride's parents Mr. and Mrs. Silas Kimm near Walford. Kaye Sanchez
Zavodosky, Albert Katherine Plachy 50th Anniversary Feb. 16, 1922 Luzerne John Shuck

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