Page County, Iowa Obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.

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Hasbrauck, Fern Hazleton Online scans, sb5162  
Haskins, Bertha    
Haskins, Susannah C. "Sue" Simonton Julia Johnson  
Hastie, Mary Jane Burchett    
Hatch, Doris Online scans, sb4238, sb3972  
Hatch, M.L., Mrs    
Hatch, Sidney Worth Online scans, sb3401  
Hatfield, Cecil William Online scans, sb5151  
Hatfield, Chester Orville Online scans, sb389  
Hatfield, Fern E. Greenlee Online scans, sb520, sb811  
Hatfield, John H.    
Hatfield, John, Mrs' BROTHER [Jones?]    
Hatfield, Laura Julia Johnson  
Hatfield, Mae Miller Online scans, #8788, #8830  
Hatfield, Mary Jones    
Hatfield, Norman Online scans, sb3275  
Hatfield, William    
Hatfield, William Henry    
Hathaway, Sarah Elizabeth [maiden name?] Sharp    
Hatton, S.C. -    
Haugland, Kenneth    
Haus, William Eugene Online scans, sb5306  
Hausen, Anna Online scans, #8223  
Hausen, Clarence Stephen "Bob" Online scans, sb3353  
Hausen, Harry Online scans, #8883  
Hausen, Maxine Kathryn Peterson Online scans, sb1672  
Hausen, Robert Norman Online scans, sb3953  
Hauser, Anna    
Hausz, John M.    
Havener, Gerald Dean    
Haver, Bertha Jane Wells    
Haver, James J. Pat O'Dell  
Havick, James    
Hawes, Janice Irma Gunderson    

Hawhee, Clem

Pat O'Dell  

Hawhee, Howard

Pat O'Dell  

Hawhee, Louis

Pat O'Dell  

Hawhee, Martha

Pat O'Dell; Online scans, #119  
Hawhee, Sherman Gale Jerry Hamm  
Hawk, Elmer Henry    
Hawk, Kenneth J. Online scans, sb5374, sb5389  
Hawk, Roy Raymond    
Hawker, John    
Hawkinson, Marcella, 1887 - 1894 Julia Johnson  
Hawks, D'Etta L. Hayes    
Hawley, Arlo Online scans, #238  
Hawley, Charlotte Petty Pat O'Dell  
Hawley, Helen Online scans,#8780  
Hawley, James Danforth    
Hawley, J.M. Pat O'Dell  
Hawley, Lorene Online scans, #2033  
Hawley, N.G.    
Hawley, Robert Online scans, #163  
Hawley, Sarah Elizabeth McAlpin    
Hawn, Merlyn D. Online scans, sb6056  
Hawn, Mildred Arlene Morelock    
Hawthorne, Agnes Berryl Julia Johnson; Online scans, #8514  
Hawthorne, David    
Hawthorne, Hugh Julia Johnson  
Hawthorne, Irene Bair Julia Johnson  
Hawthorne, Margaret N. Gilmore Julia Johnson  
Hawthorne, Maude Ethel    
Hawthorne, Sarah Hunter Julia Johnson  
Hawthorne, Thomas John Julia Johnson  
Hawthorne, Viva Frances Online scans, #8762  
Haxby, Bessie E. Battles Online scans, sb6073  
Haxby, Helen E. Brummett    
Haxby, John W. Online scans, #8087  
Haxby, Robert J. Online scans, sb403  
Hay, John    
Hay, Phoebe Alkire    
Hayden, Elizabeth    
Hayden, Helen Maxine Gaddis    
Hayden, Stella May Sumner Julia Johnson  
Hayden, Trent Lee    
Hayes, Audrey Ellen Bennet    
Hayes, Bertha Lenore Julia Johnson  
Hayes, Bill    
Hayes, Cecil J. Online scans, #440, #443, #444  
Hayes, Clive J.    
Hayes, Doris Maxine Mumm Online scans, sb4236  
Hayes, Edna M. Downs Online scans, sb5214  
Hayes, Eleanor    
Hayes, Fred Lee Sr Online scans, #8225  
Hayes, Glen A. Online scans, sb5209  
Hayes, Glen Wesley Online scans, sb1947  
Hayes, Grover    
Hayes, John Harold    
Hayes, M. Marie Foxworthy Online scans, sb1859, sb1862, sb1863  
Hayes, Margaret Online scans,  
Hayes, Opal Testerman Online scans, #8195  
Hayes, Paul Wayne Bill Hunter  
Hayes, Reatha B. Hunter Online scans, #9553, #9556  
Hayes, Ronnie / (two) Julia Johnson; Online scans, #37  
Hayes, Thomas Online scans, sb1505  
Hayhurst, James    
Hayner, John    
Hayner, Roy Online scans, #82  
Hayner, Sylvia Online scans, #868  
Hayner, William Clement    
Haynes, Mabel A. Sutherland Online scans, sb1864, sb1865  
Haynie, Cora I. Vawter Irvin Online scans, #9205  
Haynie, Timothy "Tim" Layne    
Haynie, Walter Online scans, sb3356  
Haynor, James    
Hays, George Graydon    
Hays, Herbert A. Online scans, sb112  
Hays, Herschel Online scans, #8569  
Hays, Mable Irene Inman Online scans, sb5181  
Hays, Mernie C.    
Hays, Newman Floyd, -1888 Julia Johnson  
Hays, Ray Arvine Online scans, #8756, #8765, #8773  
Hays, Vollie Online scans, #234  
Hayworth, Benjamin Joseph Online scans, #3059  
Hayworth, Lillian Cross Online scans, sb3866, sb3792  
Hayzlett, Mary Katherine Null Hale    
Hazelbaker, Dollie O'Dell Don Parsons  
Hazelton, Glen J. Online scans, sb493  
Hazelton, Hattie Dalrymple    
Hazleton, Kenneth    
Hazelton, Lola Welch Online scans, sb5238  
Hazelton, Rachel    
Hazleton, Roy Online scans, #8094  
Hazelton, Sebra Beaman Julia Johnson  
Hazelton, Sebra Beam, Child of Julia Johnson